Obama wants Republicans Email Addresses for Campaign Prank, or Campaign Subterfuge?

Barack Obama

I'm no campaign strategist, but I think this little ploy by the Obama campaign is more sinister as it seems. There is a donation page up that asks you to have a little holiday fun at the expense of one of your Republican friends. When you donate, you input their name and email address and they will send them email saying how you(the recipient)inspired your friend to donate to Barack Obama's campaign for re-election.

Seems like it could be a funny holiday joke to play on your conservative friends. It's also a great way for the Obama campaign to get a hold of a large mailing list of Republican voters that they could later use to commit some campaign subterfuge. How about mass mailers from a fake conservative group begging all good conservatives to vote for Michelle Bachmann or Rick Santorum. Why would they do that?? Simple, to sabotage Mitt Romney's campaign. The Obama campaign is scared of a Mitt Romney nomination. If Romney gets the Republican nod, he is seen as a real threat to Obama's re-election chances. Maybe they'll be super sneaky and get everyone to vote for Ron Paul. Nah, that might backfire.

This could all be a lighthearted stunt, but with Democrats I refuse to take chances. If you must talk with your liberal friends this holiday season, get a throw-away email address. The only thing I hate more than spam, is welfare loving,big money spending, apologist, race baiting, two-faced, blame the other guy Democrat spam. Please don't send me anymore postcards in the mail, it leads to more Global Warming.

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