Neal Boortz vs. some idiot(Guess who loses)Health Care and Gun Rights?

Talkmaster Neal Boortz wrote an interesting piece in the Atlanta Journal Constitution n Friday the 13th.(ooh, spooky.)Spelling it out in plain English how health care is not a right, and the federal government has absolutely no business in making legislation for or against it nor does it have the right to force it's citizens to have it. Neal's Argument that it is not right for the government to reconnoiter a doctors time for one second to appease a government run program. Such an act amounts to slavery in the eyes of most intelligent people. If said doctor wants to help he can volunteer his time-and many do at local free clinics, etc.

The AJC receives an interesting reply recently about Neal's aforementioned article. Here is a transcript of that reply.


Clearly, Boortz will give up some of his 'rights'

I was startled and immensely delighted to read Neal Boortz's column ("Moochers need free-market dose," Opinion, Nov. 14). Startled at his novel definition of a "right" as excluding anything that involves a second of someone else's labor or skills.

I am delighted that he has voluntarily given up his right to bear arms -- unless he mines the ore, forges the steel and makes the guns himself in his backyard. After all, he cannot lay claims to the skill of the workers at the Colt factory, can he? Even then, I am not sure he has that right, unless he designs the gun and its firing mechanism. Oh, and he also has to figure out the laws of thermodynamics that govern explosions -- all by himself, without the help of his science teacher.

Obviously, this also means Miranda rights are also kaput for all except lawyers. Right to freedom from illegal search and seizure? Forget it. Where do I get off demanding the time of a cop to protect me from a break-in? "Clearly I nailed this 'right to health care thing,' '' he says. Clearly.

Suresh Krishnamoorthy, Marietta

Ok let's break down this guys argument shall we. Neal has the right to bear arms, but he must have surely given up that right because he doesn't have any hand in the manufacture or sale of firearms himself. I can finish in just a couple of sentences. We have the right to bear arms. It says nothing about forcing others to make said arms for us. We have to find them on our own as we do now with our health insurance. Do you see how that works Mr. Krishnamoorthy?? Regardless if it is a right or a privilege it is not the job of the government to give us our rights, but to defend us against those who would take away those rights and to protect us so we may pursue our rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

If this is the best the Liberals can do, we are so going to clean house in2010 and 2012.


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