Patriot Rally In The Glen:Special Report 2

Sorry this took so long to post, things have been hectic this week. As we continue our look at the first Patriot Rally In The Glen, the day was just getting under way with many more things to come. After Beth Powers there was a break, followed by Sheryl Thomas, co-founder of the Orange/Sullivan 912 Tea Party group. Sheryl is a huge proponent of the Taxpayer's Party Line. She even brought along her Taxpayers Party Line banner, which was the backdrop for the days speakers and candidates. The banner was made for her by Gary Perry and Al Belardinelli of the Broome Tea Party.

NYS Senate Candidate Leonard Roberto spoke next. Leonard is the founder of Primary Challenge. The candidates speech was impassioned and full of life. I interviewed the candidate earlier in the day and his voice was calm and warm. As his speech came to a climax his voice rose and his timbre grew until he sounded like a mountain lion. His words gave the crowd a very clear idea of the necessity of taking back New York from the entrenched Democrats that are slowly strangling the life out of it.

During Mr. Roberto's speech there was a moment of unrest as the crowd became aware of the presence of the man that they had been waiting for. Carl Paladino, candidate for Governor had made his presence known. Mr. Paladino was seated in the front row along with a small girl. He waited patiently for Leonard Roberto to finish his speech, and his campaign manager Michael Caputo corralled the media and informed them that they would have plenty of time to get photos with Paladino after his speech.
Carl Paladino took the stage and for a brief time even had his faithful dog, Duke with him. After Duke was led back to the SUV's parked outside Mr. Paladino talked to the crowd about his plans for New York, and clued them in on some of Andrew Cuomo's dirty dealings. Paladino gave a lively speech, despite the fact that he appeared worn out from all the recent appearances and interviews he had been doing. His ongoing effort to canvas the entire state before the November 2nd elections.

During his 30+ minute speech he left the podium and brought the young girl he entered with up to the podium. He made a quip that became a very touching moment. "She's not mine." he said. "But she is ours." The statement more than likely made out to mean that we, the people of New York have a responsibility to our children and grand children to save the state from ruin, and thereby ensure their futures are a bright one.

Carl Paladino made it clear that his convictions were true, and that he was grateful for all the support he had received from the Tea Party groups throughout New York who have been pulling double duty and spreading the word of Paladino to the masses. The Paladino camp has had some rough patches since the rally, and it has hurt Carls numbers in the polls, but I think that the Tea parties of New York are no where near done in terms of getting the word out and giving the real story of Carl Paladino.

The press has been unkind to Carl in recent weeks, and in particular, Frederic Dicker, who since the spat the two men had has spent his time writing nasty little scandalous articles about the controversial candidate. Most of it conjecture and nonsense meant to stir up trouble for the Paladino campaign. I have read the tripe that Mr. Dicker has been spewing forth. It shows just how small of a man he really is. I hope people can get past this nonsense and elect the right man for the job of cleaning up New York. Carl Paladino.

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