Code Pink Calls For The Death Of Clarence Thomas and Fox News Execs.

Andrew Breitbart immersed himself in a crowd of Code Pink protesters and gathered video footage of some of the most hate-filled morons ever to be birthed spewing violent rhetoric that goes above beyond anything the left has ever falsely accused the Tea Party of being responsible for. Assassination, lynching, dismemberment, and a return to slavery were all part of the love-in at the recent “Uncloaking the Kochs” rally in Palm Springs.

Clarence Thomas was a target. Protesters shouted that Thomas should be "put back in the fields." and gracefully described him as a "Dumb-Shit Scumbag." This same Protester proclaimed that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito should "Go back to Sicily." A pleasant young woman in the audience said that Clarence Thomas should have his fingers and toes cut off, and that he should be force-fed the dismembered digits.

It was clear from the video footage that at least some in the crowd were high, including an elderly woman who claimed to be armed with two pistols, one a glock, and that she was waiting on Glenn Beck to take her up on her challenge to have a duel. The footage goes on to show more protesters wishing all sorts of ills on Justice Thomas, his wife, and justice Antonin Scalia. Again some of these protesters are clearly high and as such are willing to say things that sober people would not be stupid enough to exclaim.

The most interesting part of the video is in the first 30 seconds where there is some priceless footage of a woman claiming that the hatred and violence in this country is all the fault of the "racist Tea Party". I guess no one told her it's a bad idea to call conservative minded Americans "racist" in a crowd of white liberals shouting racially charged hatred at a sitting Federal Judge. Code Pink is famous for doing incredibly stupid things. Apparently the  calls for lynchings, murder, and bodily mutilation were not enough for these moonbats. Some of them decided to go to Egypt and chill with the protesters there as well.

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I heard one pink woman challenge Beck to a duel, but other than that it's a real stretch. Lame try.
Nobody said…
You are clearly deaf to the hypocrisy and hatred of the racist Democrat party. No stretch of the imagination is needed. It's in black and white..oh excuse me, it's in white.