People with apparently fewer brain cells than a cheese cloth protest capitalism at COP15.

Capitalism is stumbling

Their Crisis, Our Revolt
So here we have this climate change summit happening in Copenhagen, Denmark. There are all these different elements converging on Copenhagen for this week long event. One of these groups appear to be very staunch anti-capitalists. Let's see. According to their literature they want capitalism to fall. Ok. So you bought a bus or plane ticket, or drive a car to the event. Right? Thank you Capitalism. You probably needed a hotel room, yeah? Thank you Capitalism. You are eating food, maybe having a few beers at the bar? Thank you Capitalism. Looks like you have a poster that you brought. You probably had it printed at a Kinko's or some place similar. Thank you Capitalism. The green companies that will undoubtedly try and save us all from this so-called global climate change disaster will more than likely get paid to do their research and than sell us products to help us save the earth. THANK YOU CAPITALISM! There are liberals, mentally deficient farm animals, and finally there are these people.

Social War, Not Climate Chaos
I honestly have no idea how someone can have these ideas and still be considered sane. Unless these people eat 100% of the food they grow themselves, make all of their cloths with materials they create themselves, and use nothing that they or anyone else ever had to pay for than they are just dead wrong. Capitalism is not the problem. You gentleman and ladies are the problem. Posters of people in masks committing acts of violence is not social war, it is terrorism. You are terrorists.

If you truly want to live in an anti-capitalist world you will all remove yourselves from the cities, find land in the wilderness where you will not be disturbed. Form a tribal society and build and grow all that you need to survive. I know people who have done it and they are very happy. I would love to join them, except I enjoy the Internet too much Also I really love my car, and my guitars, and above all I love my daughter. And while I'm sure it would be feasible for her to live with me, it is unfairfor her to have to make very dangerous sacrifices so I can join a happy little commune. There would be no diapers and wipes, no soy formula, no medicine, no real toys to play with, no Baby can read DVD's so she doesn't turn out like most of the kids I see who think "Yo, what be up nigga?" is a proper sentence. So for now that dream is lost to me. Meanwhile you are all just plain lost.


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