James O'Keefe and 3 accomplices in court on felony charges.

James O'Keefe Hannah Giles

James O'Keefe and 3 other men are being charged with entering federal property under false pretenses for the purpose of committing a felony. O'Keefe along with Joseph Basel and Stan Dai were in federal court on Wednesday for a pre-trial conference. A forth man Robert Flanigan is also charged, but was not seen at the courthouse.

The men are accused of pretending to be telephone repairmen and attempting to gain access to Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu's office and also a phone closet in the building. It is not clear if they were attempting to tap her phones, but authorities reportedly found a 'listening device' in one of the suspects cars. O'Keefe although not dressed like a telephone repairman was apparently in the Senators office lobby filming his accomplices on a cellphone camera.

A source at Fox News told the organization that James O'Keefe and his cohorts were not trying to wiretap the Senators office. James father also chimed in. "We are not aware of all the facts in James case and cannot make a comment accordingly. However, James is an honest and passionate journalist who has tried to reveal truths. We are confident in his integrity and sincerity and believe that after all the facts are known his intent and purpose in this matter will be understood."

O'Keefe became a celebrity when he and a woman named Hannah Giles posing as a pimp and a prostitute entered ACORN offices around the country and got help from ACORN employees on setting up a tax fraud scheme, and defrauding the government. The employees in all the cases never appeared to be fazed when they would make statements on how they needed to hide their tax records for a forthcoming political campaign that would be funded by the prostitution and how they were going to import underage girls from South America to help in their prostitution scheme.

ACORN and it's lawyers have repeatedly denied any wrong doing on the part of their employees(most of whom were fired after the tapes were made public. ACORNS  'Mistress of Misinformation' Bertha Lewis said of this most recent event it is "further evidence of his disregard for the law in pursuit of his extremist agenda." One man's extremist agenda is another man's honest journalism. Oh who am I kidding. There is no extremist agenda. Just young journalists finally going after the thieves and liars that are trying to destroy America with their Socialist agenda.

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