Paladino Memo to Dean Skelos

Tax Payers – Fight for Tax Relief
The Tax Payers Of New York Have Had Enough
The NYS politicians are once again preparing to pass a budget that maintains the status quo. The Tax Payers can’t let that happen – we must present our own proposal for tax payer relief
As you know, Carl Paladino has been relentless in his views on New York’s budget process. Below is his memo to Skelos – the senate majority leader. It is telling the republicans not to fold under Cuomo’s pressure. Cuomo’s Budget is the usual smoke and mirrors – it will NOT give NY tax payers ANY tax relief. In fact, it will result in higher taxes through “NEW” local and county taxes. (Read Carl’s full Press Release & Memo below)
We are preparing for a march to Albany – the New York Tax Payers will be presenting a Tax Payers budget proposal that includes Carl’s recommendations. This time the New York Tax Payers will be heard.
Please read the memo and pass this along to every New York Tax Payer you can. 
Note: the media and hypocrites lie and slander Carl at every turn of the road. Carl is a no nonsense guy that tells it like it is. They fear the truth. Carl’s selfless courage to keep talking and continuing to take the bullets with nothing in it for himself proves it was, and is, Paladino For The People – pure and simple. Don’t believe the propaganda – Carl is a genuine all around good man and his ideas are the real deal for the taxpaying public. Please read below and support Carl’s hard working efforts to help US. Please get the facts straight and defend Carl and join us.
“Citizens 4 a Better New York”:
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Please pass this message on to all New Yorkers
MARCH 18, 2011 REV #3
Dean, you are no longer just the Senate Majority Leader. You are the taxpayer’s “opposition” to the Cuomo/Silver cabal charged, as an experienced warrior negotiating from power, to attack the status quo. Below is a link to your interview with Liz Benjamin last week. It was not inspiring.
The taxpayers want jobs and big cuts in spending and taxes, which will help job retention and growth. They don’t care about getting a budget by April 1. The people struggled to give you a Senate majority. If the Senate doesn't change the status quo now, it won’t get another chance and we will lose it in 2012. 
The $10 billion concocted deficit was actually more like $3 billion. With the bar on expected achievements [devoid of real tax cuts] set so low by the press and without any significant or organized opposition coming from any source and especially the Senate, Cuomo has created the perfect setting where he can’t lose. With a little smoke and mirrors and an easy buy in by the Senate he will resolve the deficit and be a hero for not raising taxes. The taxpayer will get the status quo and more agony. The tail is wagging the dog. You said to Liz that the Senate budget knocked a few bucks off of Cuomo's budget and you appear to want to call it a day. 
New York taxpayers are fed up with being the highest spending and taxed State in the nation by almost 100% over the national average. Reducing spending and taxes and removing debilitating regulation creates jobs. A few months ago to win the election Cuomo said he was the only true agent of change, would upset the status quo, downsize government and confront the unions that have mortgages on our future generations. We knew it was all hollow rhetoric and he was the ultimate conman. If he were to change the status quo he would alienate the entitlement and union cabal that he needs to get elected president. 
You have the unique opportunity at the perfect time to expose the fraud of the Cuomo/Silver culture, which nips around the edges of the salient issues. Your conference can expose his vague and phony budget and solve many of the other issues addressed below. By showing support for the executive budget when announced it appeared you were dancing the Albany 2 step with Cuomo but the taxpayer waited in patient but heightened anticipation for the Republican Conference's budget which they expected to severely attack the status quo and many of the essential issues described below. 
When your conference finally presented its budget it was sickening. They are throwing the taxpayers under the bus. Nothing has changed. Secret and suspect “three men in a room” meetings are not the transparency the people expect. Staging debate and acrimony while cutting deals and piecing off members in the back room is theater. The Senate has the awesome responsibility to confront the demons and protect the taxpayers’ interests but appears ready to throw in the towel.
You told Liz that both Cuomo and Silver are opposed to withdrawing the Triborough Amendment and it would be a waste of time going through the motions. Not true. Binding arbitration expires this year and it is the hammer you need to rescind Triborough and reform pensions. 
I gave you a roadmap for reform in the attached "TURN ALBANY UPSIDE DOWN" memo. You have the power to implement many of the reforms addressed therein. Cuomo/Silver can’t do anything without the Senate. The Senate must use all of its powers to the fullest to implement change. If Cuomo/Silver don't agree to reasonable change the taxpayers say let the government shut down except for critical services. It's that bad.
You have the once in a lifetime opportunity to use the power that the people gave to the Senate Republican Conference to fulfill dreams, keep promises, protect the family fabric, rid the state of the parasitic culture that has overcome Albany and stop the feeding frenzy at the public trough. 
Remember those dreams you had as a younger man that you could leave a lasting mark and legacy. You can lead New York State to a better day. Do not forget that it is only in the budget process that you have the leverage to affect real change. Cuomo/Silver will tell you that they will deal with the important issues after the budget because then you will have no leverage to force change. The taxpayers don’t particularly care how long it takes to get a budget. This is your opportunity to show real leadership and get the job you are paid to do done.
I am sending a copy of this memo to all members of the Senate Republican Conference, Republican and Conservative County and State Chairs, the Assembly Republican Conference and key Tea Party coordinators throughout the state among others. I suggest you and your conference consider the organization of a rally in Albany at the kickoff announcement of the Senate Republican revised budget which we would need to circulate in advance.
Here are a few particulars the Senate should adopt in a revised Republican Senate Conference Budget:

1.] demand full transparency and disclosure. No three men in a room secret meeting between principals or staff. Insist that the taxpayer be able to look in the window at all deal making sessions.

2.] bring focus on issues that directly affect job retention and growth. 
3.] address:
a. the financial and mandate burdens your budget places on local governments and school districts 
b. the rescission of the MTA payroll tax. 
c. Medicaid optional benefit cuts, the $10 billion/year of fraud, waste and abuse, withdrawal of the delegation of authority to the executive branch to implement rules for application or administration of benefits without specific legislation.
d. cuts in State agency and authority personnel not only to save cost but to actually become efficient and productive and do away with political and unnecessary jobs.
e. school and school services consolidation, downsizing the bloated and unnecessary State Education Department, restoring curriculum mandated to the local districts, rescission of 3020 a] of the education law and rescission of the Taylor Law for teachers. Who cares in the 21st century if they strike? We can put National Guard or other monitors in schools during strikes to alleviate the burdens on parents.
f. freezing all hiring for newly created positions and wages in State governments including state agencies and authorities and all local governments and school districts.
g. immediate reform of pensions to defined contribution plans for all exempt employees in local and State governments as proposed by Assemblyman Mike Fitzpatrick.
h. extension of binding arbitration for only critical including first responder State and local government employees after they agree to the rescission of Triborough and conversion of pension plans to defined contribution.
I. repeal of the taxpayer punishing Wick's Law. 
j. the sale of unneeded prisons to private operators to give surplus corrections officers a job. 
k. significant reduction or elimination of business taxes on manufacturing, creative and high tech industries including the New York State Corporation Franchise Tax and the minimum tax on small businesses.
l. eliminating green and other such general and selective subsidies.

m. merging the Thruway Authority and other bridge and transportation authorities including the MTA with DOT.
n. raising non-resident tuitions at SUNY to the actual cost of the education and enacting strict residency requirements. 
o. implementation of the Lundine report recommendations for consolidation of local governments and districts.
p. consolidation of State government its agencies and authorities. 
q. implementation of tort, workers comp and malpractice reform. 

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