Four More Years Of Obama? We.Are.Doomed.

Tuesday was a sad day for America. Mitt Romney's fight for the White House came to a sad end, and the defeated Romney gave a quick, but optimistic speech. President Obama took the stage a little while later and  spewed forth the same tired lies that he has been vomiting up for the last four years. With the election behind us, what do we have to look forward to in Obama's second term?

Romney, in his concession speech gave an impassioned plea for unity and and an end to partisan bickering, something he proved he could do as governor of Massachusetts. Barack Obama called for civility when things got heated between his party and the Republicans. The Republicans agreed that this was a good idea, and of course Obama just went back to the divisive name calling almost immediately.

The giddy liberal media is now having a field day with Romney's defeat relishing in the pain that half the country feels. The most offensive post-election bile comes from second rate journalists trying to vent their frustration at the supposed actions of the Republicans over the last four years(ignoring their own presidents failings). The most common complaint is the 'NO' mentality of the Republicans, who according to the left were just itching to see the president fail, and were willing to fix it so that he did.

How did the Republicans sabotage the presidents plans, you say? Simple. They made sure that the Republican controlled congress didn't let anything through that was authored by Democrats. In actuality, there were many bipartisan bills offered up in addition to the hundreds of bills put up by Republicans in congress. What is interesting to note is not the amount of bills the congress rejected, but with the speed and violence with which the Senate rejected everything that got through.

It was painfully apparent that the Democrat controlled senate was more than willing to strike down anything that had a Republicans name on it, even if some of their own in the congress approved of it. After two years of using trickery and subterfuge to pass bills while controlling all three houses, they reverted to the ill everything approach to shut down the backlash that they were feeling for their first two years. The American people had spoken, and they were pissed. The Tea Party ignited a fire in the belly of Americans like none we've seen in many, many years.

The newly elected members of congress and the senate got to work doing(for once) the will of the people. They sought to reverse or repeal all of the wrongs that had been perpetrated on them by the unlawful Democrats. Most of those new bloods toiled tirelessly to see that happen, although a few were converted to money hungry republi-bots in short order. Their efforts were easily thwarted by the Democrat controlled Senate.

Now it looks like we can expect four more years of the same tired nonsense. I expect nothing but an enhanced sense of entitlement and an even more perfidious plan of attack than we saw before. With nothing to lose, I think Obama will steam ahead with all of the things he had to remain cautious about in his first term.

The systematic destruction of the private sector, the bleeding of the American economy to pay for so-called Green Energy companies that will fail to line the pockets of his biggest campaign donors, the enslavement of minorities and the middle-class with more hand-outs and the full implementation of Obamacare, and his desire to be a pandering pussy to dictators in the Middle-East which will ultimately lead to more destabilization with larger and possibly lethal trouble for our ally, Israel.

Mitt Romney did make a few mistakes in the early stages of his campaign, that I will admit. But he came back and proved to a lot of Americans that he was a good man, and he was serious about trying to help this country. We need someone who actually cares to take up residence in the White House.

What he have now is a cunning liar, who is trying to manipulate us like little children by offering us candy and warm-fluffy medicine to cure our wounds. It is all a deception. A grand illusion, presented by a master illusionist, and grand puppeteer. Duplicity in the shape of a man.

Make no mistake, Barack Obama is taking us all for a ride(and not in a shiny new Cadillac, in an old beat up Ford with no seats and holes in the floorboards, straight off of a cliff.)

There will be no reaching across the aisle. There will be no bipartisan love-ins on the floor of the house. And more importantly there will be no hope and change left when this administration is finished with us. All of this will sound like baseless drivel to the left, and I will surely be beaten by negative comments for posting it, but I spent four years trying to be fair and nice. To give the benefit of the doubt and to avoid sounding conspiratorial.

I've decided that I can't keep up that charade anymore. I am really angry right now at the thorough brainwashing this president has radiated across this once-great nation of ours. We have four years to wake up and stop our own destruction.

We need to wake-up and realize three things.
1.Barack Obama is an enemy of the United States.
2.Socialism is a failure, and it is now being force fed to us by this same president.
3.Our continued freedom depends on our ability to recognize a threat, to arm our minds against it, and to take action by allowing the peoples vote to change the course of our country.

So please, get with your friends, neighbors, and elected officials and organize now! We have four years to prepare ourselves. In 2016, we will elect a Republican president, we will reclaim the senate, and we will save this country from the clutches of wicked men.

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