Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson=Republican Fail!

Today is a sad day for Republicans. It is with a heavy heart I report that 2 figures in Conservatism have dropped the ball, and possibly their brains. First up, the man whom I praised for his amazing ability to scare Democrats has decided he'd like to be one. Today Rush Limbaugh announced he was angry at President Obama for "responding too quickly" to the earthquake in Haiti. Obama, he says took three days to make a formal response to the failed Christmas day bombing in Detroit, but responded to the crisis in Haiti in only one. The difference Mr. Limbaugh is that in Haiti hundreds of thousands of people are dead. No one died on Christmas.
 Obama making a statement than wouldn't have changed anything, besides it was already communicated to all the pertinent people in homeland security, etc anyways.

I am glad that President Obama has responded so quickly to the tragedy in Haiti. I am only hoping his response is swift and without reservation. Mr. President we need 10,000 National guard troops, planes of food aid, and volunteers from the Red Cross, 4H, and the Peace Corp. loaded in to aircraft and sent to Haiti immediately. Their capital has been destroyed, the whole country is in chaos, this could escalate out of control and be much more than just an earthquake if we don't help get things under control down there.

Now for what can only be described as an asshat opening his ass mouth and making an asshole statement.
Pat Robertson of the "700 Club" announced that the earthquake in Haiti is the direct result of the Haitian people making a pact with the Devil!! That's right Robertson claims that during the French occupation the Haitians made a pact with Beelzebub praying to the Lord of the flies that they would happily serve him if only he would rid them of the French. I doubt  that this is as he said. Even you blame them? It's the French after all. I'd call the Devil and all his cousins if I found that France had invaded my living room. This just proves that Pat Robertson is now too old to be a reliable source of guidance. One day very soon he will appear on the TV in his underwear and proclaim that Jesus is an isosceles triangle, intergalactive hotdog vendor with rickets and gonads for eyeballs and we should all bow down and worship the holy hamster of New Hampshire...booga booga., boogity boo!!!

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