Seattle Cop killer shot dead. Disproves his theory that he was Jesus.

Maurice Clemmons

After an extensive manhunt that led to the arrests of four people; The search for cop killer Maurice Clemmons has come to an end. At around 2:45 AM in a quiet seattle neighborhood a lone Seattle police officer finds the suspect near a stolen car. After confronting the suspect the officer fired off a few rounds when the suspect refused to comply with his orders.

Clemmons was wanted in the shooting death of four Lakewood officers as they sat going over paperwork at the Forza Coffee Co. Shop early Sunday morning. Clemmons has a history of crime, particularly violent crime. He was in and out of institutions numerous times in his childhood that led to him being sentenced to 108 years in jail. Than Governor Mike Huckabee commuted his sentence because his offenses where committed when Clemmons was a teenager. He was arrested again in 2004. According to Huckabee the suspect should have been thrown back in jail but he was not due to a clerical error.

Maurice Clemmons is the textbook definition of a career criminal. Even after all the crimes he committed as a child, he was arrested again in early 2009 for assaulting an officer and raping a child, yet somehow he was able to get out on bail. Clemmons spoke of "Shooting some cops and watching it on the news" just a few days before the shootings took place. When questioned about the assault on the child investigators in the sex case said he was motivated by visions that he was Jesus Christ and that the world was on the verge of the apocalypse.

I would like to add my thoughts to this whole affair.Unless Maurice Clemmons rises from the dead in the next couple of days we can only assume he was mistaken. Also, I would like to defend Mike Huckabee. He is already receiving criticism for his commuting of Mr. Clemmons sentence. Yet it was not Huckabees decision that led to this tragic event. After being released from jail Clemmons went on another crime spree. He was arrested again and released. After his arrest in 2009 for assaulting a cop and raping a child it is impossible for anyone with any semblance of a brain to fathom that he would be given the option of bail! The judge in Pierce County was clearly a happy go lucky liberal who believes that all people can be saved. Huckabee's only fault was that his Christian principles of forgiveness put a wacko like Maurice Clemmons back on the street.

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