Sandra Fluke and the Contraception Debate

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I'd like to apologize for my earlier post about Sandra Fluke. I am not apologizing to her, but to my readers, who may have been expecting something more substantial and less inflammatory. This situation started out many months ago with the Obama Administrations egregious attack on Christianity in the form of unconstitutional health care mandates. The legislation in question, a tendril of the all-destructive dung pile unaffectionately  known as ObamaCare. While it has been clear that this legislation was overreaching and convoluted, the length and jargon of the text of this bill is brain melting and incomprehensible to even most lawyers.

We have seen the problems in small doses as parts of the bill slowly go into effect. New legislation is implemented on the foundations of ObamaCare and we now see quite clearly how volatile the Obama administration can be. Under the guise of fair and equal healthcare for all, the imperial federal government of Obamastan has launched an unconstitutional and idiotic attack on Christian institutions across the nation. I have worked quite a few places in my day, and there were some companies that simply didn't offer comprehensive health care. Some didn't offer vision or dental. Suddenly though, we need to force groups to offer services that go against their beliefs, and should anyone disagree than it is clear you are anti-female and a misogynist.

There are some glaring problems with this mandate that should be obvious to anyone with more than a 1st grade education. The first big problem is "separation of church and state" including religious organizations in a health care mandate that contains items the authors of the bill knew would incite a response from theses faith based institutions is infringing on those religious groups protections set forth in the constitution. Let's also not forget that if you attend or work for these very spiritual organizations you are probably yourself a Christian and would share the same beliefs as your employer/professor/etc, in turn you would not require the services demanded you receive in this bill. True, not all of the employees may hold the same beliefs, but it's a good bet that since this wasn't issue before, I doubt it will be an issue now.

The second problem with this is necessity. The administrations argument is that by denying these services, you are denying women essential and potentially life saving medicines/services. There are cases where birth control pills are used to regulate other female conditions, but most people need birth control to prevent pregnancy. Condoms perform a similar task, neither of which are essential health care services. You can choose to not engage in sexual intercourse without the fear that the lack of sex will endanger your health. Let us not forget that birth control is now available for a paltry 9 dollars a month on Wal-Mart's prescription drug discount list, and condoms are still only a few dollars per package. If you can't shell out 10 bucks a month, keep your pants on.

Sandra Fluke is a prime example of the reason this country is slowly going into the shitter. She seems to have big goals, she wants to be a lawyer, but somehow she isn't inventive enough to procure something as basic as a package of condoms and is demanding that the government do it for her. I know, she says law school is expensive, and she doesn't have the money. Go scrounging for return cans, sell some old jewelry, get a part time job as a waitress or some other menial task that pays you a wage. She could try prostitution, but I'm pretty sure most guys aren't looking for a woman with a 1970's Mike Donahue haircut and the face of an alter boy.(Well, I'm sure are a few guys out there with those kinds of fetishes.)

The most obnoxious element of this whole affair is that both Democrats and Republicans are eating it up. They are expending such great amounts of energy to try and solve this stupid issue that any hope of real work  in Washington getting done is effectively nil. Unfortunately Miss Fluke you simply can't have your cake and eat it too. Most women want the government out of their uterus as the feminists used to write on signs some years back, but somehow this involves allowing the government to provide these same women birth control so the lucky men who find their way into those uterus's don't get the women attached to them pregnant.

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