Cuomo Supporter Drops N-Word

Ok folks, this is going to be fun. I just saw this wonderful video on youtube, in the video the Paladino Duck makes an appearance at an Andrew Cuomo rally in Niagara Falls. The Duck is immediately surrounded by Cuomo supporters, who box him in, and slap a Cuomo/Duffy bumper sticker on his back. One of these lovely folks than references the duck as a "Ni**er" and alludes to wishing to turn him into duck soup.
Wow, if Paladino is the racist, what does that make this Cuomo supporter? A champion of civil rights? Let's face facts, there a far more people than the media will admit who use curse words and racial epithets on a regular basis. So calling Paladino out on his so called 'racist' emails is now a moot point, since we have a video of a Cuomo supporter actually using the N-word, and Andrew Breitbart is still waiting for any actual video footage of the Tea Party people who supposedly shouted the N-word at black Democrats earlier  this year.

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