Friday, February 25, 2011

Paladino Rips In To Donn Esmonde

To:                   Donn Esmonde

Copy To:            Everybody

From:               Carl Paladino

Date:                February 24, 2011

Re:                   Your idiocy

            You are bi-polar and the lapdog of Stan Evans and Stan Lipsey. 

You constantly write about how we don't need parking downtown and should support mass transit but you drive to work from North Buffalo everyday and park in your private parking lot on State land set aside specially by the Thruway Authority for Stan Lipsey.

            You go on and on about promoting tourism and the cultural heritage of our area.  Then you insult and attack our largest export partners because one of your bartender friends didn't get a tip. We would not have the Sabres but for our Canadian friends and you certainly don't speak for our community.

            You express total shock and disgust when Chris Lee has a bad day.  You're a hypocrite. You should have learned long ago that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, because even you have another side which some of us are well aware of. 

            You write over 35 articles bashing Bass Pro, Larry Quinn and the Canal Side plan in our city's only newspaper and dribble on that it's the will of the people when a bunch of do-nothing blowhards bring a frivolous lawsuit against the project. Your short memory blames Bass Pro for backing out when in fact it was the ultimatum of our city's incompetent congressman Brian Higgins and the silly living wage nonsense in City Hall that put Johnny Morris's back to the wall, 30 days out from a final deal. 
Why don't you just say to the people that you were instructed by the sneaky and spineless Stan Lipsey to kill the Bass Pro deal because Lipsey doesn't want the project next to his building?  Conflict?  Deja Vous?  It sounds like the domed football stadium deal when Mrs. Butler pushed it out of downtown?  Mark my words that the one-acre hole in the ground 3 stories deep will still be there 10 years from now. 

            Lipsey's career is over.  He's washed up.  He has no legacy.  He now has his ace reporter Jim [the worm] Heaney all in a fluster ordered to defame and write more trash on me.  That's typical Lipsey.  He can't dig himself out of this hole because I don't particularly care what he wants to print and the people see right through it anyhow.  The people in this community despise him and his rag newspaper.
           Maybe you should take a break Donn. All the pressures of being the "voice of Buffalo" throughout Buffalo's years of decline must take its toll. Time means nothing to you and you are clueless of what our community needs.  You're on your way out as your paper works its way to extinction.   And by the way, tell Heaney to crawl back under his rock.   

Andrew Cuomo's Medicaid Fraud

By:Carl Paladino

Did anyone in the press notice the theater being played out by Andrew Cuomo and Sheldon Silver regarding Medicaid reform. They don’t want the Medicaid spigot turned off. The entitlement people are 99% democrat and they will vote for Cuomo for President. The professionals tell us that the fraud, waste and abuse in Medicaid costs the taxpayers $5 to $10 billion per year. You can apply by phone and there is no longer an asset test, which means that even though you have a million dollars in the bank that you inherited from grandma, if your income is only $25,000/yr you are eligible. Non-residents come to New York everyday to get costly medical procedures and no Liz, we are not 100% higher than the national average in cost per capita, we are 100% higher than the next highest state.

First Cuomo announced a commission to study how we can cut Medicaid costs but he appointed to it mainly stakeholder representatives [where were the county Medicaid representatives who deal with the problems everyday and know where the bodies are hidden?] There was no one on the commission for the taxpayers. Cuomo’s Medicaid guy was the chair. Cuomo then announced in his budget that the commission must find $2.85 billion to balance his budget and solve the deficit. We are the highest cost state in the union in spending and taxes, double the national average. Solving the deficit with smoke and mirrors means we will still suffer the status quo.

The commission asked for suggestions and received many. They had a couple of meetings, generally discussed issues and advised staff {Cuomo’s people} to study and report back on what was achievable. They targeted this past Thursday to next Monday for meetings, vetting issues, discussions, etc. so their report could be submitted on time next week.

They showed up Thursday afternoon and were given 79 recommendations to study and then told to vote to approve all the issues at 4:00. There was no discussion, vetting or transparency. The commission of stakeholders was intimidated into voting for broad-brush recommendations for legislation to allow bureaucrats wide discretion to set out new rules, which may result in cost savings. As stakeholders, they were not about to confront the edict of the commission chair who will be making decisions on their personal issues so they all just put their tails between their legs and went home. Three legislators, apparently having an enlightened moment that they were being used, abstained saying the vote was rushed and they didn’t know what they were voting on. That was as much courage as there would be in Albany on Thursday.

The report only came up with $2.3 billion in vague cuts that a democratic legislator admitted were nebulous at best and certainly not achievable in the first year. Andrew Cuomo has admitted that the $10 billion deficit is a concoction. The real number is much less. Cuomo is playing with words and numbers because he can. The press just wants to hug and cuddle with him and the Republican Senate apparently just can’t find the words. Will they stand tall and pursue spending and tax cuts to save jobs and start to turn the state around? Will they speak up and expose Cuomo’s budget for the fraud that it is?

Paladino Slams Cuomo, Hevesi, and Rattner

FEBRUARY 25, 2011
In the 2010 New York gubernatorial debate AG Andrew Cuomo declared, “If you break the law, you will go to jail.” Well, I don’t think so.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s personal financial advisor and Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver’s fundraiser Steve Rattner bribed a relative of a state official and Henry "Hank" Morris, bagman for disgraced State Comptroller Alan Hevesi, to obtain $150 million in state pension funds for investment. Despite his admission that Rattner took the Fifth Amendment 65 times while being questioned by his office, Cuomo gave Rattner immunity from criminal prosecution to testify in the Grand Jury. In December 2010, Cuomo civilly sued Rattner. Cuomo and Rattner then created the illusion of acrimony between them to set up the press and people for the fix.
On his last day as AG, Cuomo as prosecutor, judge and jury settled with Rattner for a $10 million fine {one tenth of his annual income) and a five-year prohibition from dealing with the Comptroller, allowing him to continue to bribe other state officials. The quid pro quo appears to include Bloomberg's endorsement in the election and future considerations from Sheldon Silver.

The pay-to-play pension fund probe also snared multi-million dollar lobbyist Patricia Lynch a/k/a the "bag lady", former top aide and confidant to Sheldon Silver. Lynch bought "preferred access" to the Comptroller with gifts, favors and campaign contributions enabling her steer State Pension fund investments to her clients.

New Yorkers didn’t know Lynch was under investigation until Cuomo, again playing prosecutor, judge and jury, announced in December that he settled for a $500,000 fine and a five-year ban from dealing with the Comptroller's office allowing her to offer "gratuities" elsewhere in State Government. Shelly Silver was the first to endorse Cuomo after he announced.

For our shallow press it was a one-day story. No one questioned a process that allows one person to make such ominous decisions without scrutiny. To this day the public does not know the facts of the Lynch case.

Cuomo’s career as a fixer started at HUD when, over the objection of the HUD Inspector General, he let Andrew Farkas skate on criminal charges and jail time with a penalty equal only to the amount he stole. Cuomo’s quid pro quo was a $1 million “consulting fee” from Farkas after he left HUD.

Hevesi, the sole trustee of the $130 billion Public Employee Pension Fund, and the most trusted officer in State government took over $1 million in known bribes for investing heavily in corrupt investment firms. The investigation netted many conspirators, with Hevesi at the top of the food chain.
Needing an election boost candidate Cuomo made a plea deal where Hevesi would serve no jail time in return for his "cooperation" with prosecutors. The New York Law Journal boldly wrote: [see Paladino for the People website], and later altered on their website, that Cuomo’s Hevesi deal required no jail time. Hevesi pled guilty October 7, 2010 and awaits sentencing now scheduled for March 10, 2011.

The AGs "sentencing recommendation" and the pre-sentence probation report have not yet been submitted. This is Hevesi's second felony conviction. Considering the facts known to the general public, Hevesi, as with Hank Morris, was undercharged with an E instead of a C felony. To recommend no jail time for “cooperation” from the man at the top of the food chain is a travesty beyond comprehension. What could he possibly be cooperating with if he was the central target of the investigation? Last week Hon. Lewis Bart Stone, JSC, sentenced Hank Morris who took over $19 million in bribes to the maximum 4 years for an E-Felony. He will be out in only 16 months.

AG Schneiderman must ask Judge Stone to reject the plea and recharge Hevesi with a C felony to make an example of the man who so boldly violated the public trust and to send a clear message to other state officials who might be tempted.

Charles Rangel received a little slap on the wrist from Nancy Pelosi and then mocked Congress. Cuomo arbitrarily gave him a pass on clear evidence of fraud and income tax evasion after attending a party in Rangel’s honor and getting caught trying to sneak out the back door.

Cuomo rejected the Inspector General’s referral of the Aqueduct scandal where leaders of the State Senate and other officials took bribes. The matter embarrassed Cuomo. His revenge was swift. On January 1, 2011 he replaced the man who so bravely went after the establishment's corruption with the Deputy Attorney General who handled the Rattner, Lynch, Hevesi and Morris “deals”.

All pigs are equal but some pigs [like Rangel, Rattner, Morris, Lynch and Hevesi] are more equal than others. Why? Just connect the dots. They are complicit with the parasitic ruling class, became careless gaming the system, got caught, know too much and might weaken in the face of imprisonment and seek to spill the beans on others in the friends and family club. Cuomo fixes the deal and in return gets endorsements and money from club members at election time for keeping the boys out of jail and the establishment and status quo alive and well in Albany.

Cuomo has breached the authority of his office, his oath of office and the public trust.

Remember, "If you break the law, you will go to jail."

Monday, February 21, 2011

Buffalo News Is A Propaganda Machine. By Mike Madigan

The Buffalo News Employs Powerful Propaganda Methods to Push Political Agenda
By: Mike Madigan
The Buffalo News has again breached trust by placing an opinion piece on its front page above the fold and packaging it as a legitimate news story. The story was written by its propaganda and persuasion expert Jerry Zremski.

The Buffalo News is the primary printed news source for the Buffalo Area. Based on this monopoly for the printed news, The Buffalo News must be trusted not to inject propaganda and persuasion techniques on its readers to push its own political agenda, it has breached this trust. Below is a case summary of an article by Jerry Zremski where the Buffalo News and Zremski once again breach that trust:
On the front page above the fold The Buffalo News published on February 18, 2011 " GOP's bill to cut budget would hit WNY hard – Funding for state, city, UB imperiled by House push” By Jerry Zremski -This headline starts right out with an opinion and spin that belongs in the editorial section and not on a legitimate and unbiased newspaper front page.
  • A majority of those in WNY believe that lack of such cuts in the past has already hit WNY hard and devastated its once prosperous manufacturing base. This majority would believe that failure to make such cuts currently may actually have an even greater impact on its residents than the impact of making no cuts as Zremski suggests.
Zremski employs many of the classic methods of persuasion and propaganda in this article such as:
  • Zremski starts by suggesting the defunding of a luxury high speed rail (that is only a concept) will hit WNY hard. He omits the fact that it would have no impact currently in terms of jobs and the economy since it is only a concept.

  • Zremski claims the city of Buffalo and University at Buffalo would be “imperiled” by the loss of millions without detailing what programs would be impacted and how this creates any such peril as he claims. The lack of substance and details suggest these funds would be hard to justify so he chose not to list them. Omission of facts is a method employed for persuasion and propaganda as in this case. A legitimate news story must show the readers the facts and data so they can decide if these programs warrant funding and whether there truly is any impact or peril associated with their loss as Zremski strongly claims.

  • Zremski uses shock and awe by calling the relatively tepid proposed $60B cut as being massive and seeks to incite a negative response from readers against the cut. If a $60B cut in spending is massive then what term should be assigned to the 2011 $1.4 trillion deficit?
    • To place this $1.4 trillion deficit in context, the total amount of income taxes collected in 2010 was less than $1 trillion. The only thing massive is the fact that the taxpaying public would have to increase their tax payments by 140% for 1 full year to pay it back. For every $1000 in income tax paid by the taxpayer an additional $1400 would be required to pay back this debt in 2011 alone (that is truly disturbing and massive).

  • Zremski next employs the tried and true propaganda method of suggesting “local youngsters” would be impacted (think of the children…) and in this same paragraph he refers to the defunding of abortion counseling as “defunding family planning”. The lack of details again prevent readers from being able to determine if taxpayer funding is warranted and whether it would impact WNY or imperil it as he suggests.
  • Zremski carefully selects certain quotes, words and phrases throughout his editorial to support his position and these selections are forms of propaganda and corrosive persuasion methods. These quotes, words and phrases are designed to incite fear, insecurity and to persuade the reader to take action in support of the writer’s position. Such methods do not belong in a legitimate news story and do not belong on the front page of a legitimate newspaper. Zremski is The Buffalo News expert in these persuasion and propaganda methods.
Quotes, phrases and words used for impact:
  • “…hit WNY Hard”,
  • “ …Imperil”
  • House Republicans' hard line on spending”.
  • and it will happen all at once
  • massive”,
  • Republicans first stab at controlling…”
  • Research cuts could gravely harm the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus”
  • huge cut”
  • The American people are not looking to completely cripple the federal government and leave the nation to the corporate elite,"
The above quotes and phrases were used to persuade and maximize the impact to the reader. They convey the perception of rashness in action and lack of responsibility in those actions. This was Zremski’s objective, to push his and The Buffalo News’ political opinion and agenda.
  • Zremski suggested there was a debate in his article but employed the tried and true persuasion method of presenting and re-enforcing only one side of the argument which thereby suggests that the other side of the debate is not valid or worthy of review. Zremski’s phrases and wording targeted the Republicans and sought to delegitimize them and their position.
    • Zremski does nothing to discuss the fact that current deficits and out of control spending is not sustainable, as stated Thursday by the Fed Chairman, and that the growing debt crises impact may far exceed the impact these cuts may have on WNY residents.
    • Zremski’s omissions are glaring throughout this editorial and reveal his bias.
Local representatives and leaders from all parties should act in the best interests of their constituents and demand that The Buffalo News conform to journalistic standards. The News must discontinue pushing its political agenda and return to accurate, factual reporting of the news. Save the spin and propaganda for the editorial and opinion page where it belongs. 
The fact that The Buffalo News is a monopoly in the Buffalo market it must behave ethically and responsibly. Failure to follow appropriate journalistic standards by the News should warrant further action up to and including dissolution and replacement if necessary. 
The following is the link to the referenced article:
For more information regarding the reform movement (all parties welcome) please visit the following sites:
For constituents from all parties that seek to interact with, support and hold their elected representatives accountable to their commitments please visit and join:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Carl Paladino Turn Albany Upside Down

February 14, 2011
Press Release
From Carl P. Paladino

(Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Budget is Unacceptable)

We don’t want to believe that the policies articulated in the executive budget by “new born conservative” Andrew Cuomo are essentially the same old liberal elitist smoke and mirror game of the Albany insider establishment but, unfortunately, that is the case. It’s all rhetoric.
Cuomo’s target is only to resolve the deficit, which will result in the status quo, which means we are still the highest spending and taxing state per capita and the least attractive state for job retention and growth in America. The people want a cost productive, efficient, apolitical government serving only them. Contracting with his father as a consultant is symbolic of how he and the elitist ruling class are addicted to feeding at the public trough.
Texas has no state income tax. Property taxes and utility costs are a fraction of those here. They don’t regulate their businesses to death. Texas created 500,000 new jobs over the past five years. New York lost 280,000 last year. New Yorkers won’t be appeased with a half loaf. They demand and will get a better place to live and work.

Cuomo talks the talk emphasizing key words, which are interpreted by a shallow, uninformed and disinterested press eat it hook, line and sinker. Unfortunately, the “accepting” press won’t challenge the status quo and fails to connect the dots for the people.

We teach our children to preserve the family fabric; honor and care for their parents and grandparents who will teach their grandchildren lessons a parent can’t teach. We suffer their ups and downs in life and sadly after graduation we must tell them to go elsewhere for a job to fulfill their dreams. Meanwhile, Uncle John has one of those no show political patronage jobs. People can't connect the dots.

Special interests control our government. The political class feeds off that reality. All people are special but some are more special than others.

The executive budget is shallow and fails to address issues critical to putting New York on a path competitive for job retention and growth. It doesn’t call for cutting any taxes. It then should at least call for tort reform, workers compensation and malpractice reform, which will save taxpayers and businesses billions in premiums. New Yorkers didn't vote for the most liberal social welfare system in the world. Cuomo calls for less than $1 billion in Medicaid cuts because he knows that 99 percent of those on entitlements will register and vote as Democrats.
The progressive political culture revolves around access, political jobs and favors without regard for values, vision and competent leadership. They act entitled because we sadly have let them act that way.
Resolving the deficit does not address salient change of status quo issues into the budget process where the Governor uniquely has the final say under our executive strong Constitution. He can shut the government down April 1, 2011. Saying Cuomo’s budget is the beginning or a step in the right direction is the same old “change comes slowly” establishment rhetoric, unacceptable in a State falling into the abyss at a staggering pace.

Cuomo’s staff of “experienced” Albany insiders are pros at gaming the system. They wrote the book. The press admired Cuomo’s vague budget summaries with big numbers and big words. There is no line-by-line budget, no plan for transparency, no defined effort to fire a political patronage class holding jobs that have no real function, no plan to actually allow the people to look in the window of the real decision making meetings and no rejection of three men in a room and restoration of a Constitutional government.

Cuomo fails miserably. It is what is not said in his budget that is glaring. But, didn’t he say he was for “change?" He pledged not to take campaign contributions in excess of $10,000. He then changed his mind. He said, “If you commit a crime you will go to jail.” He didn’t mean it. He didn’t send to jail Andrew Farkas, Steve Rattner, Pat Lynch, Charles Rangel or, if the judge follows Cuomo's recommendation, Alan Hevesi, who held the most trusted office in the state and took over $1 million in bribes.

We must stop the flight from New York of our middle class and educated youth now, not on a 20-year plan. The people want their government grounded, honest and strong. They want hope.

Cuomo proposes:

1) To eliminate "with as few layoffs of State workers as possible" (including attrition) a maximum 11,000 jobs. The Paterson administration ordered a “hard” hiring freeze in State government on June 30, 2008 declaring that only “absolutely essential” positions be filled but nevertheless hired 51,464 people, many in high paying jobs, at a cost to taxpayers of more than $1 billion,

2) A 2% cap to slow the rate of increase in local government spending, [rather than cut spending and taxes] which, after Sheldon Silver finishes the Albany two step will have loopholes that you can sail an aircraft carrier through. Cuomo will tell us how necessary it was to compromise, kicking the reform can further down the road,

3) To have 733 local school districts find $2.85 Billion (the State education funding savings is actually $1.54 Billion) instead of assisting the School Districts by:
a] Consolidating operations and administration or in some cases entire districts,
b] Freezing compensation, forcing pension reform and rescinding the Taylor law for teachers,
c] Cutting the out of control and bloated State Education Dept. where faceless progressive minded bureaucrats arbitrarily impose ill conceived and irresponsible unfunded mandates, against the will of the people,

4) To freeze the pay of state workers but neglects to:
a] Freeze all-hiring,
b] Freeze State contributions to health and other benefits of State workers,
c] Freeze the pay and benefits of workers in Authorities, local government and school districts,

5) Nothing to even address specific goals in reform of State pensions,

6) Nothing to change the pensions of exempt public employees including political appointees of the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. These employees number approximately 25 percent of all State Agency, Authority and local government employees whose pensions are not protected by Constitutional language. A change from the present defined benefit to a defined contribution plan as proposed by Assemblyman Mike Fitzpatrick would be critical to any effort to cajole the unions to follow suit in contract negotiations for State contracts that expire in April, 2011,

7) Nothing to recognize that binding arbitration under the Taylor Law expires in April 2011 and the question of extension will be an effective tool in:
a] Convincing Union leaders to waive their Constitutional right to the defined benefit pension plan that soon will bankrupt New York,
b] Compelling arbitration by the judiciary rather than the ultra liberal Cornell educated PERB arbitrators who have a history of throwing the taxpayers under the bus,
c] Rescinding the taxpayer busting Triborough Amendment "continuation of terms" requirement,

8) Nothing about amending the Taylor Law to cover only State and local first responders, correction officers and other such critical personnel (who cares if other non-critical government agency and authority workers chose to strike),

9) To lower Medicaid spending [$53 billion last year] by only $2.5 billion [which year over year is actually less than $1 billion] still maintaining the most expensive such program in the world by a margin 100 percent higher per capita than the next highest State and rejecting the will of the people who don’t want to:
a] Be the keeper of all the poor and disenfranchised of the world,
b] Pay the cost of medical procedures for non-residents
c] Pay for the waste, fraud and abuse, which accounts for $5 to $10 billion per year that Cuomo decided was insignificant and not deserving of more resources of the Attorney General’s office,
d] Allow delegation of legislative authority to bureaucrats who legislate by promulgating liberal progressive regulations that allows applicants to apply by phone without reasonable identification and without a means test of assets looking only to income,
e] Pay the cost of unnecessary ultra liberal optional benefits,

10) Nothing to abolish the $1 billion patronage ridden and corrupted Division of Housing and Community Renewal,

11) Nothing to merge the few effective activities of political agencies like the Adirondack Park Agency with the State Parks Department, the Corrections Commission with the Corrections Department or bring the wasteful and corrupt MTA back under State government control for a cleansing and restructuring, etc.,

12) Nothing to repeal the socialistic Wick's Law which punishes the taxpayer with additional costs of 25 to 50 percent to pay back the Trade Unions for their political financial support by requiring prevailing wages on all government contracts denying non-union contractors and tradesmen (80 percent of the trade workforce) the opportunity to compete in a market economy,

13) $100 Million to ease the transition for communities that will suffer the closure of prisons but doesn't speak to:
a] The sale of prisons to private prison operators as a new industry when prisons nationally are overcrowded,
b] A cleansing and restructuring of Corrections supervisory, administrative and professional personnel and waste in vehicles, housing, purchasing, payroll, health care services, etc.,

14) Nothing to pursue the reduction or elimination of business taxes on manufacturing, creative and high tech industries including the New York State Corporation franchise tax, and the New York State minimum tax on small businesses struggling to stay alive, which would equitably and fairly encourage an atmosphere conducive to job retention and growth by not spending over a billion dollars on:
a] Green subsidies supported by a small minority of irresponsible taxpayers,
b] Political patronage "development" personnel,
c] Empire and other such zones, Brownfield subsidies, NYSERTA subsidies and other such general and selective subsidies,

15) Nothing to eliminate the policy of rehiring retired employees on consulting contracts denying other State residents a job and costing the taxpayer for those who double dip,

16.) Nothing about merging the political N.Y. State Thruway Authority with DOT and the highly political, corrupt and twisted N.Y. Power Authority into the Economic Development Dept. which would save millions in political patronage, waste and redundant supervision and administration,

17] Nothing to revise SUNY non-resident student tuition rates which are subsidized by the taxpayers over 50% the first year and even more after that when they are treated as residents,

18] Nothing to implement Lundine Report recommendations for consolidating local services and governments,

19] To create 10 regional panels to “compete” for $200 million in development subsidy money creating more patronage jobs to staff offices with incompetent political parasites. What happens in those areas that lose the politicized competition to a political friendly? Do they miss out on economic development? The only fair and equitable way to stimulate the economy is to cut taxes uniformly. Not one tax is cut in Cuomo’s budget.

The above identifies a few of the many issues crucial to job creation and fiscal stability.. We can’t delay turning the status quo upside down. The self-serving wheeling and dealing of the past must end. There comes a time when enough is enough.
Increased taxes and fees were $5.5 billion in 2010 and $10.3 billion in 2009. Spending in 2009 was $8,076 per capita, 41% higher than the National average. The year over year deficit, by Cuomo’s own admission, is a small percentage of the published $10 billion.
Change will be difficult for the political ruling class, which continues to defy the Constitutional principle that public servants are elected to serve only the nineteen million citizens of New York. Gluttony is a tough habit to break. The deterioration of the state’s economy, the impaired quality of life of its citizens, 9.5% unemployment and the highest spending and taxes per capita of any state is not an accident or bad luck. Our younger generation feels it can’t control its destiny and is relegated to accept the status quo in life.

Only cutting spending, taxes and regulation and comprehensively, deliberately and with a vengeance turning Albany upside down will send a real message of change to our people and businesses.
We can’t bear four more years of the status quo.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Code Pink Calls For The Death Of Clarence Thomas and Fox News Execs.

Andrew Breitbart immersed himself in a crowd of Code Pink protesters and gathered video footage of some of the most hate-filled morons ever to be birthed spewing violent rhetoric that goes above beyond anything the left has ever falsely accused the Tea Party of being responsible for. Assassination, lynching, dismemberment, and a return to slavery were all part of the love-in at the recent “Uncloaking the Kochs” rally in Palm Springs.

Clarence Thomas was a target. Protesters shouted that Thomas should be "put back in the fields." and gracefully described him as a "Dumb-Shit Scumbag." This same Protester proclaimed that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito should "Go back to Sicily." A pleasant young woman in the audience said that Clarence Thomas should have his fingers and toes cut off, and that he should be force-fed the dismembered digits.

It was clear from the video footage that at least some in the crowd were high, including an elderly woman who claimed to be armed with two pistols, one a glock, and that she was waiting on Glenn Beck to take her up on her challenge to have a duel. The footage goes on to show more protesters wishing all sorts of ills on Justice Thomas, his wife, and justice Antonin Scalia. Again some of these protesters are clearly high and as such are willing to say things that sober people would not be stupid enough to exclaim.

The most interesting part of the video is in the first 30 seconds where there is some priceless footage of a woman claiming that the hatred and violence in this country is all the fault of the "racist Tea Party". I guess no one told her it's a bad idea to call conservative minded Americans "racist" in a crowd of white liberals shouting racially charged hatred at a sitting Federal Judge. Code Pink is famous for doing incredibly stupid things. Apparently the  calls for lynchings, murder, and bodily mutilation were not enough for these moonbats. Some of them decided to go to Egypt and chill with the protesters there as well.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Michael Caputo Vs. The Tea Party Battle Over Andrew Cuomo's Fiscal Policy

Michael Caputo
Recently, some controversy erupted over a letter written by Carl Paladino's former campaign manager, Michael Caputo. He presented a letter that he intended to around 10,000 like  minded New Yorkers addressing Andrew Cuomo's sudden case of  'Fiscal Conservatism'. He discussed this letter at length with colleagues, than again at a private Tea Party gathering in Oneonta, NY. In the letter he asks for New Yorker's to stand behind Cuomo's policies, even if you can't stand behind him. Some New York Tea Party leaders felt that this letter was in poor taste, and some went so far as to call it a betrayal against the Tea Party.

L-R:Gary Perry, Sheryl Thomas, Al Belardinelli
I was present at the even in Oneonta, where close to 60 Tea Party and other 'Liberty' group leaders met in a relaxed setting to discuss unifying the parties in a way that does not lead to crushed ego's and loss of  individual identity. While we were able to agree on most issues, including the prospect of unity, occasionally one of the speakers would spark a heated debate by having a slightly different view on a particular topic. All in all the event amounted to some solid networking, and hopefully laid the framework for New York liberty groups to unify to have greater success in the upcoming elections.

I have spoken to event organizer Al Belardinelli, and to Michael Caputo. Both men feel strongly about their positions, and knowing, and  respecting both of these men, I decided to reserve judgment and let you the reader decide. Below is the letter Michael Caputo released. I will also include links to a New York Times article that mentions the letter and the Oneonta event, and a link to another article that features rebuttals from Mr. Belardinelli, Sheryl Thomas of Orange Sullivan 9/12 and Team Watch New York, and  co-organizer Gary Perry.

Caputo logo
January 31, 2011

Dear Fellow New Yorker:

First, please accept my family's wishes for a happy and prosperous new year. As Carl Paladino's former campaign manager, I know the campaigns of 2010 were exhausting for all of us. I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your support for Carl's candidacy.

We lost at the polls, but we might still see a policy victory: today, Governor Andrew Cuomo is talking like a fiscal conservative. His ideological shift - if it is for real - can be attributed to two factors: New York's economic reality and the chorus of grassroots protest.

I am writing you today because it may be up to the grassroots to deliver conservative fiscal reform that can cut our taxes and save our State.

So far, Gov. Cuomo has proposed a series of reforms that sound an awful lot like Carl Paladino:

  • An annual cap on the growth of local and school district property taxes at two percent, or 120 percent of the inflation rate, whichever is lower. (
  • Layoffs of 10,000 to 12,000 state workers, about five percent of the workforce. (
  • A "storm" of real budget cuts, the first in far too long. One reporter thinks Cuomo "would exceed the $7 billion in cuts proposed by Carl Paladino." (
  • Closing a $10 billion budget deficit with no new taxes, fees, or borrowing. (

Sure, Gov. Cuomo is "talking the talk." But will he "walk the walk" of fiscal responsibility? We'll soon find out. His State of the State speech will be televised on Tuesday, February 1st and budget talks will begin thereafter.

But we already have some indications of his resolve.

This month, Cuomo stood his ground on the property tax cap, resisting Democrat Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's push to link the cap to reauthorizing a state law controlling rents for a million New York City apartments.

Cuomo said no. He wants the two issues dealt with "on their own merits," and he's right.

Cuomo has no draft legislation yet, but the Albany horse-trading has begun. Any tax cap bill must include mandate relief, and mandates are Speaker Silver's lifeblood. The Governor must make deep, unilateral cuts to major programs, such as Medicaid, in his first budget proposals. If he compromises and excludes bloated mandates, a tax cap will be only a fig leaf to hide this administration's shortcomings.

More leaves worth reading: an onerous State income tax surcharge on New Yorkers making more than $200,000 - worth more than a billion in state revenues annually - is set to expire. Much to the chagrin of Speaker Silver, Cuomo insists the surcharge must sunset, otherwise it's "a new tax and therefore I'm against it."

I know - you really have to pinch yourself. What's next, a pit bull and a baseball bat?

Like you, I oppose the Democrat Party's progressive agenda. Like you, I fought like Hell to stop Andrew Cuomo's campaign for Governor of New York State. I don't much like him; I'm still angry about his dirty campaign against Carl.

But, at the risk of a localized lightning strike, I must admit the Governor's early fiscal moves are conservative, responsible and absolutely necessary.

I think we all agree: we don't need tax caps - we need tax CUTS. That was a key contrast in Cuomo v. Paladino, and we must never stop calling for tax cuts. But if the new Governor is unable to show strength when cutting spending, slashing mandates and enacting a property tax cap, he will never work for tax cuts.

"A property tax cap is the place to start," said Sandy Parker, president and CEO of the Rochester Business Alliance, and a co-founder of Unshackle Upstate. "It forces the conversation that has been put off for far too long."

Ms. Parker is right. So here is the question that has kept me awake at night: should Carl's grassroots supporters cross battle lines and help Cuomo push a conservative fiscal agenda?

If you are engaged in the political arena only to advance the Republican Party, you might say no.

If you are active in politics because you desire a fiscally responsible government, you must say YES.

I am a die-hard Republican who fought in the trenches for Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp and Carl Paladino. I'm as conservative as you can get, and last year I spent most of my time criticizing Andrew Cuomo.

It is starting to look like I may end up eating a few of my words. But I would happily sit for that meal if the Governor delivers real fiscal reform.

In fact, I am writing to tell you I will work to push Cuomo's fiscal agenda.

Right away, I will contact my legislators and ask them to vote for the two percent property tax cap, but only if it includes mandate relief for local governments. I'll ask them to cut spending, not raise taxes, to balance the budget. And I am writing to encourage you to do the same.

Nobody asked me to do this; nobody has hired me to help. Just because Carl Paladino lost doesn't make far more responsible fiscal policies any less urgent. I am doing this on my own accord, at some risk to my conservative credentials.

If you want to stop the rocketing rise of your taxes, I invite you to join me and start by backing budget cuts and real mandate relief under a two percent property tax cap.

Please telephone, email and FAX your New York State legislators demanding budget cuts and a property tax cap with fundamental mandate relief. You can easily track down your representatives' contact information here:

I also urge you to talk with your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, your grassroots activist friends, and every New Yorker you come in contact with in the days ahead. Tell them we have a decent chance that spending cuts - not tax hikes - will balance our budget and there's a chance for a property tax cap that reigns in runaway State mandates. But only if they contact their legislators TODAY.

Crossing party lines is what separates partisans from ideologues. I'm a lifelong loyal Republican, but New York State is dying for tax relief. Spending cuts are first steps and a property tax cap is just a start, but if we don't start today we'll never achieve our shared goals of broader fiscal responsibility.

Tax and mandate relief: it's what we believe in. So let's get off the sidelines fight for it. Thank you for your time and consideration of this vital matter.

Michael R. Caputo
Buffalo, NY

PS: The lines are being drawn right now in the battle to save our State. Please take a few minutes out of your day to gain control of your tax burden: contact your New York State Assemblymember and Senator today via Web at I've pasted an example letter below:


Assemblymember/Senator NAME
New York State Legislature
Albany, New York

Dear New York Assemblymember/Senator NAME:

New York State faces the most serious financial crisis in our state's history. The upstate economy is in especially bad shape and people are leaving our state to find jobs and opportunity elsewhere.

We have the highest taxes and the largest health care, energy and education costs of any state in the nation. Today New York is unaffordable for the average worker and unattractive to business. On top of these problems, our state faces a huge budget deficit because our government has spent beyond its means for a decade.

I did not support Andrew Cuomo in this past election, but as Governor he has announced a good plan to gain control of our state finances and fix our economy. I know he cannot get conservative fiscal reform through a progressive legislature alone. He needs citizen support - and he needs you and the other members of the state legislature to back his plans.

The time has come to fix what is broken in Albany. As your constituent, I hope and expect you will actively support spending cuts to close the $10 billion budget deficit - no new taxes, fees, or borrowing to balance. I also urge you to lock in mandate relief as a property tax cap requirement - any cap is a sham without mandate relief.

We all need to work together to get New York back on track. With your leadership, we can create new jobs, control spending and grow our economy. Please keep me informed on what you are doing to accomplish the two objectives noted above.

Thank you for your time and service.


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