Anti-gay Marriage Group Can't Run Ads In New York

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - A group that's against gay marriage and supports Carl Paladino won't be able to run its ads on local airwaves.
Federal Judge Richard Arcara has rejected a challenge to New York's election law from the National Organization for Marriage. The group wanted to run its pro-Paladino ads without reporting the names of its donors. In New York, the group would be required to register as a political committee, and election law requires a political committee report the names of its donors. The group wanted the judge to rule the law unconstitutional, but Judge Arcara ruled against the group, calling the case pre-mature.
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That's ok. I've seen the ads they want to run, and I'm going to post them here. I hope these commercials are enlightening and informative. Some of these ads are about Prop8 in California, but I think they work well in showing the power and scope of what this group is trying to do.

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 Here's a clue for you. It's about their rights. Marriage, i.e. the ceremony of holy matrimony is defined as being between a man and a woman, same if you are Muslim, or Hindu, etc. When you attempt to inject yourself into someone else's beliefs, it is an affront to them. They are offended, and they have a right to be. Asking for a union that affords you the same rights and privileges as a straight couple, but not using the word marriage would change the whole game. But you don't want to.
You would prefer to step on toes, scream and yell, and take something that you are not owed nor have a claim to. You will not change the hearts and minds of the Christian majority by disrespecting their beliefs, calling them bad names, or assaulting senior citizens and smashing a cross.(Yes it happened at a Prop 8 rally in California.) Harassing Christians as they walk peacefully through the city, or any number of hateful, bigoted things YOU do against Christians. Hypocrisy is unbecoming.

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