Kirsten Gillibrand and Joe DioGuardi Debate

During their first debate, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and Republican challenger Joseph DioGuardi got down and dirty, each of them landing some punches on their opponent. DioGuardi came out swinging attacking Gillibrand on her flip-flops on issues like gun control and tobacco. Gillibrand used to brag about keeping a gun under her bed, not she fights for stricter gun control laws. As a junior attorney for Philip Morris, Gillibrand tried to hide the facts about the dangers of smoking, now she claims to be against big tobacco. Gillibrand countered by calling DioGuardi to account for past pro-tobacco legislation he supported as a congressman.

Gillibrand did her best to defend her position on issues, she even gave DioGuardi a sharp uppercut when he went after her, claiming that her and her husband made money off the foreclosure crisis. Gillibrand responded by saying " I find your attack on a family member very offensive." DioGuardi also attacked Gillibrand as being one of the people responsible for the sub-prime meltdown for her actions when she worked  for the Department of housing and urban development.

All in all this made for a pretty action packed first debate. Gillibrand still holds the lead, but her ground is shaky, and DioGuardi has the support of the Tea Parties, which was a major factor in the largely unexpected landslide victory for Carl Paladino in the Republican Primaries.

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