When acting like a dumbass miraculously makes random white people racists.

Ok, I had to read this snippet twice just to make sure I didn't get this wrong.
So let me see if I have this correctly. You budge in line, throw peoples stuff around, act like a fool by screaming and yelling and the people who called you names are the racists??? Let me put some perspective on the situation for you Heather. When you act like a complete piece of shit people aren't required to treat you with respect anymore therefore, if you were to say punch an old lady in the face and someone called you the 'N' word they would not be a racist, they would be right. Respectable black folk do not punch old ladies in the face.
So let me sum up by saying your actions do nothing for the "advancement of colored people" and by lodging a complain with the NAACP you have further destroyed your credibility by thinking that as a person of African descent you have a right to act without regard to others and you are somehow protected by some invisible wall of 'black power' that was created because 200 years ago some white folks made some black folks slaves and now the world owes YOU something for your ancestors pain.

The attitude in this country what with Barack Obama being president and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton having fueled the hatred for so long is one of black entitlement. This feeling only leads to more racial tension and further divides the races. Now when you factor in that poor blacks tend to have a worse education and that the news media loves to cover stories about the stupid things poor black people do and you now have given more fuel to the Aryan Nation and the KKK. So keep it up Heather, you and others like you will guarantee that this country may very well have a race war before the next decade is out.


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