DioGuardi "Unaccountable Congress" Review

  I started reading Joe's book last week. So far I am impressed at the wealth of knowledge this man has about our economic system and the government's inability to be fiscally responsible. I highly recommend you find this book and read it. However if you are not convinced, click on the title below and read the full review.

“Unaccountable Congress” DioGuardi’s Tea Party Manifesto On Cleaning Up Congress

By Robert A. Fois
U.S. Senate candidate Joe DioGuardi has been warning Americans about public debt and wasteful spending for over 20 years. New York’s pied piper of fiscal common sense is a certified public accountant who authored a primer on cleaning up public finance in 1992.

Unaccountable Congress” does for the Tea Party movement what Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” did for the American Revolution.
This was a call to action that preceded the “Contract With America” by two years. DioGuardi’s story is drawn from events and life experience before Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980.
Two terms in Congress left DioGuardi disillusioned and determined to change things:
“If every American understood how Congress – and, frequently, the Executive Branch as well – relentlessly disguises and hides fiscal reality from the people, that knowledge would escalate citizen contempt to an even higher level”
Constitutionalists, conservatives and fiscal reformers alike can gain something from this book on how to stop those “cooking the books” in Congress and our statehouses around the country.
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