Attorneys for ACORN find no wrong doing by employees in undercover video sting.Yeah, and the Chinese are champions of human rights.

ACORN Report -

Acorn gets a law firm to investigate the allegations of misconduct and wouldn't you know it? They didn't do anything wrong. The undercover videos filmed by James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles don't show anything wrong with the conduct of ACORN employees. Oh, no it's all Wade Rathke's fault. Who??? Wade Rathke a former ACORN employee was the true root of this whole mess and Bertha"My blackness is astounding" Lewis has since made a concerted effort to clean things up. Former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harschbarger, was in charge of overseeing the whole affair said all the problems were because ACORN expanded it's operations too fast.
Wade Rathke no longer works for ACORN. The employees who supposedly did no wrong, also no longer work for ACORN. So give ACORN some time, they'll clear this whole thing up. They promise. ACORN and older sibling the SEIU have started Health Care for America Now (HCAN), which is a leading proponent of ObamaCare. Basically. HCAN is ACORN. So now ACORN has to rally to really clean up it's image if it's rally to help Americans 'decide' on what healthcare plan to be forced to choose.
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