Carl Paladino Calls George Pataki A "Degenerative Idiot" Pataki says he will support him anyways.

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 I could have taken the time to written about this, but I can't stop laughing long enough to write more than one sentence.
Governor Pataki told more than 100 people at a Wall Street Journal breakfast forum this morning that he expects to back Carl Paladino for governor "based on policy" -- then seemed taken aback when an audience member asked if he knew that Paladino had trashed the former governor as a "degenerative idiot" on the front page of the Daily News.
"I was not aware of that," Pataki said, but added: "It's not about me. Very simply, it's about the future of this state ...Obviously I'm not pleased to hear the man called me that and we've heard some other comments about some of his inflammatory rhetoric, but ultimately it's about who will be the best governor for the state of New York and I'm prepared to listen to his agenda. And if in fact he has the agenda and expresses it in a way that turns anger into policy, that, I think would make this a better state. Then I'd certainly be inclined to support him despite what he may have called me."
Paterson continued to slam Paladino throughout the forum (while Spitzer largely tried to cast Paladino into the larger discussion about the Tea Party across the country) but Pataki defended his stance until, weirdly, later in the forum, after learning of the degenerative idiot comment, he seemed to hedge his stance.
"I think Gov. Paterson makes an extraordinarily important point," he said. "It's not just about your policies. It's also about the image you convey to the people of the state and I haven't followed Carl Paladino's statements. I supported Rick Lazio. My initial reaction is because of policies that I would be inclined to support but I think Gov. Paterson's point is absolutely valid and he has got to also show to the people of this state that he has the character and the ability -- not just from the policy standpoint -- to be where I agree with him, but also that we will represent this state in the way that we all believe is is appropriate."
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