Fake Tea Party Group Denounces Paladino

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MyFoxNY is reporting that on Thursday, September 23rd, a group calling themselves the "New York Tea Party" is saying that they are the largest Tea Party organization in New York and Carl Paladino is not endorsed by the Tea Party. These so-called----let me just get this out of the way now, FAKE Tea Partiers, took pictures of Carl Paladino and covered them in Tea Bags. The act itself does not seem to be the kind of thing seen of any Tea Party groups I am aware of.
Here's the part that makes my claims legit. No one has ever heard of these people before. This group of liberal saboteurs are clearly taking orders from some left wing group, or possibly from Andrew Cuomo's campaign. Regardless they are clearly not a real Tea Party group, and are trying to halt the momentum the Paladino campaign has made following the crushing defeat of Rick Lazio in the September 14th primaries.
Below is a transcript of the article and the video is here courtesy of MyFoxNY.
MYFOXNY.COM - Representatives of the New York Tea Party dumped tea bags on a photo of Carl Paladino, saying that the Republican nominee for governor, who has described himself as a Tea Partier, does not represent them.
In fact, a group calling itself the Tea Party has it s own candidate for governor: Steve Cohn, who petitioned his way onto the general election ballot.
His name on the ballot could take votes away from Paladino, who is a supporter of the larger tea party movement.
Paladino spokesman Mike Caputo called Cohn's Tea Party "disgruntled independent party hacks. Of the 160 tea party groups in New York not one has heard of this group before."
In New York the tea party movement does seem to encompass 160 separate groups as opposed to an organized party.
Paladino says he has the support of the majority of "tea party" groups in New York.
Meantime, Paladino released another advertisement attacking Cuomo, who is drawn as Pinocchio for allegedly lying about voting for Mayor Mike Bloomberg.
New York Democratic Committee head Jay Jacobs responded by saying Paladino's "entire life is a lie."

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Nobody said…
While I appreciate the comment, I have to ask....Do you take stimulants on a regular basis, or only when commenting on blogs??