Harry Reid And the debate about 'Negro Dialect' comment.

I am going to play the part of both angry Republican, and devil's advocate for this article. The atmosphere surrounding the debate about senate majority leader Harry Reid and his 'comments on than candidate Barack Obama during his 2008 presidential campaign. Reid said of Obama that his chances for winning were good because he was 'light-skinned' and had 'no negro dialect' unless he chose to do so. The Republicans are of course calling for Reid to be treated in the same fashion as disgraced former senate majority leader Trent Lott over his unfortunate statement about how the country would be better off if Strom Thurmond had been elected president. Lott was most likely unaware that in 1948 Thurmond ran on a platform with only one strong plank...racial segregation.
{{w|Trent Lott}}, Senator from Mississippi.

Strom Thurmond
Democrats were, and still are outraged at Lott's statement even trying to downplay the Reid affair by noting that Lott's offense was much worse. The Republicans are spending a lot of time on this incident even though it is apparent that Harry Reid will get a free pass from Obama. Trent Lott bowed to pressure and stepped down, which in my opinion makes him a better man than Reid. While Reid certainly wins in the 'whose racial comment is worse' category it's still not a career destroying statement. I think it would be wise of the Republicans to lay off Reid in the upcoming days and continue the campaign of focusing on reorganizing their party and getting strong candidates ready for the 2010 elections.
Harry Reid

With three Democrats on the way out and Reid likely to follow suit the Republicans have a real shot at breaking the Democrats majority strong hold in either the house or senate. Oabama has until November to pass his socialist legislation and even less time if Scott Brown wins the seat vacated by deceased girl murderer Ted"I'm drunk"Kennedy. This would break the 60 seats the Democrats need in the Senate to get their 'hurt care' I mean health care legislation on to the president's desk. The Republicans could really pull off a sweeping coup in November if they continue with the kind of solid thinking that has been emerging amongst senior and newer members of the party in the past few months. the Democrats need to buckle down and learn to keep their mouths shut or the losses they suffer will be devastating.

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