Obama's Deficit Task Force.

The main cast of The A-Team. Clockwise from to...
Our completely moonstruck president is at it again with some really wacky stuff this time. He is going to create...are you ready for this?...a 'deficit task force'. A what? Did you just say task force? What like the A-Team for our budget? We have a deficit task force already. They're called the Republican party, and they have been telling you for a year now that you are spending too much money. This so-called bi-partisan committee will consist of 18 people from both sides of the aisle. Obama of course needed to validate the need for this task force by skillfully talking out his ass.

 "These deficits did not happen overnight, and they won't be solved overnight," Obama said in a statement. "The only way to solve our long-term fiscal challenge is to solve it together - Democrats and Republicans."
Bravo Mr. President. That almost sounded like a reasonable statement, except for the fact that it's coming from you.While it's true this deficit was certainly not created overnight, it was however grown exponentially in the last year solely because of you. You can not blame George Bush for this one, you did it all by yourself and your friends Nincompoop Nancy and Butt-pirate Barney helped. Now you expect the Republicans to reach across the aisle ans help you out after you continually snubbed them with your chide comments and pompous attitude.

It has been a year since you were seated in the oval office and in that short period of time you have made a very terrible mess of your toys. Do be a good boy and pick up after yourself. So how will naughty Obama do so, by issuing another 1.9 Trillion dollars in bonds to continue to fund their operations for the next year. You aren't even registering the fact that you are on earth, are you? The republicans believe this task force will fail to achieve any of it's stated goals, instead believing that this is an excuse for major tax increases in the future.
Even Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Max Baucus oppose this task force because it will erode some of their own power. Wow, so you're even going to snub your old pals? Get a grip Obummer. You're turning this country into a cesspool.

In the following months people have a tough choice to make. Do they continue to cling to the Hope(c) that Barack Husein Obama will save them, or do they face the cold reality that he is not the Change(c) they were so desperately seeking and cast their vote accordingly.

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