The effects of Liberalism on the American justice system.

In America we try our very best to execute those guilty of crimes against their fellow man (e.g. Murder)In places like the Middle East people are executed for simply being different. If you are gay, you are hung. If you are a woman who has been raped, it is your fault and you will be stoned to death. If you are a woman who dares to socialize with another man who is not related to you. You will be stoned to death. In China people are imprisoned, tortured, and murdered for the most trivial of crimes, as the Chinese will do whatever it takes to keep order and the appearance of a civil society.

We are not barbaric, Yet many on the left see fit to demonize the United States any time it attempts to lift a finger to help a country embroiled in a civil war or in the clutches of some despot. They are convinced that war is never the answer. 60 million people who lost their lives during WWII would disagree with you.

Starting in the late 1960's judges and lawyers with too much compassion started down a path that led to the countries crime rate skyrocketing. Light sentences, weekend furlough programs, and other ideas meant to ease the burden on the criminal and appear more fair. It was the feel good 60's, and every conceived injustice was caused by those in power over those without. This liberal love fest seemed pleasant enough on the surface, but it was blind to things like the reality that while all men are created equal, given the right conditions they can become our worst nightmare. Most of these criminals will never see the outside world again, however some of them got the opportunity thanks to liberal judges and lawyers and the result was devastating.

Willie Horton who was serving a life sentence for murder was released on a 'weekend furlough' program by then governor Michael Dukakis. While on his leave he committed assault, armed robbery, and rape. To me the most offensive human rights violation is when the criminal is given more dispensation than the victim. What about the victims human rights?? Remember Saddam Hussein? Yeah, he killed close to a million people. If he was hung 1000 times his victims still would not have received justice. Exactly how many people need to die before someone is unfit to live?? Is there like an exact figure somewhere tucked away in the handbook of how to seem socially conscious on a global level while ignoring whatever crimes don't directly involve your tunneled belief system or the actions of George Bush(The Universal Scapegoat(c).)?

Liberals and social activists will talk about "sovereignty" and how the United States imposes it's will on other countries. If you were living in a country where you had little or no rights, and were at the mercy of a cruel despot I think you might be happy to have a little Imposition from the United States of America. When we are called to foreign countries to give aid, or when we make the tough decision to go into a country that needs it we will always have to endure the criticisms of those whose self-righteous diatribes are the only thing that gives their lives meaning. The fact remains that in every instance it is not about imposing our will on others. It is not about oil. It is not about some unquenchable need to dominate other cultures. It is about freedom. It is about justice, and most importantly it is about trying to save lives.

In countries like Rwanda, and Bosnia the civil wars that erupt there are never pleasant, and almost always about the total destruction of the enemy. In a word, genocide. I have seen the pictures of what happens in these places. Rob Zombie couldn't dream up these scenes of death no matter how hard he tried. The worst part is that the carnage is not confined to those who fight. Everyone suffers the wrath. Women, children, infants, the elderly. If you look like the enemy than you will die like him regardless of your beliefs or the dreams you may have had for the future. When I think about all the people whose lives and hopes are cut short because an invader or their neighbor has decided that they should all die, I wonder. Why aren't we there helping them? Only to realize that if we were, some peace loving lunatic would deride our troops because they were the baby killers, and they were the butchers. The real criminals be damned! it is always the fault of the United States.

The feel good lunacy of the left has left this country in a shambles. Crime is rampant, and we are all but powerless to stop it. Too many questions are in the air. Is this person too fat, too short, too pretty to be put in jail? Maybe we need to show them compassion because they were beaten by their parents. Never mind the fact that they just raped and executed a family of four in a beautiful suburban neighborhood. We must show more mercy, more compassion, more love.....Did it ever occur to you that some people are just evil. That in the dark recesses of their minds they do the things they do because it gives them real pleasure to do so? I didn't have a charmed life. No it wasn't like watching 'Mommy Dearest', but it was no picnic either. Yet here I am still trying to better myself, still trying to rise above the din and see clear skies. I do not know if I will make it, but I have made the conscious decision not to take others down with me. That is my decision. Criminals make the wrong ones and they should be punished for that.

I wrote this piece because I am scared about the future. I have an eighteen month old daughter who is a shining star in the darkness and I don't want her to have to live in a world where criminals of the worst sort are let loose because some liberal judge thinks three strikes does not constitute an 'out' and we should give them one more chance.

Maurice Clemmons is a prime example of that attitude causing more death and destruction. While serving 105 year in prison Clemmons was given a reprieve by than governor Mike Huckabee at the behest of the judge and prosecutors. Clemmons quickly re-offended and ended up back behind bars. He was released again due to a failure of the prosecutors office in filing paperwork in a timely fashion. Flash forward 3 years later. Clemmons is living in Washington when he is arrested for assaulting a state trooper and raping a little girl. Two Washington state judges feel he deserves another chance and he is released on a mere $15,000 dollar bond. He than proceeds to kill four police officers and flees until he is caught and shot dead while attempting to pull a gun on another police officer.

So many lives could have been saved if those judges hadn't acted out of some misguided sense of compassion. So many more lives would not have been lost if we had been more careful in the past. This is for every father who won't get the chance to see their son of daughter grow up, and for every son or daughter who won't get to share in the wisdom and joy of a father or mother. This is for every person whose dreams were taken away by the the most vile people of the world. The criminals. The despots. The zealous minds that foment genocide against another peoples. Were it not for foolish people without the fortitude to stand up to your sickness, you're plans would never come to fruition.

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