SEIU to Collapse Economy, Overthrow Government

It appears the left has decided that the best way to overcome the power of the Tea Party  movement is to steal non-existent tactics that the left claim the Tea Party  movement employs, and use those fictional tactics to destabilize the economy and overthrow the United States government. During a March 19th forum, members of the SEIU(You know those union people who like to attack and berate black people for fun?)laid out a plan to destabilize the US economy by staging mass strategic defaults on mortgage and student loans, civil disobedience, strikes, disruption of shareholder meetings and large-scale protests.

Wait. Didn't we already have mass defaults on mortgages and student loans, civil disobedience, and strikes? The first was a direct result of Democratic tomfoolery that led to the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the second is what liberals call the third. e.g. I got an education, and now I will not pay off my student loans in an act of civil disobedience. The strikes are what happens when overpaid brats that make outrageous claims like "We're teachers!" and "A labor contract isn't a contract at all, it's a right." The left is horrible at staging  large scale protests as evidenced by the "One Nation Rally" and the "Rally to Restore Sanity." They didn't get nearly the numbers similar Tea Party events garnered, but boy could those hippies really throw garbage everywhere.

Now it seems the union thugs have decided the time is right to rally the troops, foment dissent, and have a good old fashioned revolt. Essentially they want to attack financial institutions while trying to make Wall Street tank with mass mortgage defaults. I could go into details about all of their plans, but I want to focus on the basic idea, and not bore you with all of the vile, anti-American lunacy that runs through the minds of socialist moonbats.

What are these Union screwballs trying to accomplish? A complete collapse of the American economy. Than what? Probably overthrow the government and install a socialist dictatorship. Sounds like things we have seen happen in history before, or the plot of a Tom Clancy Novel. It all sounds far fetched and fictional, right? Well not if your in the SEIU. The fact that someone could stand up in front of a crowd of people and nonchalantly explain that destroying the economy of the country you live in to make a point, or gain power is a reasonable course of action, is insane.

The actions of groups like Code Pink and the SEIU are clear indicators that the left is so frustrated with the success and effectiveness of the grassroots conservative movements in this country; and at the failures of their own community organizing efforts, that they are slowly losing their grip on reality, and willing to adopt the tactics that they claim to loathe. This is nothing new, the left enjoy wallowing in their own hypocrisy, and than accusing the right of all the things that they believe in, but refuse to acknowledge, and use subterfuge to hide.

I guess they point I am trying to make here is that the left are having a collective nervous breakdown and the American people, and our way of life are going to suffer greatly unless these malfunctioning units are given a very large dose of Conservative Prozac. I will be more than happy to administer the first dose. Does Prozac come in suppository form???

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