Trump still has support. Biden can't fill high school gymnasium.

Trump Rally Pennsylvania
Image via Sky News


Let me see if I got this right. Joe Biden does his speech in Pennsylvania and can't even come close to filling a high school Gymnasium, and Donald Trump is in PA the same week and fills a stadium to overflow capacity. The exact same way every rally looked in 2020. Joe Biden can't fill seats, but somehow won PA by a million votes after an unprecedented extra 5 days of locked door vote counting? 

I now understand why people are conspiratorial. He still can't fill seats when we're not in a pandemic, and somehow he won a record number of votes? It makes no sense. He's an incoherent mess, his policies are disastrous, his Vice President is a complete fail of a human being, he fills his administration with token minorities who are not qualified to drive a school bus, let alone be in high seats of power (His Supreme Court nominee notwithstanding. She has credentials.) By every conceivable metric Biden is a failure. 

He’s been writing bad policy for decades, spewing racist remarks for decades, throwing praise at Klan members for decades, being an all around putz and after how many failed attempts at becoming president, he suddenly garners the favor of the American people? 

COVID not withstanding, the train wreck of a human being called Trump had the best economy most of us have seen in our lifetimes. No conflict in the Middle East and Asia, successful trade policies, record Stock market, record low unemployment. While we still have record low unemployment, but we fail to remember the millions of people who quit the workforce and took themselves off the rolls leaving us with a massive labor shortage.

Energy independence under Trump….now after Biden shutting down pipelines, and failing to renew permits or issue new ones, we are relying on despotic regimes again for our oil. 

The Middle East is in turmoil. North Korea is threatening expanding nuclear weapons, China is threatening Taiwan, Russia invaded Ukraine, Bosnia and Kosovo are close to warring again, and continued unrest in Israel. All of which were fixed or quelled under Trump.

Now I know I’ll get comments about this or that regarding Trump, but I’ll simply say this. Nothing the Democrats accused Trump of has been proven despite hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars being spent, and the nations most elite law enforcement agencies investigating him. 6 years now, and they have nothing. Just like this whole classified document scandal will not be nearly as effective as they are hoping. 

6 years of pushing a lie instead of focusing on the country is the reason the democrats are not something I think about. They aren’t ever going to change, their socialist rhetoric is the same pathetic nonsense that turned Venezuela from a very wealthy country into a third world shit hole and we should all soundly reject it.

I’m not going to win friends with this rant, but I don’t care. There’s no going back for me. The two party system is dead, and the only way forward is through chaos and third party rise to dominance. Third party can anything that isn’t D or R, and the chaos will be Donald Trump and outsiders like him.

All the fortune and prosperity I had two years ago is now gone. The hope I felt has been extinguished, and now all that is left is a path of survival and a plan for securing a better future. None of which will be provided for by our current state of government. 

mors omnibus diis falsis.

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