Paladino Campaign Verbally Disembowels Governor David Paterson.

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 Governor David Paterson called gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino "Unfit for Office." and chastised him for forwarding racist, homophobic, and misogynistic emails. Paladino's Camp responded by promptly ripping Paterson a 'new one'. Paladino's campaign manager Michael Caputo had this to say about Paterson's unkind words.
"The attack on Carl Paladino by David Paterson, the most corrupt and incompetent Governor in New York history, is laughable.
"David Paterson tried to intimidate a witness in a domestic abuse case involving his top aide, used state and city police to further intimidate and then tried to stonewall the investigation of the incident. Paterson lied and forged documents regarding his taking New York Yankees tickets and he even recently wired a $258 million no-bid State contract for his wife's employer.
"David Paterson should have been prosecuted for these illegal acts, but true to the Albany system he avoided paying any penalty for betraying the public trust. He is symbolic of everything that is wrong with Albany. Paterson demeans his office further by resorting to these personal attacks.
"Paterson's charge that Carl Paladino is a racist is patently false and the public record proves it. Carl Paladino has created thousands of jobs for people of color. Carl has quietly funded the St. Luke's Mission of Mercy shelter in Buffalo for fifteen years, feeding thousands of poor people, people of color and others just down on their luck. Does that sound like the work of a racist?
"How private sector jobs has Andrew Cuomo created for African-Americans? How many has he fed? I'll venture a safe guess: none. David Paterson is addled and nearly all New Yorkers are counting down the days until he stops embarrassing this state."
This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Paterson is completely inept, hell, he can't even see the tax increases he signs. It's apparent that Paladino's camp is not going to waste anytime in trashing the corrupt Democrats controlling Albany. Paladino Challenged rival Andrew Cuomo to a debate directly after beating Rick Lazio in the primaries. When Cuomo hadn't responded less than 24 hours later, Paladino ripped in to him again. The stakes are high in this race, and to be honest, we need a Paladino win or New York is doomed. Hopefully the Taxpayer's Party Line, along with the very decisive action of the states many Tea Party organizations will come through in November and score a big win for the people of the Empire State.

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