Feds Subpeona bloggers who leaked new secret TSA directive.

Flying with Fish posted the new TSA guidelines on their blog. The information was received from an anonymous email. Below is that post.
New TSA Directive

Apparently the TSA wasn't too happy about that. It seems the information was leaked. What happened next is typical. Fallout from posting of new TSA directive.

Twice this month the TSA has had sensitive information linked on to the internet. I should be upset because this could give the terrorists an undue advantage. Frankly I'm not upset at all. I'm actually glad for once that someone is nice enough to give the American people a heads up as to just how many anal cavity searches we will have to endure, what white American business men and elderly Scandinavian grandmothers can expect when they are profiled, strip searched and grilled about their ties to Al-Qaeda. The problem with the Airlines is not how much security there is, but the quality and the focus of the security already in place. We can stop 99.7 percent of all terrorist attacks on airplanes with two simple directives. Stop and thoroughly question all males of Middle Eastern descent between the ages of 18 and 50 and anyone who looks like this guy:
Richard Reid Shoe Bomber
 Directive number two.  Train all airport security personnel in the culture of Islam it's beliefs, the way most Islamic males look, dress, the way they wear their hair and facial hair so they don't accidentally profile some poor Indian or Mexican.

There problem solved. Can we all now fly in peace??
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