Sarah Palin makes fun of herself. Rips Joe Biden a new one.

Sarah Palin hit a pack of journalists hard with some particularly witty self-deprecating humor. Some of her remarks include."I came down from my hotel room and I could see the Russian embassy."
Palin was the Republican speaker at the winter dinner of the Gridiron Club, an organization of Washington-based journalists. Barney "the sailor" Frank was there representing the Democrats.

Palin fired shots at all sides,TheDemocrats and Sen. John McCain's campaign staff, as well as herself.
Palin also quiped "If the election had turned out differently, I could be the one overseeing the signing of bailout checks and vice president Biden could be on the road selling his book, 'Going Rogaine.'"

As for her hosts, she said she was glad to be appearing before an elite audience of leading intellectuals, "or as I like to call it, a death panel."
"The view is so much better from inside the bus than under it," she said, referring to the poisonous relations between her and some of the McCain campaign staff.
After taking some flac from Steve Schmidt, a senior strategist for John McCain's 2008 Presidential campaign, she said, "If I need a bald campaign manager I guess I'm left with James Carville."

Palin resigned her post as Governor of Alaska has been on the road much of this year talking to folks and promoting her new book "Going Rogue" There is speculation that Palin may take another stab at the presidency in 2012.

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