Libertarian Party:The future of American Politics

The two party system is failing. As it slowly crumbles to dust in the confusion and dismay Americans are slowly waking up to the cold reality that we have been abandoned by our representatives in Washington. Our elected officials are sad marionettes, pulling each other strings until there is nothing but a tangle of wires and flopping limbs walking the halls of Congress. As our government continues to expand, we lose some of our domination in the worlds marketplace. As government continues to expand we lose more and more of our freedoms. As government expands we become more like the disheveled countries of old Europe struggling to survive as their peoples wander in a melancholy malaise, losing all hope for a brighter future.

As we spy these events that are unfolding before us, you have to ask yourself. What will our part in history be? Will we be remembered as the generation of overdosing celebrities and twittering social zombie cyborgs? Or will we be the generation that wakes up from it's long slumber and sets straight the crooked ship of our Republic before we lose it? The Libertarian Party of the United States has been slowly emerging from the woodwork to become a popular alternative to the Grand Old Party and the Democratic Party who are so lost in their eternal struggle, polar opposites, never meeting in the middle and never breaking new ground.

With the Libertarian Party we are seeing a vibrant new group whose ideas play to our want of fairness and our yearning for more freedom and less government control. Libertarians, more concerned with 'keeping it real' and organizing the people, and not spending all of their time trying to maintain an unrealistic image.Libertarians are generally bright, scholarly people, and people who are tired of feeling like government is taking to much of an interest in their lives and not enough of an interest in keeping this great nation functioning.

Libertarians generally support a smaller overall government, the Fair Tax, and most want laws that look at cases in a more individual fashion than the blanket style of justice we practice now. Such as the sexual predator laws in this country that are skewed so that they are used to convict the very people they were designed to protect. Most Libertarians also want less or no drug laws, instead focusing on treatment options as opposed to incarceration for addicts. Some in the group are more partial to less conventional modes of government(or lack thereof) such as Anarcho-Capitalism and Socialist Libertarianism. (Hopefully these types will remain miniscule, as they represent a very radical departure from most of their ilk.)

Prominent Libertarians like Neal Boortz and Ron Paul are making headway in spreading the word about the movement and more join the ranks every day. Neal Boortz hosts a radio show, and is the author of a few books on his political views and even the co-author of two books on the Fair Tax along with Congressman John Linder. The movement attributed to the likes of John Locke, Herbert Spencer, Milton Friedman, and Henry David Thoreau, even my mentor and arguably the most influential Science Fiction writer in history Robert A. Heinlein was a huge influence on the Libertarian movement. I Implore you to do the research and find out if the Libertarian Party is right for you.

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Sean Zehner said…
Rise of the libertarians... hopefully. But Sarah Palin? I posted about her on my blog. Not the future of libertarianism I hope for.
Unknown said…
I couldn't agree more, more libertarians are now in the government marketplace. It is just a matter of time and they will be all over the place.