Death of Reason: How the SJW Movement is Creating Inequality

Am I really living in this world? What the fuck is happening right now? We live in a time where very angry people with convoluted agendas, who ignore facts and live based solely on emotion and not on reason have the loudest voices and scream about equality and togetherness whilst belittling and attacking anyone who disagrees with their dictatorial edicts. Wait. I thought we were trying to get rid of prejudice and bigotry. I thought we wanted to abolish stereotypes and divisive behavior. I try to live these things every day, but if I happen to be a white male heterosexual Christian conservative then clearly I'm an asshole and I need to die. Sounds legit.....

I know what you're thinking. I'm falling into the same trap. I'm painting activists and social justice warriors with a broad brush and not all of them are that way. True. But this kind of illogical thought has become popular enough, and enough of a threat to the sanity and stability of our society that I feel the need to speak on the subject from my point of view, which is this...

-We are all human beings, and if we spent more time treating each other based on that idea rather then spending all our time trying to promote equality by forcing people to recognize only our race, religion, gender, or sexual preference we would actually be promoting unity and not divisiveness.-

People like to think it's an oversimplification to say that there will always be contrary assholes in the world and we should ignore such nonsense and get on with our lives. They prefer to think that since a small number among us are assholes, we should create a catastrophic event that pertains to our cause and promote that agenda until we can eradicate the mostly illusory  threat we have created in order to try and feel better about ourselves and our low self-esteem because we are blissfully unaware that we are being led like sheep by people with a divisive agenda who are adept at manipulating large groups of people into mass hysteria based on an overstated opinion. Think Al Sharpton, or Dan Savage. Hate filled bigots trying to convince their own that everyone is out to get them to further their own agendas and maintain their celebrity status and their bank accounts.

I am going to take some time and go over some of the very popular movements of the day. I think I'll break it up into smaller parts so as not to overload you with one long, drawn out article from hell. I don't want this to be a venom filled shout fest; and I'll try my very best to keep my tone civil, but know this, I am fuming mad that so many people have gone off the deep end and no longer listen to reason or logic and have become so consumed with their cause that they can not see their own hypocrisy. It's disgusting. It's childish. And it does NOTHING to further their cause or create a civil discourse on what should be very important, but reasoned debates.

#femaletranssexualnoncisgenderedblacklivesmatters might just be the next big thing in hashtags, but it shouldn't. Every major movement of the 20th and 21 century so far deal with small or disenfranchised groups of people trying to ensure they get a fair shake in the world. I get that. And I fully support those ideas. It is sad though that many of these crusaders have decided that current efforts are not enough and are desperately trying to increase the speed of success by using illogical arguments to overstate and artificially amplify their situations as a means to accelerate their causes victory. This is of course a recipe for epic failure.


So who shall we skewer first? SJW's of course. For those of you who don't know SJW stands for social justice warrior. Now from that title you would expect a fiercely peaceful, and socially conscious individual bent on creating a truly free and equal society. Of course you would be wrong.
The average SJW is more interested in furthering there agenda at any cost than actually creating equality, or checking facts. They live in a fantasy world where the best way to combat hatred and bigotry is by being hateful and bigoted against the people they feel are wrong or who disagree with them.

I honestly don't know when the movement began, but there have always been activists in every social circle I've been in for most of my life. Anti-war protesters, women's lib, gay rights, etc. The names have changed since the 70's-80's, but what's worse is, so have the goals and ideologies behind these movements. These groups now spend a lot of time dealing in absolutes, they despise open, civil debate or discussion, they actively silence their opponents, and are convinced that all their problems can be solved by legislation and bullying. Collectively, this new breed of activists is known as SJW's or social justice warriors, and I will deal with the broad umbrella term first, then move into focused discussions on the groups under that umbrella. (Feminists, race warriors, LBGT crusaders, etc.)

SJW culture is pretty pervasive right now, and it's becoming very easy to spot. The most notable instance of out of control activism in recent years has been #Gamergate. I'm not even going to go into detail about that, because it's long, and silly and filled with feminists who probably had wet, sloppy orgasms while watching the new Ghostbusters movie. They love to hate. Everything you hold dear is horribly wrong. Your skin color is wrong. Your income is wrong. Your words are wrong. Your thoughts are wrong. You are just wrong. But remember. Do not disagree. Ever. You can not come back from disagreement land. They will crucify you. You can go from normal, rational human being to #privilegedwhitehomotransislamophobicnazi in like 10 seconds. That's right. You can go from zero to Hitler in the blink of an eye.

This is the mind set of the #SJW. They have no reason or logic. They don't have facts. They run completely on #thefeelz Despite multiple sources debunking most of the nonsense coming out of their entitled little mouths, they will continue to regurgitate the same sad horse-squeeze over and over again until you submit to their will, or snap and kill them all with a shovel. They are triggered by every day events. They need safe spaces to get away from white people who don't loathe themselves for being white. They find your Lone Ranger Halloween costume racist because it's insensitive to the plight of Native Americans. Your dinner napkins might also be racist because they are white. What are the brown napkins not good enough? Racist. Oooh. So now you're going to give me brown dinner napkins? So what? You think brown people are only good for cleaning up messes? Don't talk to me about the Brawny guy. Fuck him. and fuck Mr. Clean too. Privileged white assholes with their super absorbent paper towels and shit.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is we live in scary times. Donald Trump is president. White liberal college students think they are fostering a revolution by trying to censor free speech and shut down divergent thoughts or ideas. Black college students in some places want segregated housing. Da Fuq? Somewhere..OK probably everywhere there is a 15 year old girl with a short mane of hair, dyed an ungodly color, with 00 guages in her ears, wearing a hoodie, jeans, and lipstick and under the delusion that she is in fact a non-binary, pansexual, unicorn-kin, who demands that you address her using pronouns that are in fact nonsensical gibberish made up to express in little word bites the perfect genderless Utopia in their head. I do not deny the existence of gender dysphoria. I believe it exists. I may actually have it. But I am under no illusion that I am owed anything by society because of it, nor would I expect anyone to take me seriously if I thought trans-species was a sub category of gender.

Can it get worse? Of course it can. Now we have these #ANTIFA fucknuts running around dressed like biker terrorists, committing horrible acts of violence against innocent people, and ruining the good name of actual #anarchists everywhere. These people are scum who should be stopped, not for what they say. I support their right to free speech( I doubt they would give me the same courtesy.)But I absolutely think they should be shut down for the crimes they commit in the name of their communist manifesto. I'm glad that they hate nazis, the clan, and white power groups. But that guy you beat up, or that girl you pepper sprayed weren't nazi skinheads, they didn't belong to the KKK, nor do they support a fascist agenda...but let's be clear. It doesn't matter. Unless they are calling for acts of terror to be committed in their name, they have every right to speak their mind. I don't give a flying squirrel fuck how much you hate it. I don't care if it makes you sick. I don't care if you think it;s dangerous. Your the ones wearing masks and throwing bricks at the police. The skinheads at least have the decency to peaceably assemble sans bandit wear. (Except the Klan, they still like to cut up bed sheets to hide under. But their numbers are dwindling so who cares.)

Everyday on Facebook I hear from friends about how scared they are that Trump is going to do horrible things to gay people, Black people, Mexican people, Muslims, trans people, etc. But no one is afraid of the violent thugs in black who crash every liberal protest everywhere, get disavowed, but yet no one stops them from showing up, and no one seems worried. The only argument I hear is...ohh their not the real protesters. It's just a small group of people being disruptive. Bullshit! Check the tape asshole! It's on video. There are plenty of them, and in some of the recent video footage we see normal folks joining in the fun by helping them to break stuff and attack the police or Trump supporters. Stop lying. You want to see this happen. You want the chaos and destruction. You want everything to go to hell so you can blame it on the people who will eventually come to put you down like the rabid dogs you are,


Here's my prediction. This subculture will taper off and be nothing more than farts in the wind in 10 years, or all hell will break loose and there will be coast to coast violence when the sane people finally get tired to being berated for simply existing, being white, or successful, or simply not agreeing with the looney tunes. And since those people have jobs, and guns. You will be outmanned, outgunned, and outmaneuvered at every turn. I feel sorry for you. I really do. You are wasting your youth and college years living in a fantasy world. It is going to hurt like hell when reality kicks you in the fucking teeth after graduation.

Keep fighting the insanity people. Troll with the grace of snakes. Use facts, logic, and reason to wither their armor of ignorance into dust. Ignore their bullshit. Fuck their pronouns. But most importantly. Don't use violence. Don't use hatred. Just present the facts, and let their own stupidity destroy them from the inside.

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