Feds Target Muslims, Lesbians Target the Vatican??


http://lezgetreal.com/?p=22926 Apparently confused by the Feds seizure of Iranian owned properties lesbian blogger 'Paula Brooks' decided that if the US is going to target Iran it should also target the Vatican for it's decidedly anti American views. She claims both Iran and the Vatican are quote "Theocratic Dictatorships" and should be subject to the same scrutiny by the United States government.

Her argument appears to stem from the Pope's remarks chastising the US for it's abortion policies. Ok, fair enough, but is the Pope really threatening to nuke us out of existence if we don't ban abortion? Iran repeatedly threatens to nuke Israel just for being there. I think these two
Theocratic Dictatorships are not even closely related. Of course she also makes this scary comparison

"Illegal abortions were, needless to say, extremely violent to American Women, since some 180,000 American Women would have died in this country as a result of back alley abortions had the Supreme Court had not ruled the way it did in 1973. The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima killed between 90,000 and 140,000 people."

WTF??? I'd love to lock this woman in the same broom closet some hospitols use to store the partial birth abortion babies while they wait for them to die. Yes, that's right if your baby comes out still breathing they stick it in a closet and wait for it to die. No I'm not trying to be a jerk, there were quite a few news stories on this in the last year or so.

To be honest I don't care that abortions are legal, I truly feel that if the health of the mother is at risk an abortion should be an option. But that's not what I see as the problem. The fact that each year tens if not hundreds of thousands of women use abortion as a form of.................... BIRTH CONTROL!!! Keep your pants on, go on the pill, or deal with the fact that you fucked up and now you have to be a responsible adult.

Anyways, back to the point at hand. I applaud the government taking the initiative and going after institutions that are illegally funneling money to Iran. I also applaud the Pope and the Vatican for being the same as they always have been and being responsible carriers of the torch of Christianity. To 'Paula Brooks' I'm sorry that you feel that just because Jesus hates you because you lick rug that you need to take your anger out on the Pope. What are you some kind of Christophobe? Yes I know that's probably not a real condition, than again neither is Homophobe. Until you can prove to me that there is some sort of cosmic law that forces a person to like a particular group or thing for the sole reason that it exists and any inclination to the contrary constitutes a violation of said law than Homophobe is not a real condition. I hate pink polo shirts, my doctor still thinks I'm normal.


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