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The Republikid blog was founded in November 2009. This blog is really an assortment of current political affairs, historical facts, and people of importance in the Conservative and Libertarian movements in the United States of America. This blog is not meant to be solely a news site like FOX or CNN, it is also an information hub for curious travelers of the web. As this site progresses we will add new features and more interactive content for our readers to absorb and enjoy. If you are a blogger or writer and would like to contribute an article or Op-Ed piece to this site end an email to republikid@republikid(dot).com
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We are looking for articles that will spark a dialogue on any topic in the political spectrum. If your viewpoint differs from the material you see here, do not become discouraged. We are looking for opinions from conservatives, liberals, libertarians, socialists, anarchists,...pick a political philosophy. If you truly want to express yourself we would encourage you to do so.