Carl Paladino Trounces Rick Lazio In The Primaries

carl Paldino Headshot Courtesy of Paladino for the People.After weeks of cat and mouse games in which Lazio would skirt the issue or flat out refuse to debate Carl Paladino it became clear why. He was scared. Paladino's Chicken stunt earlier in the summer was more on point than most would have given it credit for. Paladino's campaign has been ramping up for the last couple of months; and despite the luke warm reception from the main stream media, coupled with polls numbers that had Paladino behind Lazio by a good 10 points up until the last few days before the primaries, it appears they got it wrong. Not only did Carl Paladino win the Republican primary in New York, he utterly trounced Rick Lazio, the GOP's favored pick for this election. Paladino racked up 62.1% of the vote, with Lazio bringing in only 37.9%.

From the very beginning, Carl Paladino has been a candidate unlike any this state has seen. His brash stylings and unapologetic tone at first almost seemed like a detriment to his campaign. It now appears this is just what New Yorkers wanted to hear. Paladino seems to be bullet-proof, with criticism and controversy bouncing off the Buffalo businessman's chest as if he were Superman. The media was reporting in April that the innapropriate email scandal would be the end of Paladino's campaign. It didn't even slow him down. The media was again quick to dismiss Paladino after he expressed strong opposition to the Ground-Zero Mosque proposal, even threatening to use eminent domain to halt construction on the controversial building. Again Paladino emerged unscathed.

Despite opposition, and in some cases outright hostility toward Mr. Paladino by the New York Republican and Conservative parties, Carl refused to let their negativity sway him from his course. After failing to receive the Conservative nod, Paladino formed the New York Taxpayers Party Line. It seemed to catch fire overnight. From the lowest levels of office, to high profile senate seats, many seemed eager to be a part of Carl's new party.  Former CIA operative and best-selling author Gary Berntsen hopped on the band-wagon, David Malpass followed as well. Many Assembly and Congressional candidates across the state seemed eager to come aboard. While it is not clear as to the exact number, estimates put the figure at 30+ people were part of the Taxpayer Line prior to the September 14th primaries.

Carl Paladino proved he is a force to be reckoned with, but his greatest challenge lies ahead. He has to defeat Democrat darling Andrew Cuomo, who polls have sitting at a comfortable lead over Paladino. As of this writing Carls chances are estimated to be 300-1 in Cuomo's Favor. Of course we learned on Septemper 14th that sometimes polls are very much an innacurate science. With only less than 2 months until the November elections the Paladino Campaign has a lot of work to do. The people of New York have a lot of work to do. If you support Carl Paladino, I urge you to take it to the streets, shout it from the rooftops, make the message loud and clear that change is coming to New York.
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