It's Election Day, Massachusetts!

January 19th, Election day is finally upon us and the people of Mass. are heading out to the polls to cast their vote for the candidate that will fill the late Ted Kennedy's shoes. In the beginning of this race it looked as though Martha Coakley(D.) was going to coast in to the vacant senate seat. At the time her nearest opponent, Scott Brown was over 30 points behind. However is the span of a month Brown gained 21 points to be seated behind Coakley and within 10 points of tying things up.

As this race has received more and more coverage and the implications of what this race means for both the Democrats and especially the Republicans has become clear. If Brown wins this the Democrats will be forced to attempt a reconciliation to get their health care mess on to the presidents desk. This will also mean that any future bills will not have the guaranteed 60 vote majority they need to circumvent the Republicans all together. With Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgan calling it quits, and Harry Reid slowly digging his own grave it's clear that the Democrats are on borrowed time and will need to try and speed up their efforts to pass their socialist schemes before the November mid-term elections.

The most recent polls show Scott Brown up by 9 points and a Boston Herald "Herlad Pulse" poll shows that it's readers believe by a majority number of 46% that Brown will win with at least a 5% spread. Only 3% of those polled beleive Coakley would do the same. Only 10% of the people polled believe Coakley had any chance at all of winning. This would also mean that for the first time in 47 years we would have someone in the senate seat of Massachusetts who wasn;t a lush who drowned young girls while in a drunken stupor than tried to cover it up. I think all around it would be a refreshing change for the state.

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