Obama:The Musical. Made with German Engineering.

There have been men, who for centuries have predicted some of the earth's most devastating tragedies and world events. Nostradamus predicted earthquakes, fires, and the rise and fall of Adolph Hitler. None of them, not one prophet of old could have predicted this epic disaster of biblical proportions. Obama:The Musical. That's right. Hope-ful the story of Obama's historic battle for the White house. This one has it all. Ballads, Rockers, sultry R&B and negro spirituals!(Thanks Harry Reid.) Uhhh, err.I mean R&B.

In Germany they are really showing the rest of the world just how nuts they really are. This is the same country who some months ago released a product to market that can only be described as a masterwork of racial insensitivity. "Obama Fried Chicken Fingers" Oh. Yeah. They went there. Now they've added insult to injury, actually this is injury on top of insult. I am truly hoping this is a flaming train wreck of FAIL. 30 singers and scores of dancers trying to save face for Obama in the midst of the destruction he was perpetrated on the American people in the last year. These Germans thought of everything they even have singers portraying Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Sarah Palin. Wow. Won't that be nice.

Since continuing to make fun of this shitzkrieg(That's not really german. I just thought it was funny.)wouldn't do me any good Here's a picture of Adolph Hitler instead.

{{BArch-description|1=Adolf Hitler Zentralbild...

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