Coakley aid shoves reporter.


In what can only be described as good news for Senate hopeful Scott Brown this new video shows one of Martha Coakley's thugs shoving and than harassing The Weekly Standard's John McCormack. This video is already spreading across the internet like wildfire and could help boost Scott Brown right in to dead Ted's senate seat. Scott Brown has gone from being 30 points behind his opponent to being 8 points in just a few short weeks. Some estimates have him at only a couple of points behind his Democratic rival. While it's not clear from the video what spawned the altercation, it is clear, at least to me, this was because of McCormack's association with a conservative media organization like The Weekly Standard.

Coakley doesn't seem to worried. I'm sure no apology will be given. She has Bill Clinton coming to speak on her behalf three days before the election and that is sure to give her a boost. I for one will continue to push for Brown because I truly believe he is the best Candidate for the job. I am in the process of readying a 'Campaign attack post' or whatever a blogger does when they lack the funds to put up a scathing commercial about a political candidate. When you finally see the real Martha Coakley you will be terrified.

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