Regressive Left Threat to Democracy

I want to keep this brief so you can digest it easily and think about it, because this is probably the most important fight of the foreseeable future. This doctrine of intolerance is why we can't have nice things.

The unquenchable rage and anger over perceived grievances blinds people to the humanity of others. If you see those who disagree with you as less than human, or more precisely, less human than yourself, it is easy to dismiss their feelings, pain, and fear as inconsequential, or without merit.

Nothing has changed, except the parameters by which debate is carried out. In this new paradigm, dissent from the holy social doctrine is grounds for immediate suspension of all reasonable debate, and branding and name-calling commence. If this does not sufficiently quell the dissenter, they move on to threats, destruction of ones social standing, and eventually to violence.

This is the 21st century regressive left, and they are a threat to democracy and our republic.

Please read this article from Andrew Sullivan to really understand just how damaging this type of moral doctrine can be.

"In fact, there is an increasingly ferocious campaign to quell dissent, to chill debate, to purge those who ask questions, and to ruin people for their refusal to swallow this reductionist ideology whole."

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