Real Hope and Change in 2013

So. Yeah. With this new year I've begun to feel very differently about things. I don't think I'm any less than I was, or that I've decided to hug trees and wear Birkenstock sandals and smoke weed. Sorry, not my scene. But I realized I'm also not opposed to people who do. I'm not opposed to gay marriage, or abortion in some respects. I have disagreements with people over the function and usage of these ideals, but not the basic premise.

All people should have the right to be in a civil union and have the same rights. But I believe that the "sacrament of holy matrimony" or marriage as defined by the church is a valid religious concern and should not be subject to scrutiny by the gay community. I also feel that the Christians need to separate themselves from the secular definition of marriage as defined by the states.

In regards to abortion, I will not deny a woman's right to choose, I do however have a strong disagreement as to why we need abortion and what it is currently used primarily for. only about 1% of all abortions are because of rape, incest, or medical necessity, that leaves 99% of abortions as elective for numerous mundane reasons. This means that in general abortion is being used as a violent form of birth control. As a father of two very unique daughters, and one unique son I know that the moment of their conception is what made them who they are, and it was those unique circumstances that brought them into my life.

Conception can only lead to a human being, and therefore, regardless of whether or not a brain is formed, or the fetus feels pain in those early stages, it is still a human being, and you have chosen to bring it into the world through accident, or carelessness; and have now decided to end it's existence without just as much carelessness. Congratulations you hold the power of life and death over a pea sized pre-born human being who didn't ask to be created, and also has no say in his untimely demise.

So now that you understand my objections to the two most heated topics of the day, let me get back to the reason for this post. A lot of my earlier posts were tinged with a lot of hate and righteous indignation. Since the inception of this blog my mood has been tempered by many factors, and because of this I've decided to make a few changes.

The most significant change will be the general intention of this blog. I no longer support the majority of conservative representatives in office today. I also oppose most liberal congressmen as well. I've decided that to change the system we need a totally new system; and to do that we need a new way of thinking. We need to bring people together to think about how we can live with the maximum amount of freedom, with the least government intrusion, and the most balanced form of government regulation necessary to protect people from large corporate entities that are unscrupulous and whose practices pose a threat the the health of the citizenry.

I will be focusing on human issues, and how the government is either helping or hindering those human issues. I will be looking at ways to effectively change government from without, and arm the people with knowledge to keep them safe from government intrusion. I will not be posting articles specifically on how to keep the cops from finding your weed stash hidden in your car. While I think pot should be legal, right now it isn't so your on your own brothers and sisters. I will however tell you facts related to law and how to best defend yourself against bad doobies in the government and police department.

This will be a big task for me, separating the facts in the law books, from the convoluted nonsense of the 'sovereign' citizen and the 4th amendment card holders who are well intentioned, but sometimes woefully misinformed. I am not a lawyer or a constitutional scholar, but I hope over the coming months I will become as near to both to be able to serve you well and arm you with correct and accurate information.

I have been running this blog for nearly three and a half years now and regardless of where life takes me, I will continue to write in it even if it it only to satisfy my own needs when the rest of the world has stopped reading or caring. This is one of my favorite outlets, and I'm so glad that I have started this particular journey.

I am trying to reconcile my minds deepest conflict, the one where half of my mind is telling me that we are all one energy and can live in harmony with the universe, and the other that tells me that, you can spout all the consciousness you want, but if you try that shit in Iran you'll probably get strung up from a lamppost, and that's not a joke, it's reality. So I'm going to focus on the folks who want to hear a positive message, even if some of them are convinced that they can radiate enough love to make psychopathic dictators give up their evil ways and embrace sustainable farming.

We are all unique and beautiful, but some of us are stupid. My only hope is that I can make a few of you less stupid. Sorry if you think that's harsh, but I was born without a properly working filter in my brain so you will hear only the truth and the world as I see it. It might not be pretty, but we're really living in it, so you should see it for what is while still trying to focus on the beauty of it as well.

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