Democratic representative Parker Griffith switches sides over health care debate.

U.S. Representative Parker Griffith (D)Ala. has had enough. He said goodbye to the Democratic party and joined the Republicans after it became apparent to him that his party was ruining the country.
"I believe our nation is at a crossroads and I can no longer align myself with a party that continues to pursue legislation that is bad for our country, hurts our economy, and drives us further and further into debt,"Griffith said as he spoke to reporters. His wife,Virginia standing by his side.  Rep. Griffith decided to leave due to disagreements with his fellow Democrats on issues of policy and most importantly, health care.
"I want to make it perfectly clear that this bill is bad for our doctors," he said. "It's bad for our patients. It's bad for the young men and women who are considering going into the health care field."

The switch represents a coup for House Republican leadership, which had been courting Griffith since he publicly criticized Democratic leadership in the wake of raucous town halls over the summer.


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