Black Democrats Attack Carl Paladino;And Fail Miserably At It.

Black Democrats spew nonsense in an apparent attempt to sway voters away from gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino. They seem to think that Carl is "incendiary and divisive" well they almost got it right. Carl is definitely incendiary, he is a fireball of anger that has a razor sharp focus. That focus is on cleaning up Albany and getting New York back on track. This is just another in a long string of lame attempts by the democrats to try and kill some of the Paladino Trains momentum. Sorry. Let's look at some of the nonsense we saw from this New York Daily News article:
Led by former state Comptroller Carl McCall and former city Comptroller Bill Thompson, a group of African-American Democratic leaders today called on state Republicans to insist GOP gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino put aside his incendiary and divisive rhetoric and “conduct a reasonable, civil campaign."
black leaders paladino presser.jpg
“Republican leaders should call on him to do that, and if he doesn’t do it, they should abandon him,” McCall said at a press avail on the steps of City Hall.
This mans remarks are tame compared to some of the other crazy and over the top bile being vomited forth by other black Democrats. Check out this pile of guano!:
Brooklyn Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries said that Paladino has said he would “bring a baseball bat with him to the Capitol,” then added, “That’s a scary thought. Carl Paladino doesn’t need a baseball bat; he needs anger management and an intervention.”

And Bronx Assemblyman/Democratic chairman Carl Heastie said the last thing the troubled state needs is “someone who wants to govern by threatening, govern my stereotyping and governing by being a racist.”

Brooklyn Councilwoman Letitia James added, "You should be afraid, very afraid. He would turn the clock back on women’s rights… He’d basically [put] women [back] in the kitchen.”
Let me address these in order. Hakeem. If you had graduated from kindergarten you would know that Carl was being metaphorical. Can you say 'metaphorical?" No? Try this than. "Moron."
Carl, Mr. Paladino isn't threatening anyone, he is however promising to clean up your stink once he gets to Albany, which may scare you and make you believe you are being threatened. It's only a stereotype if it's not completely true, and we all know racist is a code word for "White Republican" so save your biased opinion for someone who cares.
And finally, we come to Letitia. Letitia? Fuck you in the neck. You do realize a popular ethnic joke is that Italians say that women should be barefoot and pregnant and at home and in the kitchen? No, well by your own words you just compared Carl to an Italian American stereotype. But of course that can't be racist because you aren't a "White Republican"

I feel sorry for the black citizenry of New York. Why? Because these three clowns along with Felon Charlie Rangel are the people who represent them. You four ass hats have set back civil rights forty years by making up racist boogeymen and trying to pass off your own racism as genuine anger about the evil "White Republicans" and how they all are trying to oppress you. They don't have to. You've done a fantastic job all by yourselves.

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