Black Lives Matter and Secessionists at Odds Over Autonomous Zone and it's Mission

In Seattle's autonomous zone, unrest is brewing. What kind of unrest? What always happens when progressive ideologies of different disenfranchised groups clash? They eat themselves. Secessionists inside the Autonomous zone are at odds with Black Lives Matter protesters about what this whole thing is all about. BLM protesters are upset that these secessionists have essentially co-opted their movement, and moved it away from talking about black lives. 

The secessionists are asking for things like an end to the police, and free college, while the Black Lives Matter people want to talk about racial inequality and police brutality. This is something that is becoming all too common amongst the more progressive on the left. Gay and trans communities are ad odds with each other over everything from definitions of sex and gender, and who should have a letter, and who should date who. There are trans people who don't want to be under the LGBT umbrella, lesbians at odd with trans women over a perceived theft of their potential girlfriends, etc.

Now we have what appear to be far-left socialists facing off against Black Lives Matter protesters in  the Seattle Autonomous zone, or CHAZ and CHOP as it is also known. It's bad enough that even within these groups there always seem to be disagreements as to what their exact cause and nature are, but now they are possibly fighting amongst themselves. If they have any hope of making their entire cadre of demands a reality, they are going to need to work out their differences, internally, and amongst each other.

For more on this, check out this video from Fox Business. I am unable to find a version to embed in the site. Sorry.

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