New Poll Global Warming not important.

Tebow Super Bowl Ad Controversy.

James O'Keefe and 3 accomplices in court on felony charges.

U.S. proposing new Iran Sanctions at U.N.

Obama's Deficit Task Force.

Julie & Julia movie slams Republicans.

ASSHAT of the week #4:Pat Roberstson

Saudi women banned from exercise.

Army to remove bible refernces from gun sights.

Saudi Arabian girl, 13 sentenced to 90 lashes and jail for bringing a cellphone to school.

Scott Brown wins Massachusetts senate seat.

"Shove a curling iron up her butt." comment could kill his campaign

Democratic Outreach workers turned away. Democrats are voting for Scott Brown

John Kerry-Still a douchebag.

It's Election Day, Massachusetts!

Bush Clinton Haiti relief fund.

Obama tanks at Coakley rally. Gets heckled.

soldier charged with child pornography possession in Afghanistan.

Scott Brown 4% Lead over Martha Coakley.

Asshat of the Week #3:Martha Coakley

Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson=Republican Fail!

Obama:The Musical. Made with German Engineering.

Coakley aid shoves reporter.

Harry Reid African American Support Group

Harry Reid And the debate about 'Negro Dialect' comment.

New Site Design.

Room Service:Morrin. Roon sirbees.