New Poll Finds 44% of Americans Want George W. Bush Back in Office.

A new poll shows that 44% of Americans would actually prefer to have W back, while 50% are still satisfied with the Obamanator. Bush has higher poll numbers now than he did for most of his last few years in office, and the lesson we can learn from that is people in this country are blind to the truth until it punches them in the nose. Bush wasn't doing a bad job, the media and the anti-war left just painted a really dismal picture of GW's record.

Is it any surprise that people believed the press even when they told a flat out lie about the state of the economy? Unemployment was below 6% and the economy was stable. Republicans fought to put tighter regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but the Democrats denied that there was any problem and said that the regulations were unnecessary. I'm sure this had nothing to do with the fact that the Board of Directors of both companies were littered with Democrats. Months before the election the gap between Obama and McCain started to close and Democrats started to get worried. Almost as if by magic two Democrat controlled government agencies fail overnight. The economy collapses and the people are in a panic. They need a hero. One who is up to the challenge. Someone strong and agile of mind to save our great nation's economy. Well, since that doesn't sound anything like McCain the choice became clear. And so on November 4th, America elected themselves a black superman. Nix the cape, add the teleprompter.

George Bush was the scapegoat for all the nations problems, the problems the democrats say were caused by the great debt imposed on us by the Iraq war. Yet Obama has managed to spend more money in less than a year than the total cost of the Iraq war over an 8 year period. W is starting to look like a saint right now.

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