Sunday, October 31, 2010

Carl Paladino From The Heart

Watch Carl tell his story from the heart. It might change your mind.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Poll Shows Paladino Gaining On Cuomo

 Rochester Business Journal did a snap poll in the last few days and their results are very interesting. Although Cuomo is still ahead, his lead isn't very commanding. He only garnered 45% of the vote. Paladino comes in second with 42%. Warren Redlich, the Libertarian candidate gets 7% and Jimmy McMillan gets 3%. This should be good news for supporters of Carl Paladino. The controversial candidate has been plagued with scandals, gaffes, and accusations of racism and homophobia.

Carl Paladino is the favored candidate of New York's Tea Party movement; and despite the setbacks, their support is solid, with many in the Tea Party set to vote for Carl, and the other candidates that were attracted to Carl's Taxpayers Party Line. In New York this year, if you want to know who the Tea Party supports, just look for candidates with "Taxpayers" next to their name on the ballot. Conservative values are set to win big this year, and even in the entrenched Liberal stronghold that is New York, things are looking good for the conservative minded candidates.

If the state gubernatorial election were held today, a plurality of respondents to this week's RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll say they would vote for Democrat Andrew Cuomo-and his running mate, Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy.
Cuomo, the state attorney general, topped Republican Carl Paladino by a three-point margin, 45 percent to 42 percent.
In a Snap Poll conducted in September after Paladino beat former Rep. Rick Lazio in the GOP primary, respondents favored the Buffalo developer by a 10-point margin.
Seven percent of respondents in this week's poll said they would pick Libertarian candidate Warren Redlich. Jimmy McMillan, candidate for the Rent Is 2 Damn High Party, garnered 3 percent of the vote.
 We can also see from this recent poll that, despite the main stream media showing that Republicans have no chance,  when we look to independent polls, we see that Siena, Marist, and Quinnipiac, along with big shots CNN, are all either skewing the numbers, or using out of date polling methods. This years Senate race was looking pretty bleak for the Republican candidates, but this latest poll shows that the tides may be turning.
Also on the ballot next week are two U.S. Senate races. In the Snap Poll, Republican Joseph DioGuardi edged Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, 51 percent to 46 percent. Respondents favored Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer over Republican Jay Townsend, 50 percent to 48 percent, in the other Senate race.
Political insiders have been speculating for weeks that the big polls may be off kilter this election cycle, and if they are right we will see a few more polls that look more favorably on the Conservative candidates.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Three States Reporting Voter Fraud

Looks like the Democrats are getting desperate. In an election cycle where they are plagued with bad luck. A bad president, bad policies, bad campaign tactics, and a disenchanted voter base are making this election season out to be the year the Democrats lose big. Now they have finally done themselves in with what can only be described as disgraceful and possibly treasonous behavior. Voter fraud. How are they doing it you may ask?

Well for one, in New York, a supposed 'gaffe' by the NY board of elections caused soldiers serving overseas to not be given their absentee ballots. Delays caused the deadline for shipping them out to expire. To make this look like an honest mistake Senator Chuck Schumer and mayor Michael Bloomberg feigned being enraged by this mistake, and demanded that the ballots be send out immediately. Read about this at
"The gravity of New York's failure cannot be overstated. With approximately 50,000 military and overseas voters in New York City alone, there is no doubt that the November elections could be altered by this failure,” said Eric Eversole, a former Justice Department voting section attorney who recently started a nonprofit organization, Military Voter Protection Project , to protect military voting rights.
“The sad fact is that New York City's failure will have its greatest impact on those military members serving on the front lines," Eversole said. "They do not have the luxury of receiving their ballots via e-mail and must rely on a notoriously slow postal service to receive their ballots. Without immediate action, there is no doubt that some of these troops will be disenfranchised by New York's failure. It is truly shameful."
This could be one of the most distasteful things I have ever read. But wait, there's more! At least threes states are reporting instances of voter fraud. In Nevada, residents who went out to the polls to vote for Sharon Angle, weren't given a choice. The voting machine had pre-checked Harry Reid's name on the ballot. In North Carolina a similar problem had voters frustrated, machines that ignored your choices and instead cast your ballot for Democrats across the board.
“Sam Laughinghouse of New Bern said he pushed the button to vote Republican in all races, but the voting machine screen displayed a ballot with all Democrats checked. He cleared the screen and tried again with the same result, he said. Then he asked for and received help from election staff.”
“They pushed it twice and the same thing happened,” Laughinghouse said. “That was four times in a row. The fifth time they pushed it and the Republicans came up and I voted.”
Also, in Dallas last week a man tried repeatedly to vote for Rick Perry, but instead selects Deb Shafto, and all of the Green Party candidates. He tries repeatedly, but gets the same results every time. The video, originally uploaded to youtube has been taken down to to the possibility that video taping in a polling booth in Texas is illegal.(Note, in some states it is perfectly acceptable to videotape 'your own' voting experience. I have a copy of the video, but will not release it until I can verify the legality of the matter. Here,, however instead is some election official  showing a machine glitching and claiming it's simply a 'calibration' issue. Ok, I don't necessarily doubt that, but what I do doubt is that after almost a decade of these kinds of machine being used, they are still as glitchy as they are.

I had the displeasure of using one of the Smartmatic, Sequoia Voting Systems Inc. voting machines during the primary election season and I did not like it one bit. The company was investigated after it had Sequoia had purchased Venezuelan company Smartmatic. There were rumors the company was owned by the Venezuelan government. They deny any ties to Hugo Chavez, or any government agency in Venezuela.

I am a reasonable person, and would gladly except that a few isolated incidents would occur, but machines in three different states voting for liberal candidates when the voter clearly chose conservative ones is getting a little to close to a genuine conspiracy for my tastes. Let's hope this is quickly investigated, and either cleared up, or those possibly responsible for this are brought to justice.

Sadly, there is little that can be done for the tens of thousands of service men and women who will probably not get to vote in this years New York elections. My hope is that the election board will suspend the results until all absentee voters have been allowed to properly cast their vote.  

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top Union Offical Had Knowledge Of Voter Fraud:Caught on Tape

Here is Breitbart Tv's James O'Keefe with a disturbing report showing a top union official discussing his knowledge of a voting fraud scam that he apparently decided not to report. The video is truly enlightening.

Cuomo Supporter Drops N-Word

Ok folks, this is going to be fun. I just saw this wonderful video on youtube, in the video the Paladino Duck makes an appearance at an Andrew Cuomo rally in Niagara Falls. The Duck is immediately surrounded by Cuomo supporters, who box him in, and slap a Cuomo/Duffy bumper sticker on his back. One of these lovely folks than references the duck as a "Ni**er" and alludes to wishing to turn him into duck soup.
Wow, if Paladino is the racist, what does that make this Cuomo supporter? A champion of civil rights? Let's face facts, there a far more people than the media will admit who use curse words and racial epithets on a regular basis. So calling Paladino out on his so called 'racist' emails is now a moot point, since we have a video of a Cuomo supporter actually using the N-word, and Andrew Breitbart is still waiting for any actual video footage of the Tea Party people who supposedly shouted the N-word at black Democrats earlier  this year.

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Anti-gay Marriage Group Can't Run Ads In New York

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - A group that's against gay marriage and supports Carl Paladino won't be able to run its ads on local airwaves.
Federal Judge Richard Arcara has rejected a challenge to New York's election law from the National Organization for Marriage. The group wanted to run its pro-Paladino ads without reporting the names of its donors. In New York, the group would be required to register as a political committee, and election law requires a political committee report the names of its donors. The group wanted the judge to rule the law unconstitutional, but Judge Arcara ruled against the group, calling the case pre-mature.
Read More:
That's ok. I've seen the ads they want to run, and I'm going to post them here. I hope these commercials are enlightening and informative. Some of these ads are about Prop8 in California, but I think they work well in showing the power and scope of what this group is trying to do.

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 Here's a clue for you. It's about their rights. Marriage, i.e. the ceremony of holy matrimony is defined as being between a man and a woman, same if you are Muslim, or Hindu, etc. When you attempt to inject yourself into someone else's beliefs, it is an affront to them. They are offended, and they have a right to be. Asking for a union that affords you the same rights and privileges as a straight couple, but not using the word marriage would change the whole game. But you don't want to.
You would prefer to step on toes, scream and yell, and take something that you are not owed nor have a claim to. You will not change the hearts and minds of the Christian majority by disrespecting their beliefs, calling them bad names, or assaulting senior citizens and smashing a cross.(Yes it happened at a Prop 8 rally in California.) Harassing Christians as they walk peacefully through the city, or any number of hateful, bigoted things YOU do against Christians. Hypocrisy is unbecoming.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Jimmy McMillan Parody(SNL)

The Rent is too Damn funny.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paladino Fundraiser Lunch In Binghamton

Carl Paladino visited the greater Binghamton area on Friday for a fundraiser lunch at Terra Cotta. Live music was provided by Judy Miller and her husband Terry. The 100$ a plate luncheon was sponsored by the Broome County Republican Committee. Their chairperson Debbie Preston was on hand to welcome everyone and to introduce Carl. Around 70 people attended the event. The man of the hour, Carl Paladino gave an inspiring speech and even told some humorous stories to the very enthusiastic crowd.

Carl Talked some more about the important issues facing the people of New York, and what his plans are for fixing the mess in Albany.

Just before Carl arrived, a Binghamton University group called "Right Side of History" positioned themselves across the street from the event and began the standard liberal playbook of shouting in unison silly catch phrases like "Paladino is-(group chorus)A Homophobe! We will not elect-(group chorus)A Homophobe!"

Video Courtesy of MVass. Check out the Michael Vass political blog.

Gay Rights Group Protests Paladino.

During the Friday fundraiser lunch at Terra Cotta in Binghamton, Carl Paladino spoke to a crowd of around 70 people. Outside the event, a group called "The Right Side of History" was protesting the event. The group claims that Paladino's sentiments against gay marriage are discriminatory, and that his recent comments were very homophobic.

The group stood out in the freezing cold for the duration of the event, and seemed to be chanting the entire time. their  homemade signs featured various slogans against Paladino and the group shouted things like "Paladino is-(group chorus)A Homophobe! We will not elect-(group chorus)A Homophobe!"

Video Courtesy of MVass. Be sure to visit the Michael Vass political blog.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gary Berntsen Endorses George Phillips

I just received this video showing former Senate candidate Gary Berntsen endorsing Congressional candidate George Phillips. Phillips is running against incumbent Democrat Maurice Hinchey. Gary Berntsen is a best-selling author and a former CIA operative. The Phillips campaign is expected to make the announcement about this endorsement on Monday.
WEBSITE http:// 


George Phillips needs your support to defeat Maurice Hinchey. Please go to now and make a donation to his campaign. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Conservatism In The 21st Century.

I needed to write a piece to submit to, as I am attempting to become a contributing writer to that outlet. I liked the piece so much, i decided to post it here for everyone to enjoy.

We have seen through the first eight years of the new century, a shift has occurred that leads us away from the Reagan conservatism of the 1980's. This new philosophy, for the most part is more akin to liberal and centrist policies than to the ideals of great minds such as William F. Buckley Jr.,Albert Jay Nock, Willmoore Kendall, and James Burnham.

Buckley often criticized George W. Bush and described him thus "If you had a European prime minister who experienced what we’ve experienced it would be expected that he would retire or resign."He would also say of the younger Bush, "Bush is 'conservative', but he is not a 'Conservative', and that the president was not elected 'as a vessel of the conservative faith.'"

Many conservative pundits, and talk radio personalities such as Sean Hannity are calling for Conservatives to get back to their roots. Many of these prominent personalities feel that Conservatives have fallen far from the tree that birthed them, and the time has come for a drastic change in direction. Luminaries such as Newt Gingrich have given their ideals substance with projects like Larry Hunters "Contract with America" and "American Solutions for Winning the Future."

With the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, there is a renewed call from the right to make a course correction that will invigorate their base, and help to right the sinking ship of ideals piloted by Ronald Reagan some 30 years ago. If the Tea Party and 912 groups are a good indicator, than it appears the call has been heard. These usually individualistic and fiercely independent Conservatives have begun forging strong bonds and growing their numbers for a battle with the liberal agenda of Obama, and his minions.

We have already seen that these Tea Party Patriots can and do influence the course of elections, catapulting virtually unknown candidates into the spotlight and forcing them in as the designated candidate. We have seen astounding victories already such as Chris Cristie in New Jersey, and to a lesser extend in New York, where outsider Carl Paladino who trailed his opponent for the Republican nomination by a 12 point margin, stunned everyone by winning by 26 points, in a record turnout for a Republican primary in that state.

We should take these as omens of good things to come. An organized, and energized Conservative movement unlike anything we have seen is the end result of overbearing socialist policies forced upon us by a man who was once hailed as a 'messiah' by the media and his faithful. we must now seek to undo what he has wrought before it tears asunder the very foundations of which this country was founded.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Proof! Andrew Cuomo Helped Start The Housing Meltdown.

alg_cuomo fuck youImage by dmass73 via Flickr
Hot Air's Ed Morrisey has some exciting footage of Andrew Cuomo, back when he was Clinton's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. In this video he explains how he is fully aware that by giving loans to low income and minority peoples the rate of defaults on mortgages will increase, yet they go ahead and do it anyway. Why? Well as Andrew Cuomo put it, it's "Bank Affirmative Action." I am truly dumbfounded how minorities can claim that they are still oppressed, when they have their own program to guarantee them a housing loan. I can't get a home loan.

There is no NAAWP(actually there is, but they are a bunch of racist scumbags, so not a legitimate group in my opinion.) ,no United Whitey College Fund( A Texan, back in 2003 started the 'United White Persons College Fund', but hasn't been heard from since.), Airplane magazine(Jet), No Ivory magazine, there is no affirmative action for white people. But all of those things with the exception of affirmative action have been boons on the black community. Now we have Andrew Cuomo telling minorities, "Here's a house." "When you can't afford the mortgage payments, we'll come take it back from you. Be sure to blame the whole thing on George W. Bush.K?"

Yet, let's look at the facts. Franklin D. Raines, former CEO of Fannie Mae, was also the White House budget director under President Bill Clinton. He is a Democrat. Jamie S. Gorelick, a former Deputy Attorney General of the United States, became a Vice Chair of Fannie Mae. James A. Johnson,who ran Fannie Mae from 1991 to 1998, served as vice chairman from 1990 to 1991 and also worked for Walter Mondale. William M. Daly,special counsel to President Clinton and chairman of Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign. He also served as a Clinton secretary of commerce from 1997 to 2000, and earlier as president of Amalgamated Bank in Chicago. And Walter Hubbell. Hubbell worked for the Justice department.

All of them Democrats, most of them were under some kind of investigation for compensation they received, or other sordid affairs. Many of them resigned their positions at the time, when Fannie Mae came under investigation.

Are we clear so far on how deep the Democrats hand was up the a*s of Fannie and Freddie? Now we throw Andrew Cuomo into the mix, stir briskly, let simmer for a good decade, and viola! A housing market meltdown just in time for the November elections. But I'll let Andrew dig his own grave. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Maurice Hinchey Reporter Attack:Update

Maurice HincheyImage via Wikipedia
Hot Air has received some interesting information about the recent blow up Maurice Hinchey had at a recent debate. Hinchey when asked questions about earmarks for a project in which he owned part of the land the project was to be built on, the congressman became incensed, and told Kingston Daily Freeman reporter William Kemble to "Shut Up." Here is the statement from the managing editor of the Freeman:

I am the managing editor of the Daily Freeman, Kingston, NY, for which the reporter, William Kemble, works. The following is a statement I have prepared in response to the misrepresentations of this incident by Congressman Hinchey’s office:
There was an incident. Mr. Kemble says the congressman put a hand on his neck. A third party who witnessed the incident says he did not see that, but did see the congressman jabbing Mr. Kemble in the chest with his finger. Yet another witness says Kemble was pushed into the path of another person by the congressman.
For his part, Mr. Kemble views the incident as an unwanted distraction to his work.
However, as managing editor, I take seriously the issue of anyone, including a congressman, putting their hand on or jabbing with a finger a reporter who is simply doing his job.
Further, the Hinchey camp’s characterizations of the incident as either prompted by aggressive action by Mr. Kemble or by false accusations they claim he and the Freeman have made are untrue.
First, the videotape of the questioning of Mr. Hinchey clearly shows that while Kemble was persistent, he was professional and even in tone, while it was Hinchey who lost his composure. The congressman should own up to what everyone can see.
Second, the specific question that Mr. Kemble was asking prior to the incident and which apparently provoked the congressman involves Hinchey’s real estate interest in a commercial Saugerties development which was referenced in a congressional disclosure form for funding of a Hudson River ferry project. To our knowledge, Congressman Hinchey has never answered questions about that connection, which is why Mr. Kemble was posing the question to him.
We stand by our reporting on federal funding to an area Mr. Hinchey represents . We have made no false allegations nor has Mr. Hinchey proven once, never mind “numerous times,” that any of our reporting was false.
Readers may judge for themselves. The stories are posted online at:
— “Hinchey tops in local pork,” May 18,
— “Hinchey stresses his lack of involvement in Saugerties development,” May 21,
— “Hinchey misstated use of federal grant for Saugerties,” May 21 —
Finally, Mr. Hinchey has made a practice of not answering questions about his financial connections to projects benefitting from federal grants. He stopped cooperating early in the process with our investigation into the connection between his advocacy of federal grants and his own financial interests. His brushoff of questions from Mr. Kemble on Oct. 14 was simply the latest instance of his unresponsiveness.

 Hinchey's camp is not even trying to report on this as it actually happened. in a statement released by his campaign, Hinchey's people claim that Kemble took "an aggressive step" toward the congressman. They, of course completely forget to mention the finger jabbing and the hand around the neck part. The hand around the neck incident could not be confirmed by witnesses, but a reporter for YNN did report that he witnessed the finger jabbing. It is also reported that Hinchey shoved William Kemble in to the path of candidate George Phillips.

Phillips also authorized the campaign to confirm that Phillips personally witnessed the incident, as well as confirming that Hinchey pushed Kemble backwards into Phillips himself.

 IT looks like "Big Willie" Clintons recent trip to help bolster Maurice Hinchey's position may not be enough to save him this time. George Phillips is garnering national attention from the Republicans, and Hinchey continues to show his age.

Kirsten Gillibrand and Joe DioGuardi Debate

During their first debate, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and Republican challenger Joseph DioGuardi got down and dirty, each of them landing some punches on their opponent. DioGuardi came out swinging attacking Gillibrand on her flip-flops on issues like gun control and tobacco. Gillibrand used to brag about keeping a gun under her bed, not she fights for stricter gun control laws. As a junior attorney for Philip Morris, Gillibrand tried to hide the facts about the dangers of smoking, now she claims to be against big tobacco. Gillibrand countered by calling DioGuardi to account for past pro-tobacco legislation he supported as a congressman.

Gillibrand did her best to defend her position on issues, she even gave DioGuardi a sharp uppercut when he went after her, claiming that her and her husband made money off the foreclosure crisis. Gillibrand responded by saying " I find your attack on a family member very offensive." DioGuardi also attacked Gillibrand as being one of the people responsible for the sub-prime meltdown for her actions when she worked  for the Department of housing and urban development.

All in all this made for a pretty action packed first debate. Gillibrand still holds the lead, but her ground is shaky, and DioGuardi has the support of the Tea Parties, which was a major factor in the largely unexpected landslide victory for Carl Paladino in the Republican Primaries.

NARAL attacks Paladino.

NARAL a pro-choice group put out a scathing video about Carl Paladino's views on Abortion. The video, which is edited to show Paladino's comments without any context whatsoever is a sad attempt to make Paladino out to be something he is not. Paladino has stated that he disagrees with abortion in all it's forms, he has also stated that he would not seek to change the current law, nor would he go against a law if the people of New York overwhelmingly supported it.
So what NARAL is saying is that, because he disagrees with their views he is evil, even though he is not actively attempting to undermine them. NARAL is telling women that Carl Paladino is going to take their reproductive rights away. This is patently false. I thought, perhaps this video would be viral by now. Luckily it isn't. The video entitled "Paladi-NO" had just 719 views. While it's even more slanderous sister video"What Paladino Wants" had 5,199 views. Hardly viral. In "What Paladino Wants" women with tears in their eyes are put in front of a mugshot board and are posing like they are being booked. The video alludes to Paladino's intention of making them all criminals.
Let me just be clear on something. I disagree with Paladino on his staunch position on abortion. However I do have my own view that I would like to share with you now. Abortion is the taking of a human life. Abortion is, however, in certain circumstances, a necessary medical procedure. I refuse to take a position against abortion in the case of rape. I could not begin to fathom the hell that would befall a mother who took on that responsibility if she was against it. My hatred lies solely with the class of women who fail at the task of personal responsibility, and use abortion as a form of birth control.
There is really no way to temper abortion law to curb "abortion as birth-control" types from abusing this procedure without risking a civil rights lawsuit. Perhaps we could initiate a sort of Anti-frequent flier miles program to stop habitual abortionists from making the trip the same way some people hit the Dunkin' Donuts drive-though. I don't think it's fair to the thousands of little boys and girls who will never get to laugh and play and discover the amazing wonders of life because mommy was a whore or because daddy couldn't keep it in his pants. But calling these types of people parents would be a disservice to good parents everywhere.
In the days proceeding the news that I was to be a father I argued for abortion. It seemed impossible to support a child financially in the current financial climate. I relented, and nine months later my life changed forever. I had never been so in awe of life and all it has to offer until I became a father. Now I can't picture my life without her. I now know why I get angry when I see videos like the ones Produced by NARAL and others. They lie to achieve their goals. The truth is abortions due to rape or incest account for only 1% of all abortions performed.(Guttmacher Institute Study 2002) So NARAL is trying to get your sympathies by not telling you that most of the rest of abortions performed in the United States were because of 'unintended' pregnancies.
Here are some facts that might scare you:
Nearly half of pregnancies among American women are unintended, and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion.[1] Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion.[2]
Forty percent of pregnancies among white women, 69% among blacks and 54% among Hispanics are unintended.[1]
Each year, two percent of women aged 15-44 have an abortion;[2] half have had at least one previous abortion.[6]
You can disagree with Carl Paladino's views, but do so because you listened to what he had to say and had a genuine disagreement with him, not because you were conned in to believing the distortions of groups like NARAL. For me the answer is simple. I do not know the exact moment my daughter became sentient, but I do know that from the moment she was conceived she was Una, and there can never be another like her. She is unique, and she is precious. So if you ask me If I believe abortion is the taking of a human life, I will tell you "Yes". My answer will always be "Yes."

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hinchey Attacks Reporter After Losing debate Possibly Due To Undiagnosed Alzheimer's.

Maurice HincheyImage via Wikipedia
Maurice Hinchey debated challenger George Phillips recently, and it appears Mr. Hinchey's age is showing. Grandpa Hinchey has an Alzheimer's moment when asked about the federal deficit, he appears to not know what the questioner is asking him. He than goes on to give an explanation that confirms he has no idea what he's talking about.
Ed Morrisey of Hot Air sums it up best :
Instead of answering the question, Hinchey starts talking about how nice the roads are in the district — and how great it is to have 7.6% unemployment.  Not only are those non-sequiturs, they’re hardly winning campaign slogans.         Vote  Hinchey — he got us 7.6% unemployment!

After the debate, which it appears Hinchey lost with his arrogance and lack of understanding, he does a little Q&A with local reporters. This is where things get interesting. Hinchey is asked by reporter Bill Kemble
asked Hinchey about earmarks from which he had allegedly profited financially. Hinchey begins deriding Kemble, his comments degenerating into almost conspiratorial tones. He then tells Kemble to "Shut up" and proceeds to ignore him in favor of other reporters. Maurice Hinchey proves he is an eloquent speaker in this velvety verse.
“What are you talking about…Are you trying to give the same phony stuff that you put in the Freeman so many times. Are you still as deceptive as you always have been? Are still you a manipulative guy? You’re full of baloney. You’re full of baloney.”

Pretty choice, huh? we're not done yet. After the cameras are turned off, this appears to be what happened:
After the shooters turned off their cameras and started to break down, Hinchey made a beeline for Kemble and got in his face, according to a YNN videographer who was on the scene. The congressman poked Kemble in the chest aggressively, according to the YNN staffer.
I spoke with Kemble briefly this afternoon, and he told me Hinchey “put his hand on my throat” and then “realized what he had done and walked away.” The YNN shooter told me he did not witness this part of the altercation.
 Maurice Hinchey is such a stand up guy. Candidate George Phillips had this to say about the altercation.
“This isn’t an issue to me. There was a brief disturbance as reported, but it didn’t result in any physical damage. I’m very pleased with the results of the debate and I’m focused on victory in Nov.”
Hinchey's campaign more or less confirms the story, but in a such a way that my colon appears to he clouded in smoke, if you get my drift.
“Mr. Hinchey and Mr. Kemble have had a longstanding antagonistic relationship. Last night, Mr. Kemble rudely badgered Mr. Hinchey during an ongoing taped interview in an attempt to evoke a reaction,” said Liam Fitzsimmons, campaign manager for Rep. Hinchey.
“Following the taped interview, Mr. Kemble continued badgering Mr. Hinchey and took an aggressive step toward him in an attempt to provoke a further argument. Nevertheless, the congressman regrets he didn’t walk away from Mr. Kemble sooner in order to end the heated argument.”
All in all, this is good news for George Phillips, who in a recent poll was behind Hinchey 37% to 44%.  Look closely at those numbers though. An incumbent with less than 50% of the vote is considered in deep jeopardy of losing his or her seat.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Israel Settler Attacked by Mob of Stone Throwing Palestinians. Hits Two With Car as He Makes Daring Escape.

Pro-Palestinian news organizations are trying to convince people that an Israeli settler is a vicious person who ran down two children with his car. They even show still footage of the hit-and run. There are two problems with this scenario. 1. In the photos you notice the kids holding things in their hands as they surround his car. 2. When I was finally able to track down the video these photos came from I noticed that the children were not alone. They were joined by about 20 other people both young and old. This motley crew were PELTING THE GUYS CAR WITH ROCKS!

In the video it's clear this guy is being attacked by an angry mob of rock throwing thugs. He is fleeing for his life, and in the process two children(with rocks in hand) run into the path of his car. As he speeds away you can see the back window of his vehicle is smashed out.

I do not know what happened in the minutes prior to this video being shot, but like all the news that comes out of Palestine, they are trying to spin it like it's the evil Israeli's doing what they do best. Picking on the poor, pitiful Palestinian people. My P's are epic. The story goes on to add a flourish of horror filled idiocy:
 The disturbing footage also shows that one of the injured boys resisted efforts to get him into a car and to the hospital. Palestinian youngsters fear getting into strangers' cars because they have seen their friends taken away by Israeli troops on a regular basis.
Israeli intelligence and police have been accused of torturing confessions out of Palestinian children, subjecting them to sexual abuse and removing the organs of injured Palestinians.
Another source adds an interesting tidbit claiming the children had just left noon prayers at a local mosque. With rocks??? You carry handfuls of rocks to mosque??? They than say that associates of the man claim he was trying to escape a stone throwing mob. No kidding. Really?? 
Jawad Seyam, the director of the Wadi Helwa information centre, said the driver was a local settler leader in the flashpoint neighborhood, and that the children had just left noon prayers at a local mosque. He said the children were moderately injured.
The Israeli news site Ynet identified the driver as David Be'eri, who heads settler organization Elad, an organization which collects donations to "discreetly purchase property for Jews in Silwan," the site said.
Be'eri was questioned by police and released on bail, the report added.
An Israeli police spokesman was not immediately available to comment.
Associates of Be'eri were quoted in Ynet, saying he had tried to escape an ambush of stone-throwers. The sources told Ynet "He tried to escape, first by driving in reverse, but the vehicle behind him blocked his path." 
This is nothing new for Al Jazeera, or any of the Palestinian supporting news organizations in the Middle-East. And by that I mean...all of them. How can spin a guy being assaulted by a rock throwing mob into pre-meditated assault on innocent children is beyond me. I have given up trying to figure out these clowns and have resigned myself to the fact that they will always be pumping out lies and distortions about Israel and I should just laugh them off and hope Israel finds a way to secure it's place and drive off the hordes of uncivilized people who plague their borders.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fmr. Press & Sun Bulletin Editor Tells Tales about Paladino. Uses Liberal Playbook To Make His Article Seem Informative. Epic Fail!

More boring nonsense from the local press. Today, our lucky winner is a clown by the name of David Rossie, a retired associate editor of the Press & Sun-Bulletin. He parrots the same awe-inspiring horse squeeze that the left has been shoving down peoples throats. Like this overreaching statement.
But his vow to exercise eminent domain, should he be elected, over every structure that was touched by toxic dust from the 2001 destruction of the World Trade Center's twin towers, seems a bit loopy when you consider that the dust covered much of lower Manhattan as well as parts of New Jersey, whose officials might question the right (not to mention the sanity) of an out-of-state official so inclined. Especially when you consider that Paladino's imagined land grab was his idea to prevent the construction of a Muslim community center a couple of blocks from the Trade Center site.
I don't recall Paladino claiming he was going to use eminent domain on every 'structure that was touched by toxic dust', Just that old Burlington Coat Factory building now owned by lying, two-faced Muslim fanatic who would love to see Sharia law rule the United States. Paladino's idea of using eminent domain isn't so far fetched when you consider that our own government uses it on a regular basis to force people out of their homes and businesses so the company of the week, whose lobbyists bought off this congressman or that senator, can have their new shopping center, strip mall, low income housing development built right in the middle of town where no one wants it to be. At least Paladino's usage would be constructive.

Moving on. Rossie goes on to compare Paladino to Pastor Terry Jones, the would-be Qur'an burner in Gainseville Florida. The only reason anyone has heard of him is because when he made his now famous threat, Muslims half a world away rioted over the affair. Of course they riot over cartoons, foot washing receptacles in airports, any movie or book that criticizes them in any way, Christians, Jews, the list continues but I'm getting tired of typing. I've seen Paladino several times, and he has not once gone off on any tangents that spew hate at Muslims. He opposes one mosque, in one city in America. He has a right to.

The former editor than lays in to Paladino about his tiff with Fred Dickers, the weasel from the NY Post whose company sent pedophile reporters to the home of Paladino's 10 year old daughter so they could take pictures of her through her bedroom window. Not once, but twice! I'm sorry, Paladino was using a figure of speech, I would not have been so kind. I would have been very literal about my threat of death had someone tried that same BS with my daughter. Paladino was being generous to that slime ball.

Here's where it gets good, David Rossie now has your attention, so now he has to reel you in by doing what liberals do best. Taking a popular conservative name and adding catchy words like crackpot, loon, crazy, or screwball to the sentence. Here, the author name checks Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich, Christine O'Donnell, and Sharon Angle. Wow I think you got most of the good ones. Of course he didn't mention anything specific about most of them, just that he thought they were nuts.

This is nothing new, and we should expect a lot more of this poop laden journalism before November 2nd. Anything to try and save lives in the coming slaughter as Republicans reclaim much of the House, and some of the Senate. As real people, with home made signs, who weren't paid, or bussed in from somewhere have come together to finally put this liberal death machine to bed. Their hand picked candidates are ready for the call of duty, and in this battle, no one is taking prisoners. 

So ignore these sycophants in the press. You don't need to take their word for it. The candidates that we the people have chosen will debate anyone face to face, talk to their constituents, and tell it like it is. They don't need to hide in the corner, and let the press to their dirty work.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dems Planted Tea Party Candidate NJ

 On a balmy evening last May, about three dozen members of the South Jersey Young Democrats convened at the Camden County Democratic Committee Headquarters in Cherry Hill.
Freeholder Jeffrey Nash warned the assembled crowd of party volunteers and legislative aides that the sour economy would make the coming election season difficult for the Democratic majority.
He told the young activists they had to get out the vote for Democrats in the fall.

Then Steve Ayscue -- a paid CCDC consultant -- took the floor with a bearded, flame-haired man few had seen before. The latter was Geoff Mackler, dispatched from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to lead freshman Rep. John Adler's re-election campaign. Ayscue and Mackler had a plan to ensure Adler's victory. They just needed volunteers.

Internal numbers-crunching showed the difference between Adler and his Republican opponent -- then undetermined -- would hover around 5 percent. To give Adler an edge, Ayscue had recruited a then-unidentified man to run as a third-party candidate.

That candidate would act as a conservative spoiler to confuse voters and pull votes from Adler's eventual Republican challenger. But first he had to get on the ballot. With the filing deadline just weeks away, CCDC needed volunteers to hit the streets and collect signatures -- fast.

Read Full Article Here:

Protest Bill Clinton's Attempt To Boost Maurice Hinchey at the Holiday Inn Ballroom 10/11/2010

Bill Clinton - yes, I took this photoImage by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via Flickr

Listen up people, this is important. Bill Clinton is making a stop off in Binghamton, NY to try and give a boost to congressman Maurice Hinchey. We need to be on top of this and try and counteract the effect. The best way to do this is to be out there on Monday and show that we protest. Bear in mind, that while the Tea Party movement is making great strides this election, it is important we do NOT give the local media any fuel which which to burn us.

If you plan on protesting outside of the venue, please try and avoid the obvious pitfalls. No racist, sexist, homophobic signs. Don't rant about communism, socialism, or government conspiracies. Conduct yourselves in a respectful manner and let's try and give George Phillips a much needed boost. Here are the event details straight from the Hinchey camp.
“October 11, 2010 at 7:00 pm, President Bill Clinton will participate in a get out the vote kick off rally for Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) at the Holiday Inn Ballroom located at 2-8 Hawley Street in Binghamton, NY. ”
“Doors will open at 6:30 for the event, which will be free and open to the public. Members of the press are invited to attend.”
President Clinton will highlight the choice voters face in the upcoming midterm elections, and emphasize the need to continue moving the country forward by electing strong Representatives like Hinchey who are fighting for middle class families – not the wealthy special interests.”
I would like to point out that Hinchey's campaign is trying to make Maurice Hinchey out to be a middle class crusader, and that he is anti-special interests. If he was any of those things his voting record would speak to that. It doesn't. So please, get your signs and your determination and let's be there to show the Democrats who the people of Central, NY support for congress. George Phillips.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Patriot Rally In The Glen:Special Report 2

Sorry this took so long to post, things have been hectic this week. As we continue our look at the first Patriot Rally In The Glen, the day was just getting under way with many more things to come. After Beth Powers there was a break, followed by Sheryl Thomas, co-founder of the Orange/Sullivan 912 Tea Party group. Sheryl is a huge proponent of the Taxpayer's Party Line. She even brought along her Taxpayers Party Line banner, which was the backdrop for the days speakers and candidates. The banner was made for her by Gary Perry and Al Belardinelli of the Broome Tea Party.

NYS Senate Candidate Leonard Roberto spoke next. Leonard is the founder of Primary Challenge. The candidates speech was impassioned and full of life. I interviewed the candidate earlier in the day and his voice was calm and warm. As his speech came to a climax his voice rose and his timbre grew until he sounded like a mountain lion. His words gave the crowd a very clear idea of the necessity of taking back New York from the entrenched Democrats that are slowly strangling the life out of it.

During Mr. Roberto's speech there was a moment of unrest as the crowd became aware of the presence of the man that they had been waiting for. Carl Paladino, candidate for Governor had made his presence known. Mr. Paladino was seated in the front row along with a small girl. He waited patiently for Leonard Roberto to finish his speech, and his campaign manager Michael Caputo corralled the media and informed them that they would have plenty of time to get photos with Paladino after his speech.
Carl Paladino took the stage and for a brief time even had his faithful dog, Duke with him. After Duke was led back to the SUV's parked outside Mr. Paladino talked to the crowd about his plans for New York, and clued them in on some of Andrew Cuomo's dirty dealings. Paladino gave a lively speech, despite the fact that he appeared worn out from all the recent appearances and interviews he had been doing. His ongoing effort to canvas the entire state before the November 2nd elections.

During his 30+ minute speech he left the podium and brought the young girl he entered with up to the podium. He made a quip that became a very touching moment. "She's not mine." he said. "But she is ours." The statement more than likely made out to mean that we, the people of New York have a responsibility to our children and grand children to save the state from ruin, and thereby ensure their futures are a bright one.

Carl Paladino made it clear that his convictions were true, and that he was grateful for all the support he had received from the Tea Party groups throughout New York who have been pulling double duty and spreading the word of Paladino to the masses. The Paladino camp has had some rough patches since the rally, and it has hurt Carls numbers in the polls, but I think that the Tea parties of New York are no where near done in terms of getting the word out and giving the real story of Carl Paladino.

The press has been unkind to Carl in recent weeks, and in particular, Frederic Dicker, who since the spat the two men had has spent his time writing nasty little scandalous articles about the controversial candidate. Most of it conjecture and nonsense meant to stir up trouble for the Paladino campaign. I have read the tripe that Mr. Dicker has been spewing forth. It shows just how small of a man he really is. I hope people can get past this nonsense and elect the right man for the job of cleaning up New York. Carl Paladino.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mark Scudder Announces New Single, Free.

Mark Scudder, a conservative musician will be releasing his new single for the song "Free" on October 12th. He will be appearing tonight(October 6th, 2010) at 9PM on 'Right Hook', the official radio show of the New York State Young Republicans.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Paladino May Not Be Pushing Taxpayers Party Line Now That He Has The Conservative Endorsement.

Carl Paladino
In a recent article in the blogs section of the Village Voice I noticed some rather disturbing points being made in a supposed conversation between gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino and Conservative Party chairman Michael Long. In the article Long recalls that he asked Paladino about his thoughts on his recently created "Taxpayers Party" and what it's focus would be now that he has the conservative endorsement. Here is how it was told in the article by Wayne Barrett:
Long told the Voice that he met for hours last Sunday at the party's state headquarters in Bay Ridge. Lazio left without taking a clear position, said Long, and Long continued to talk with Paladino. "I asked where are you on this Tea Party or Taxpayer Party thing," recalled Long, "and he said the most important thing to him was getting votes on the Republican and Conservative Party lines."
There was nothing anyone could do about the Taxpayer Party because, said Long, "it's there," meaning petitions circulated by Paladino have given it a line on the ballot, though just for this race. Unless Paladino gets 50,000 votes on that line, it will cease to exist, just as the Conservative Party would die if Paladino doesn't get the same total on its line.
"I'm convinced that Carl's not going to make an effort to get people to vote for that party," said Long. "If Lazio had stayed in the race, Carl would have pushed his third party very hard." Long suggested that this was hardly a bone of contention in the negotiations, but Paladino's ownership of a third party line had to be one of the factors that drove the deal. A Paldino push on the Taxpayer line even now, after the Conservative endorsement, could be a deathblow to Long's party.
Now, based on this, I was a little disappointed in Paladino and needed to clarify all this information before I made any judgments. I wrote to Paladino campaign manager Michael Caputo, and placed a call to Conservative chairman Michael Long. Long was the first to respond. In the conversation Long clarified that essentially, with the Conservative endorsement, it becomes less imperative that Paladino push the Taxpayers Party Line. Long stated that in no way is Paladino trying to stifle the Taxpayers Line, but he feels Paladino will not make a concerted effort to endorse this line any further.

After this weekends "Patriot Rally In The Glen,"where Orange/Sullivan 912 Tea Party Organizer Sheryl Thomas made it a point to make a push for people to vote "Taxpayers Party." She, like so many in the Tea Party movement believe that Paladino's Taxpayers Party is the direction we should go. Most in the movement feel that both Republican and Conservative values don't seem to drive the candidates that align themselves with their respective parties.

A lack of solid candidates from the major conservative based parties in New York and the abject failure of the Democrats to do anything but drag this state into a pit of poverty and despair have made the decision clear for most Tea Party folks. They want something new. They want a party that represents them. The Taxpayers Party is that line. I strongly believe that most of those already aligned with the notion of this new party will vote on it.

Regardless of the truth of this matter, I have to make it clear that it would, of course, not be in the best interest of Michael Long to place any emphasis on the Taxpayers line, and to do everything he can to promote his own Conservative Party. He is quite aware that the party will cease to exist and need to petition it's way back on to the ballot(If the people will bear it.)should they fail to get 50,000 votes on their line come November.

In the end, this kind of news could be a real disappointment for the people who are backing Carl Paladino on the Taxpayers Party Line. I know that this news, while logical, is still a big blow to myself and to those of us who were looking for a 'real' change come November. Again, I still feel the Taxpayers' Party Line will get the 50,000 votes it needs to survive, and that Tea Party ideals will prevail, at least this November, if not many more November's to come.

John A. Gaetani Libertarian Candidate For Comptroller Interview


I ran into John A. Gaetani, the Libertarian candidate for New York State Comptroller at the "Patriot Rally In The Glen" He agreed to do an interview with me. Here is that interview.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Patriot Rally In The Glen:Special Report-Part 1

Patriot Rally In The Glen:A Special Report-Part 1
Crowd_Patriot Rally in the Glen 2010

New York Tea Party Leaders_Patriot Rally in the Glen 2010This weekend was one of immense elation and joy. The first annual "Patriot Rally In The Glen" Took place in Watkins Glen at the Watkins Glen Community Center at Clute Memorial Park. The event hosted by the Odessa Tea Party with the help of other Tea Party leaders throughout the state was a day of networking, morale building, community, friendship, and fun. Guest speakers gave us a thought provoking day, while tables of both candidates and Tea Party groups lined the outermost portion of the community center.

New York Tea Party Leaders 2_Patriot Rally in the Glen 2010
 There were t-shirts, bumper stickers, books, constitutions, and other material available from Tea Party groups from around New York State. Around 450 people attended the event in the Glen, and the day was filled with great speakers, and capped off nicely with an appearance by gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, who is a favorite of the Tea Party and founder of the New York Taxpayers Party Line.

Judith Whitmore_Robert Schulz FoundationThe Day begun around 12:00PM with Frank Acomb, the master of ceremonies introducing the days first speaker, Judith Whitmore of the Robert Schulz Foundation. Next up was Robert Schulz himself. Schulz gave a rousing lesson on constitutional liberties, the purpose of the continental congress, and it's most recent incarnation and their recommendations. Those recommendations are very telling of the current distaste most people seem to have of the way government is being run by the current administration. You can download their findings, entitled "The Articles Of Freedom" at

Beth Powers_Liberty Bus
Beth Powers, the owner of the "Liberty Bus" spoke to the crowd next and encouraged them to sign the Liberty Bus. Outside in the parking lot, the large highly decorated bus was covered in thousands of signatures, and a beautiful graphic of the Statue of Liberty adorning the rear of the vehicle. After Powers was done there was a short break to allow people to converse with the speakers, maybe get some lunch, or just mingle.

Liberty Bus
Liberty Bus 2
               The Liberty Bus