Scott Brown 4% Lead over Martha Coakley.

Things are starting to look up in Massachusetts. Scott Brown who was behind his opponent Martha Coakley by a whopping 31% is now up by 4% a gain of 35% in a little over a month. Brown has had an uphill battle fighting Democrat Coakley for the senate seat left Vacant after Ted Kennedy passed away in August of 2009 from a malignant brain tumor. The seat had been held by Kennedy, a Democrat for 47 years.

But Mass. is a very different race for a number of reasons including the fact that Coakley supports the Obama health care bill in a state that already includes it's own state run health care plan. This plan is plagued with problems and already has it's share of detractors. I spoke to one colleague in Boston who claims he was forced to take the very expensive health care option when he lost his job. Coakley is becoming less popular by the day. 27% of people polled say her endorsement by the Kennedy family has actually hurt her chances, with only 20% saying it had help.

Scott Brown has been making a lot of waves and his voice appears to really register with the voters of Massachusetts. Some are skeptical if he can win, even though most of the skeptics say they will vote for him on January 19th. Even more perpelxing is the poll number surrounding the debates. In the most recent debate 41% of those polled said Brown won those debates with only 25% stumping for Coakley. Brown took a stab at Coakley's past experience as Atorney General in the last debate stating "I’m not in your courtroom. I’m not a defendant. Let me answer the question,” Top lawmakers are starting to get worried. Democrat Barney Frank told reporters Friday: "If Scott Brown wins, it'll kill the health bill."

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