Immigration sting catches 280 illegal aliens with criminal records.

It what can only be described as a case of a gnat biting a horse Immigration officers in California nabbed 280 illegals in a sting that lasted three days. The focus of the investigation appears to be on those who pursue criminal enterprise, and not aliens here for employment.

"These are not people who we want walking our streets," ICE director John Morton said. "We're going to focus on those people who choose to pursue a life of crime in the United States rather than pursue the American dream of education, hard work and success."

This statement of course is one of the main reasons we have such a problem with the flood of illegals roaming the country. ICE director John Morton is deluding himself in to thinking that it's OK for these people to break the laws of the United States if they really want to live here. Say Again? That's not how it works John, most of us here would like people who OBEY the laws to be the ones who get to live here. If you start out on your quest to live the American dream and immediately break the law, you're heading for an epic fail.

The Democrats are proposing an Immigration bill that while good, only addresses some of the issues that are the subject of heated debates. The new bill will force all illegals to be fined 500 dollars, learn English, and pass a background check. They would then be eligible to receive a 6 year work visa, after which time they can get their green card. I don't have any specifics on this bill, but I am curious to know how they plan on carrying out, and enforcing this.

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