Media fails to identify unborn child as fifth victim in deadly florida shooting.

This is from the AP

"Police were searching Friday for a man suspected in the Thanksgiving shooting deaths of his twin sisters, aunt and a 6-year-old cousin during a family celebration.

One of the sisters, Lisa Knight, 33, was pregnant, said Jupiter Police spokeswoman Sally Collins-Ortiz. She did not say how far along the woman was in her pregnancy."

Did anyone notice what is missing from this statement? The real fifth victim in this tragedy-the unborn child. Former President Bush signed in to law a provision allowing for criminals to be charged with two murders if they kill a woman who is pregnant. The media in true liberal fashion fails to make any mention of this, instead listing Patrick Knight another person hit by one of the assailants bullets as the fifth victim.

As you can imagine as a conservative I feel pretty strongly about these kinds of things. Since the birth of my daughter I have had no doubt in my mind that the act of insemination creates a life. Now to be fair, I'll give it until after the formation of the blastocyst around the start of the embryonic stage to truly call it a life. In this regard I would differ from some of the more staunch opponents of abortion. Frankly the fact that abortion is a reality doesn't bother me. What bothers me is that women seem to think that it is an acceptable form of birth control. It is not.

This is just one of the many factors that is leading so many people to scour the internet to find the real news. The MSM(main stream media) is only reporting what it wants, most of it devoid of any factual information, and some stories(the ACORN scandal) are ignored all together. We stand on the precipice of a new age of media. The age of the bloggist. The ability of people to take a single piece of information and dissect it and than present it to the public in a hundred unique forms. Each person forming their own opinion, their own take on what really lies at the heart of the matter. Journalism used to have passion, depth, substance. That has all been lost in the shiny world of broadcast media.

The internet, however is ripe with new journalists. They are not paid large salaries, nor are they put in front of cameras on a daily basis. They blog from their home, their job, on the bus, while in bed. They don't all wear fancy suits, most prefer to write in their underwear sipping a cup of coffee. But make no mistake, they are dedicated and they want you to know the truth.


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