How to Fight Activism



An activist is usually guided by ideological forces that distort their view into an unrecognizable parade of incoherent concepts, ideas uncoupled from reality, and violent dogma disguised as ‘social justice’. 

If you are approached by someone making such claims, do not engage with them, run and find someone with an intellect and reason to quickly deprogram you before the infection takes hold.Such forces are a menace to polite society and should be systematically eradicated through non-violent means.

By non-violent means I am referring to any tactics necessary to facilitate the delegitimization of their ideology and methods, the destruction of their power over corporate and political organizations, and the removal of their destructive influence over the education system in this country.

If you must engage with them here are some tips on how to approach such dangerous creatures:

Science, reason, facts, and common sense should be the tools of the righteous, never bricks and bats as are employed by the false heroes of the activist set.

Be always a voice of reason. Promote common sense ideas, and peaceful solutions to problems. Do your research, and always triple check your facts. When a situation arises do your level best to engage in truthful conversation, and do not let the badgering of the pretzel-logic pop-tards provoke you.

They want you to stoop to their level. They will record the interaction and twist it to make you the bad guy. In some cases, they have started the fight themselves, and claimed they were the victims when their victims retaliated. 

Trans activists

We are all one people, and any ideology that seeks to separate us by immutable traits, or our income, our beliefs, or our faith in science is the enemy. 

Putting humanity first denies the unreasonable, and the bigoted of their most lauded forms of ammunition-ignorance and weakness. They prey on the weak minded and the mentally ill to mold them into mindless solders, disassociated from reality and bereft of reason, unrelenting in their drive to stamp out invisible enemies that live in all who do not share their worldview.

They can not quantify the threat, yet are convinced of its magnitude. When presented with contrary evidence they deny its veracity. They lose all joy in life, and live only for the cause, even if it means losing themselves, and the happiness they would have otherwise achieved.

It is a sad world we live in where people can be so easily manipulated into being pawns for ideas that go against their own self-interest, divide them from their more reasonable peers, and are readily used against them should they be awakened or stray form the path.

Are you trans, but not about forcing your worldview down other people's throats? Well, you aren't trans anymore. In fact, you're actually transphobic. Perhaps you're gay, but don't want to tow a line you don't agree with. Well then you're a traitor to the LGBT community and you have internalized homophobia. The list goes on, but you get the idea. 

Climate Justice

This new generation of causites are the very worst sort. They are a part of the most significant push of Marxist/Socialist poison we have ever seen.  It is in every way a cult, and if we don't actually fight back against it, we will lose. Perhaps even sooner than we think. 

Again, allow me a moment to remind everyone. Please, don't not engage them with violence unless your life is in danger. Being like them gives them an incredible advantage over us in the media and the minds of the low information voters who are so addle-brained as to be convinced that groups like Anitfa are actually anti-fascist. 

Oh, and never apologize.

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