Thursday, September 30, 2010

Paladino To Reporter "I'll Take You Out."

Fox News in New York is reporting that Carl Paladino got into a shouting match with a NY Post reporter. It appears that Paladino had good reason to be mad. Seems the Post sent a photographer to Paladino's house, they put a camera up to his 10 year old daughters bedroom window and took photos of her. The girl has had bouts of crying ever since.  I am sure the liberal media is going to spin this so that it's all about Carl getting angry at Fred Dicker.

Frankly, Carl Paladino had every right to be angry at these scumbag reporters. Kids are off-limits assholes. Gawker is claiming that Paladino was physical with Fred Dicker, this simply is not true. It appears that someone in the crowd or a member of Paladino's campaign may have put their hands up to stop Fred Dicker's advance on Paladino. Liberals are so desperate right now to stop Carl Paladino from winning this election. Paladino has just secured the Conservative Party Line, giving him the Republican, Conservative, and Taxpayers Line for November 2nd. With the entrance of the Black and Hispanic "Freedom" Party, Andrew Cuomo is now frantic to try and recapture the minority vote he needs to win.
Paladino's aides had to separate him and a New York Post reporter during a five-minute confrontation before a speech Wednesday night.
Post State Editor Fred Dicker had asked Paladino to provide proof of his suggestion to the Politico blog that his Democratic opponent, Andrew Cuomo, had extramarital affairs. Cuomo is divorced from Kerry Kennedy, Robert Kennedy's daughter.
Paladino refused but said he would provide proof "at the appropriate time," then accused Dicker of being biased for Cuomo. Paladino criticized Dicker because a Post journalist recently went to the home of Paladino's 10-year-old daughter, who was fathered out of wedlock.
"I'll take you out, buddy!" Paladino said to Dicker toward the end of the confrontation.
"You'll take me out?" Dicker responded. "How are you going to do that?"
"Watch," Paladino said, leaving the scene, the lobby of the Sagamore conference center.
"Are you threatening me?" Dicker shouted as Paladino left.
Paladino spokesman Michael Caputo said afterward that a Post photographer recently put the lens of a camera against the daughter's bedroom window while she was practicing for a school dance and she has had bouts of crying and has been calling her father every day since.
Paladino told The Associated Press it was the way Dicker "came into my face that was aggravating." He refused to answer questions after a long, well-received speech to the state Business Council.
Post spokeswoman Suzi Halpin and Cuomo had no comment.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thomas Friedman. Wrong on The Tea Party.

There was an article written on September 28th, 2010 by a gentleman named THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN Friedman it seems is a delusional fellow, who like so many leftist windbags can't see the forest for the trees. He is convinced that somehow there are two Tea Party movements in this country. One that he misrepresents and passes off as irrelevant; and another that is actually the same Tea Party movement he just blew off. Well, almost. I am going to respond paragraph, by paragraph to Mr. Friedcake's delusional rant and see if I can't set the record straight once and for all. I am speaking directly to the Obama zombies now, so pay attention you mindless goat herders. Mr Friedman's words are in italics and indented, my comments will be in a dark blue.
 There are actually two Tea Party movements in America today: one you’ve read about that is not that important and one you’ve not read about that could become really important if the right politician understood how to tap into it.
 The Tea Party that has gotten all the attention, the amorphous, self-generated protest against the growth in government and the deficit, is what I’d actually call the “Tea Kettle movement” — because all it’s doing is letting off steam.
 While your sentiment may have held some weight in the very beginning, it appears you haven't been paying any attention to what is going on in this country. The Tea Party movement that I know, is no longer focusing just on the here and now, and the November elections. It is looking beyond, even 2012 and the defeat of the (not)chosen one. The Tea Party I know is concerned with real, tangible, long term change. A shift away from the politics that we are used to, and into a whole new realm of progress. Here in the Empire State, I have witnessed the rise of at least two new political parties that could reshape New York politics all together. 

The first is of course the Taxpayers Party. The line founded by gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino. The fire that burns here has not been this hot since 1776. The people have spoken, and they have chosen representatives that are not entrenched in Albany politics. They have chosen their neighbors, those among them who best represent them and their ideals. These men and women are true Americans, they are representing their own as was the way of things before politics became a deluded fashion show with a dash of greased palms, topped off with adulterous liaisons. These candidates are a battering ram of sorts, they are here to push through  the nonsense, and push out the stale, inbred mutants that plague this sinking ship of a state.
 There is also the Freedom party. A party that appears to represent the Black and Hispanic population of New York. They rocketed on to the scene recently by turning in over 43,000 signatures to get themselves on the ballot in November. This must be a real shot in the arm to the Democrats, who for years have counted on garnering the minority vote. This year it appears that Andrew Cuomo will need to do some extraordinary pandering to try and sway these voters back from a party that reeks of diversity and ethnic harmony.
That is not to say that the energy behind it is not authentic (it clearly is) or that it won’t be electorally impactful (it clearly might be). But affecting elections and affecting America’s future are two different things. Based on all I’ve heard from this movement, it feels to me like it’s all steam and no engine. It has no plan to restore America to greatness.
 Again, you have not been paying attention. Tea party groups are focusing on education, voter awareness, constitutional studies, they are preparing the people to become the next wave of voters. The kind who are interested, tuned in, and well informed. These new improved voters look beyond terms like Democrat and Republican, they want real leaders. All the Tea Party groups I have been involved with have a defined goal of meeting with, and vetting the candidates themselves, allowing their members to see  the kind of person these people are. So when the time comes to vote, they will be electing a real representative of the  people, not a name, or a party.
No longer are the people content to put a check next to the (R) or the (D), or even the (I) at the ballot box. They want to test their candidates, put them through a trial by fire before they give them their approval. Their needs have changed, and their elected officials will reflect that change. This is an ongoing process, one that will hopefully last generations and lead to a restoration of the America that our forefathers created.
The Tea Kettle movement can’t have a positive impact on the country because it has both misdiagnosed America’s main problem and hasn’t even offered a credible solution for the problem it has identified. How can you take a movement seriously that says it wants to cut government spending by billions of dollars but won’t identify the specific defense programs, Social Security, Medicare or other services it’s ready to cut — let alone explain how this will make us more competitive and grow the economy? 
I can think of a few programs Americans might be ready to cut. Obamacare, rampant welfare programs, unnecessary departments that don't seem to have a use. Take for example The U.S. Botanic Garden(Plants, really?), how about HUD? The Department of Labor. I've used it, has never helped me a bit. The Broadcasting Board of Governors. Ooh, I have a good one. The African Development Foundation. So far this seems like a complete failure, Africa does not seem to be improving much with our help.
The FCC, a nonsensical arm of the government who seems to think the people need outside help to figure out if the program they are watching is offensive or not. Aren't remote controls awesome!?! With them you turn off programs you don't like. Tada! Millions in wasteful spending cut in a flash. The National Railroad Passenger Corporation. Congress gave us AMTRAK, and now AMTRAK is bleeding money like a stuck pig. Time to kill this useless turd. I'm not even a politician and I think I just saved us Billions of dollars. 
 And how can you take seriously a movement that sat largely silent while the Bush administration launched two wars and a new entitlement, Medicare prescription drugs — while cutting taxes — but is now, suddenly, mad as hell about the deficit and won’t take it anymore from President Obama? Say what? Where were you folks for eight years?
I was enjoying the prosperity. How about you? Under George Bush, I had steady employment, fat tax returns and an economy that somehow managed to bounce back from the most devastating terrorist attack in history. It's amazing we did it without trillions in bailout money. Imagine that? Even after 9/11 by 2005 job growth didn't fall, it didn't go up, but it also didn't fall. From 2005 until 2008 it rose by 1.1 percent. Not stellar. But so far jobs have fallen 3.1 percent under Barack Obama.
So even with 9/11 and two wars being fought simultaneously,  compiled with tax cuts we still managed to have job growth and and unemployment rate below 6 percent. The federal deficit has risen nearly 3.5 trillion dollars in less than two years(compare to 4.2 trillion over an 8 year period under Bush.) Unemployment is 9 percent, the housing market has completely tanked, and so far there has been nothing stimulating about the 'Stimulus' at all. Unless you count the 800,000 dollars of it that went to Africa to teach guys how to wash their genitals.
 The issues that upset the Tea Kettle movement — debt and bloated government — are actually symptoms of our real problem, not causes. They are symptoms of a country in a state of incremental decline and losing its competitive edge, because our politics has become just another form of sports entertainment, our Congress a forum for legalized bribery and our main lawmaking institutions divided by toxic partisanship to the point of paralysis. 
How astute of you. I believe I have heard that exact argument before. Oh where was it? Oh yeah! At a TEA PARTY MEETING. You assume Tea Party folks are as ignorant as the media makes them out to be. You, of course, would be wrong.
The important Tea Party movement, which stretches from centrist Republicans to independents right through to centrist Democrats, understands this at a gut level and is looking for a leader with three characteristics. First, a patriot: a leader who is more interested in fighting for his country than his party. Second, a leader who persuades Americans that he or she actually has a plan not just to cut taxes or pump stimulus, but to do something much larger — to make America successful, thriving and respected again. And third, someone with the ability to lead in the face of uncertainty and not simply whine about how tough things are — a leader who believes his job is not to read the polls but to change the polls. 
Centrist politics genrally make for bad policies. John McCain is great at making crappy legislation with a centrist slant. He's not very popular these days. And this leader you speak of is in the making. After November we have two years to find that leader, and I think with the perseverance of the Tea Party movement we will accomplish just that.
 Democratic Pollster Stan Greenberg told me that when he does focus groups today this is what he hears: “People think the country is in trouble and that countries like China have a strategy for success and we don’t. They will follow someone who convinces them that they have a plan to make America great again. That is what they want to hear. It cuts across Republicans and Democrats.” 
 Who is this clown talking to they that are convinced China has a strategy for success? Sure China is poised to make trillions in the world market, but they will still be Communist, overpopulated, with a general populace that is living in squalor, not to mention the worst purveyors of human rights violations next to Iran. That's  my idea of success.
To me, that is a plan that starts by asking: what is America’s core competency and strategic advantage, and how do we nurture it? Answer: It is our ability to attract, develop and unleash creative talent. That means men and women who invent, build and sell more goods and services that make people’s lives more productive, healthy, comfortable, secure and entertained than any other country. Leadership today is about how the U.S. government attracts and educates more of that talent and then enacts the laws, regulations and budgets that empower that talent to take its products and services to scale, sell them around the world — and create good jobs here in the process. Without that, we can’t afford the health care or defense we need.
Sounds good. Now if you could, please tell the Democrats that oppressive regulations fueled by a false 'green' initiative; and outrageous corporate taxation,  are stifling a boat load of creative talent, and driving it, along with trillions of dollars of capital to other countries.  P.S. we can't afford the kind of health care we are being offered, regardless of how many talented people we put to work. Oh wait!, if we boost our economy with the rocket fuel known as capitalism and the free market, millions more people will be able to afford health insurance, and we won't need Obamacare(less).
This is the plan the real Tea Party wants from its president. To implement it would require us to actually raise some taxes — on, say, gasoline — and cut others — like payroll taxes and corporate taxes. It would require us to overhaul our immigration laws so we can better control our borders, let in more knowledge workers and retain those skilled foreigners going to college here. And it would require us to reduce some services — like Social Security — while expanding others, like education and research for a 21st-century economy.
In other words, it will require a very smart, subtle and focused plan to use our now diminishing resources in the most efficient way possible to get back to our core competency. That is the only long-term solution to our problem — to grow our way out of debt with American workers who are more empowered and educated to compete. 
 Actually we need to drill domestically , which will lower the cost of gas, and give us more money in our coffers, abolish payroll taxes all together, reduce corporate taxes to a level that will promote domestic growth and spending, or we could abolish all of this nonsense, kill the IRS and move to a Fair Tax system. Fixing our immigration laws having nothing to do with letting in skilled workers or letting foreigners going to college stay here. It is about stopping people from coming to this country illegally. It is about securing our border, and getting the tens of millions of illegals off of our health care system, off of our welfare rolls, and to free up that money we are wasting on criminals so we can spend it on paying down the deficit, or creating jobs for legal Americans. 
Social security should be partially privatized, to allow people to save for their own retirement like we used to do for centuries before there was such a thing as Social Security. I agree with you on education and the 21st century economy. If most of what I have been saying is implemented we won't have a problem with diminishing resources, and we will be growing our self out of debt with ease.
Any Tea Party that says the simple answer is just shrinking government and slashing taxes might be able to tip the midterm elections in its direction. But it can’t tip America in the right direction. There is a Tea Party for that, but it’s still waiting for a leader. 
 You might be right, but if we could accomplish those two things, we would be exponentially better off than we are now.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Maurice Hinchey Uses Image Of Fidel Castro In Fund Raising Flyer.

Maurice Hinchey-Fidel Castro-Flyer

Look, I know this is old news, but I was out of commission with some dental problems so I kind of missed it. When I was finally lucid enough to see for myself, I thought this was some kind of joke. A picture of Maurice Hinchey schmoozing with Fidel Castro! WTF? So I started looking around, and it seems my worst fears were confirmed. This was indeed a real ad straight from the Hinchey camp. Pajamas Media and Redstate both confirmed this was indeed the genuine article.

George Phillips
So our beloved comrade Hinchey is using Fidel Castro's Image as a fund raising tool. Wow, this man has no shame. So far the comments from the media outlets that actually took the time to run the story(local news outlets in Hinchey district have been mostly silent on the issue, but online papers that allow user submitted news have seen citizen journalists taking up the mantle and doing the right thing.)have been pretty damning of Hinchey's not so glamorous photo shoot with the former Cuban dictator. The candidate set to unseat Hinchey this November is school teacher; and Endwell native, George Phillips.
George Phillips has been putting his all into his campaign to unseat the Democrat incumbent who has spent almost 4 decades in office between stints in Albany and Washington.  Phillips had this to say about the fundraising advertisement.
“It’s appalling that a sitting member of the United States Congress would use a photo of himself and Fidel Castro to raise money. Castro imprisoned, tortured and killed thousands of his own people and has been one of the world’s most infamous dictators in the past half century. I hope the American people will join me in fighting to fire a US congressman so directly opposed to America’s founding principles.”
I guess if this doesn't convince you that it's time for Maurice Hinchey to go, nothing will. I urge all of you to get out to your local polling place and vote this November 2nd. Be sure to vote for the future of New York, and not it's corrupt past. The name is George Phillips. Write it down, memorize it, and fill in the little circle next to his name when it comes time to vote.  Or you can vote for Maurice Hinchey and get more of the same nonsense we've been seeing for years.

Art Garrison, New York Assembly Candidate Receives Endorsement From The National Federation of Independent Business.

Art Garrison
 Art Garrison, local business owner, and candidate for the 126th district assembly seat has been endorsed by the National Federation of independent business. Congratulations Art, you deserve it. Art Garrison is running against incumbent Democrat Donna Lupardo. The Republikid Political Blog proudly endorses Art Garrison for Assembly.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Mike Elmendorf (518) 434-1262  Jack Mozloom (609) 987-8777

Small Business Endorses Arthur Garrison for Assembly

New York’s leading small business association, the National Federation of Independent Business,
has endorsed Arthur Garrison for election in the 126
th Assembly district.

“Arthur is the right candidate for small business in this race--and the candidate who has demonstrated the
strongest support for the small business agenda,” said NFIB/New York State Director Mike Elmendorf.
“Arthur will stand with small business and fight to reduce taxes and lower New York’s crushing cost of doing
business. He will say no to costly new mandates on small business and will support common sense lawsuit
reform. Arthur will also join NFIB’s push for a property tax cap and state spending cap to lead the way to a
more affordable New York in which small business owners can do what they do best--run their businesses and create jobs. 

We look forward to working with Arthur in the State Assembly on behalf of New York’s small
business community,” Elmendorf said.
 Small business owners and their employees vote in high numbers and are known for actively recruiting friends, family members and acquaintances to go to the polls.
NFIB’s political support is based on the candidate’s position and record on small-business issues. Arthur
Garrison’s endorsement comes from the NFIB/New York SAFE (Save America’s Free Enterprise) Trust, the political action committee for NFIB/New York’s membership. The endorsement puts the considerable
grassroots support of the state’s small businesses behind the Garrison campaign.


NFIB is the nation’s leading small business association, with offices in Washington, D.C. and all 50 state capitals. Founded in
1943 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, NFIB gives small and independent business owners a voice in shaping the public
policy issues that affect their business. NFIB’s powerful network of grassroots activists send their views directly to state and
federal lawmakers through our unique member-only ballot, thus playing a critical role in supporting America’s free enterprise
system. NFIB’s mission is to promote and protect the right of our members to own, operate and grow their businesses. More
information about NFIB is available online at

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mudslinging Begins In New York Governors Race

Lazio Drops Out Of New York Governors Race.

 NEW YORK (AP) -- Conservative Party candidate Rick Lazio on Monday withdrew from the race for governor, a decision that helps the tea party candidate who beat Lazio in the Republican primary. Lazio told The Associated Press that he wants to continue to influence the race and bring a workable job-creation program into a contest he says has devolved into name-calling between Republican Carl Paladino and Democrat Andrew Cuomo.

Polls show Paladino rising against the once seemingly unassailable Cuomo, but the latest survey showed Lazio taking 8 percent of voters, most of whom would likely 
vote for Paladino and cut into Cuomo's lead, said Marist College pollster Lee Miringoff.
Told of Lazio's decision, Paladino told the AP: "We're happy about that. I think Rick Lazio and I ran a primary that was above the garbage and the trash. We addressed issues."

Read the full article: Associated Press

Friday, September 24, 2010

New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox And Congressional Candidate George Phillips Speak At "Take Back New York" Rally Binghamton, New York

Take Back NY-George Phillips Rally
George PhillipsEarly this morning, the Take Back New York bus pulled in to the parking lot of the Park Diner in Binghamton, NY. The stop is one of many for the bus on it's seven county tour to highlight the campaigns of some of the GOP's top Congressional candidates. The bus will be rolling through Albany, Newburgh, Kingston, Binghamton, Owego, Corning, Olean, and Auburn.

This portion of the tour features local Congressional candidate George Phillips. Phillips, a school teacher from Endwell, NY is running against Democrat incumbent Maurice Hinchey. Hinchey has been serving New York in Albany, and Washington for 36 years. George Phillips supporters believe that Hinchey has served long enough, has become too interested in party politics, and is ignoring the will of the people.

Art Garrison
 Town of Conklin Supervisor Debbie Preston was on-hand to talk about the challenges ahead and to introduce the speakers. 126th assembly district candidate Art Garrison spoke about his campaign and the challenges New York Faces. Garrison is an economist and owner of Family Hobby and Crafts in Vestal, NY. Art Garrison hopes to dethrone Donna Lupardo this November.

NY GOP Chairman Ed CoxGeorge Phillips took some time to talk about his opponent and really get the crowd fired up with his battle cry of "Had Enough?" Phillips campaign has been running at full steam with no signs of slowing down. Phillips opponent Maurice Hinchey, is an entrenched Democrat incumbent who so far appears to feel that his seat is not threatened. That may change in the next 39 days as more conservative candidates make huge gains in the polls against their Democrat foes.

The highlight of the day was, of course, New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox. Cox is piloting the Take Back New York bus and really making a good effort to call attention to and highlight the strong points of this new breed of GOP hopefuls running for various seats throughout New York for the mid-term elections. The crowd of enthusiastic supporters were behind Cox message and seemed pumped to do battle with pamphlets, phones, and eventually, the ballot box, to ensure a swift and decisive victory for the Republicans, and for the taxpayers of New York this November 2nd.

Fake Tea Party Group Denounces Paladino

P1190799Image by azipaybarah via Flickr

MyFoxNY is reporting that on Thursday, September 23rd, a group calling themselves the "New York Tea Party" is saying that they are the largest Tea Party organization in New York and Carl Paladino is not endorsed by the Tea Party. These so-called----let me just get this out of the way now, FAKE Tea Partiers, took pictures of Carl Paladino and covered them in Tea Bags. The act itself does not seem to be the kind of thing seen of any Tea Party groups I am aware of.
Here's the part that makes my claims legit. No one has ever heard of these people before. This group of liberal saboteurs are clearly taking orders from some left wing group, or possibly from Andrew Cuomo's campaign. Regardless they are clearly not a real Tea Party group, and are trying to halt the momentum the Paladino campaign has made following the crushing defeat of Rick Lazio in the September 14th primaries.
Below is a transcript of the article and the video is here courtesy of MyFoxNY.
MYFOXNY.COM - Representatives of the New York Tea Party dumped tea bags on a photo of Carl Paladino, saying that the Republican nominee for governor, who has described himself as a Tea Partier, does not represent them.
In fact, a group calling itself the Tea Party has it s own candidate for governor: Steve Cohn, who petitioned his way onto the general election ballot.
His name on the ballot could take votes away from Paladino, who is a supporter of the larger tea party movement.
Paladino spokesman Mike Caputo called Cohn's Tea Party "disgruntled independent party hacks. Of the 160 tea party groups in New York not one has heard of this group before."
In New York the tea party movement does seem to encompass 160 separate groups as opposed to an organized party.
Paladino says he has the support of the majority of "tea party" groups in New York.
Meantime, Paladino released another advertisement attacking Cuomo, who is drawn as Pinocchio for allegedly lying about voting for Mayor Mike Bloomberg.
New York Democratic Committee head Jay Jacobs responded by saying Paladino's "entire life is a lie."

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Paterson Vetoes HIV/AIDS housing bill.

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 22:  New York Governor Da...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
According to YNN, it looks like all that out of control spending in Albany hasn't left enough money in their coffers to push through a 20 million dollar bill that would help people living with HIV/AIDS by limiting the amount of rent they can be charged. This move, says advocates, will force more people living with AIDS and HIV into homelessness. It's no secret the cocktail of drugs needed to treat HIV/AIDS is costly, giving them a break on their rent sounds like a decent thing to do.
You could be a judgmental prick and take the moral high ground and claim that they got AIDS because they are sinful homosexuals, or drug users, or promiscuous whores who should be smote by God. But I'm going to just say that having friends who are HIV positive, I'm not going to bring religion into this. Nor am I going to play the part of good little 'fiscal' Conservative and say that this is a waste of money and should be left to charity work.
Of all the useless crap we spend money on, this is not one of those things. So far in the first month of the new tobacco taxes that Paterson signed in to law, New York lost 40 million in cigarette tax revenue, enough to pay for this housing program for two years. You are a liar and a crook Mr. Paterson. Help is on the way though, his name is Carl Paladino.
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - New York Gov. David Paterson has vetoed a bill that would limit the rent that welfare recipients with AIDS and the HIV virus could be charged.
The Democratic governor calls it "the hardest veto" he's every issued, but says the state can't afford the $20 million yearly the program would cost.

Advocates say the veto will force more people suffering from AIDS and HIV into homelessness. They say the action also is counterproductive because caring for these people is far more expensive in homeless shelters than in their homes.
But Paterson says the bill just represents the latest admirable cause that can't be funded during the state's continued fiscal crisis.

Black Democrats Attack Carl Paladino;And Fail Miserably At It.

Black Democrats spew nonsense in an apparent attempt to sway voters away from gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino. They seem to think that Carl is "incendiary and divisive" well they almost got it right. Carl is definitely incendiary, he is a fireball of anger that has a razor sharp focus. That focus is on cleaning up Albany and getting New York back on track. This is just another in a long string of lame attempts by the democrats to try and kill some of the Paladino Trains momentum. Sorry. Let's look at some of the nonsense we saw from this New York Daily News article:
Led by former state Comptroller Carl McCall and former city Comptroller Bill Thompson, a group of African-American Democratic leaders today called on state Republicans to insist GOP gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino put aside his incendiary and divisive rhetoric and “conduct a reasonable, civil campaign."
black leaders paladino presser.jpg
“Republican leaders should call on him to do that, and if he doesn’t do it, they should abandon him,” McCall said at a press avail on the steps of City Hall.
This mans remarks are tame compared to some of the other crazy and over the top bile being vomited forth by other black Democrats. Check out this pile of guano!:
Brooklyn Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries said that Paladino has said he would “bring a baseball bat with him to the Capitol,” then added, “That’s a scary thought. Carl Paladino doesn’t need a baseball bat; he needs anger management and an intervention.”

And Bronx Assemblyman/Democratic chairman Carl Heastie said the last thing the troubled state needs is “someone who wants to govern by threatening, govern my stereotyping and governing by being a racist.”

Brooklyn Councilwoman Letitia James added, "You should be afraid, very afraid. He would turn the clock back on women’s rights… He’d basically [put] women [back] in the kitchen.”
Let me address these in order. Hakeem. If you had graduated from kindergarten you would know that Carl was being metaphorical. Can you say 'metaphorical?" No? Try this than. "Moron."
Carl, Mr. Paladino isn't threatening anyone, he is however promising to clean up your stink once he gets to Albany, which may scare you and make you believe you are being threatened. It's only a stereotype if it's not completely true, and we all know racist is a code word for "White Republican" so save your biased opinion for someone who cares.
And finally, we come to Letitia. Letitia? Fuck you in the neck. You do realize a popular ethnic joke is that Italians say that women should be barefoot and pregnant and at home and in the kitchen? No, well by your own words you just compared Carl to an Italian American stereotype. But of course that can't be racist because you aren't a "White Republican"

I feel sorry for the black citizenry of New York. Why? Because these three clowns along with Felon Charlie Rangel are the people who represent them. You four ass hats have set back civil rights forty years by making up racist boogeymen and trying to pass off your own racism as genuine anger about the evil "White Republicans" and how they all are trying to oppress you. They don't have to. You've done a fantastic job all by yourselves.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

$800,000 In Stimulus Money Used In Africa To Teach Men How To Wash Their Genitals.

‎$800,000 in Federal Stimulus money used to 'stimulate' African men to wash their balls after sex.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paladino Campaign Verbally Disembowels Governor David Paterson.

New York State Governor David Paterson opening...Image via Wikipedia
 Governor David Paterson called gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino "Unfit for Office." and chastised him for forwarding racist, homophobic, and misogynistic emails. Paladino's Camp responded by promptly ripping Paterson a 'new one'. Paladino's campaign manager Michael Caputo had this to say about Paterson's unkind words.
"The attack on Carl Paladino by David Paterson, the most corrupt and incompetent Governor in New York history, is laughable.
"David Paterson tried to intimidate a witness in a domestic abuse case involving his top aide, used state and city police to further intimidate and then tried to stonewall the investigation of the incident. Paterson lied and forged documents regarding his taking New York Yankees tickets and he even recently wired a $258 million no-bid State contract for his wife's employer.
"David Paterson should have been prosecuted for these illegal acts, but true to the Albany system he avoided paying any penalty for betraying the public trust. He is symbolic of everything that is wrong with Albany. Paterson demeans his office further by resorting to these personal attacks.
"Paterson's charge that Carl Paladino is a racist is patently false and the public record proves it. Carl Paladino has created thousands of jobs for people of color. Carl has quietly funded the St. Luke's Mission of Mercy shelter in Buffalo for fifteen years, feeding thousands of poor people, people of color and others just down on their luck. Does that sound like the work of a racist?
"How private sector jobs has Andrew Cuomo created for African-Americans? How many has he fed? I'll venture a safe guess: none. David Paterson is addled and nearly all New Yorkers are counting down the days until he stops embarrassing this state."
This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Paterson is completely inept, hell, he can't even see the tax increases he signs. It's apparent that Paladino's camp is not going to waste anytime in trashing the corrupt Democrats controlling Albany. Paladino Challenged rival Andrew Cuomo to a debate directly after beating Rick Lazio in the primaries. When Cuomo hadn't responded less than 24 hours later, Paladino ripped in to him again. The stakes are high in this race, and to be honest, we need a Paladino win or New York is doomed. Hopefully the Taxpayer's Party Line, along with the very decisive action of the states many Tea Party organizations will come through in November and score a big win for the people of the Empire State.

Carl Paladino Calls George Pataki A "Degenerative Idiot" Pataki says he will support him anyways.

Former Governor of New York State George Patak...Image via Wikipedia
 I could have taken the time to written about this, but I can't stop laughing long enough to write more than one sentence.
Governor Pataki told more than 100 people at a Wall Street Journal breakfast forum this morning that he expects to back Carl Paladino for governor "based on policy" -- then seemed taken aback when an audience member asked if he knew that Paladino had trashed the former governor as a "degenerative idiot" on the front page of the Daily News.
"I was not aware of that," Pataki said, but added: "It's not about me. Very simply, it's about the future of this state ...Obviously I'm not pleased to hear the man called me that and we've heard some other comments about some of his inflammatory rhetoric, but ultimately it's about who will be the best governor for the state of New York and I'm prepared to listen to his agenda. And if in fact he has the agenda and expresses it in a way that turns anger into policy, that, I think would make this a better state. Then I'd certainly be inclined to support him despite what he may have called me."
Paterson continued to slam Paladino throughout the forum (while Spitzer largely tried to cast Paladino into the larger discussion about the Tea Party across the country) but Pataki defended his stance until, weirdly, later in the forum, after learning of the degenerative idiot comment, he seemed to hedge his stance.
"I think Gov. Paterson makes an extraordinarily important point," he said. "It's not just about your policies. It's also about the image you convey to the people of the state and I haven't followed Carl Paladino's statements. I supported Rick Lazio. My initial reaction is because of policies that I would be inclined to support but I think Gov. Paterson's point is absolutely valid and he has got to also show to the people of this state that he has the character and the ability -- not just from the policy standpoint -- to be where I agree with him, but also that we will represent this state in the way that we all believe is is appropriate."
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Carl Paladino Trounces Rick Lazio In The Primaries

carl Paldino Headshot Courtesy of Paladino for the People.After weeks of cat and mouse games in which Lazio would skirt the issue or flat out refuse to debate Carl Paladino it became clear why. He was scared. Paladino's Chicken stunt earlier in the summer was more on point than most would have given it credit for. Paladino's campaign has been ramping up for the last couple of months; and despite the luke warm reception from the main stream media, coupled with polls numbers that had Paladino behind Lazio by a good 10 points up until the last few days before the primaries, it appears they got it wrong. Not only did Carl Paladino win the Republican primary in New York, he utterly trounced Rick Lazio, the GOP's favored pick for this election. Paladino racked up 62.1% of the vote, with Lazio bringing in only 37.9%.

From the very beginning, Carl Paladino has been a candidate unlike any this state has seen. His brash stylings and unapologetic tone at first almost seemed like a detriment to his campaign. It now appears this is just what New Yorkers wanted to hear. Paladino seems to be bullet-proof, with criticism and controversy bouncing off the Buffalo businessman's chest as if he were Superman. The media was reporting in April that the innapropriate email scandal would be the end of Paladino's campaign. It didn't even slow him down. The media was again quick to dismiss Paladino after he expressed strong opposition to the Ground-Zero Mosque proposal, even threatening to use eminent domain to halt construction on the controversial building. Again Paladino emerged unscathed.

Despite opposition, and in some cases outright hostility toward Mr. Paladino by the New York Republican and Conservative parties, Carl refused to let their negativity sway him from his course. After failing to receive the Conservative nod, Paladino formed the New York Taxpayers Party Line. It seemed to catch fire overnight. From the lowest levels of office, to high profile senate seats, many seemed eager to be a part of Carl's new party.  Former CIA operative and best-selling author Gary Berntsen hopped on the band-wagon, David Malpass followed as well. Many Assembly and Congressional candidates across the state seemed eager to come aboard. While it is not clear as to the exact number, estimates put the figure at 30+ people were part of the Taxpayer Line prior to the September 14th primaries.

Carl Paladino proved he is a force to be reckoned with, but his greatest challenge lies ahead. He has to defeat Democrat darling Andrew Cuomo, who polls have sitting at a comfortable lead over Paladino. As of this writing Carls chances are estimated to be 300-1 in Cuomo's Favor. Of course we learned on Septemper 14th that sometimes polls are very much an innacurate science. With only less than 2 months until the November elections the Paladino Campaign has a lot of work to do. The people of New York have a lot of work to do. If you support Carl Paladino, I urge you to take it to the streets, shout it from the rooftops, make the message loud and clear that change is coming to New York.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Joe Biden makes claim that Tea Party candidates will be rejected by the people in the November Elections.

Vice President Joe Biden L'68Image via Wikipedia
I love Joe Biden. He makes me laugh. Our Vice-President is apparently still drinking as heavily as he was in that youtube video we all know and love. "The Villages!!!" Thanks Joe, I can rest easy knowing that a lush like you has things under control. Biden made some really bold claims during a DNC pep talk. Here's what Joe"The Villages"Biden had to say about the upcoming November mid-term elections.
"On Nov. 3 ... there will be in Washington, D.C., a Democratic majority in the House and a Democratic majority in the Senate. That will be the case," Biden said in a speech to the Democratic National Committee. And, he said, Democrats will do better than expected in gubernatorial races, too.
"If it weren't illegal, I'd make book on it," Biden quipped.
 Wow. Really? Do you own a television set? Have you ever seen this thing called a newspaper? How about those fancy schmancy internets the young folks keep talking about? There is a pretty big revolution going on out there Joe.
"They're offering more of the past but on steroids," Biden said, castigating "the Republican tea party" as "out of step with where the American people are."
The American people, whose numbers are in the millions, have been shouting about removing the Democrat clowns from office for over a year now. Their numbers are growing daily. Candidates who are simply mentioned in the same sentence as a Tea Party group are getting the nominations. They are overwhelmingly supported by their parties and make waves that scare the Big Kahuna half to death. I will take the chace of being improper and attempt to speak for a good portion of the American population. "You are a moron, Joe Biden!"

Obama is quickly becoming as unwelcome in Washington as George Bush was a couple of years ago. Nancy Pelosi is one of the most hated women in the country right now, Harry Reid, who occasionally says something smart, is not doing as well as he would have hoped. I wonder if it has anything to do with the racial epiphets he spoke about his own president. Harry seems adept at opening his mouth and producing ample amounts of stupid.

You are in for a wonderful surprise in November, Mr. Biden. I look forward to seeing the look of defeat in your eyes as you come to the realization that the socialist coup you and yours are perpetrating on Washington, and the nation is coming to a quick end. good luck trying to convince anyone that what they are seeing is really something that it is not. 

NY Taxpayers Party Website

The New York Taxpayers Party website is now live! If you want to keep informed about the Taxpayers Candidates and be a smart and informed voter, sign up today and be a part of the New York revolution in 2010.
If you are a Taxpayer Party Line candidate, please send us an email so we can include you on our site. We are trying our best to be as accurate as possible, but we are only human. So please feel free to drop us a line.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

3 Things About Islam You Don't Know

This video is a decent introductory course into some of the things the MSM won't tell you about Islam, these truths are part of the reason people should be vehemently opposed to a Mosque at Ground Zero, or anywhere for that matter. If you care to do some research you will notice one trend that is a repeat of the original Muslim conquests of Europe and Africa. The greatest portion of these conquests happened through military strength, but a good deal of it was more covert than that.

As Muslims moved in to certain areas, they appeared as settlers. Traveling nomads in search of a place to live. As the population of Muslims grew in those areas they began to ask or demand more things of the local populace and the ruling government. Usually, once a Muslim density of 10% is achieved, they start demanding Sharia Law be enacted, and shortly thereafter, open conflict usually erupts. This is happening all over Africa right now, and could be forthcoming in the Netherlands as well.

To be honest, I am not worried about Sharia Law becoming a reality in the United States; and in fact I can almost guarantee that should such a coup be tried, the amount of blood that would flow through the streets would be epic. People are still uneasy about Muslims almost a decade after 9/11. With at least 3 failed attempts in th last few years by Muslim extremists inside the United States, people still feel wary of Islam.

Should it come to outright conflict, with one group demanding that the very freedoms Americans fought and died for be replaced with an antiquated and barbaric form of totalitarian government, those usurpers will be promptly eliminated, buried in mass graves, and a giant celebration would be thrown afterward. That is how America rolls, you got a problem with that?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New York Primaries Voting Guide

Here is your mission. On September 14th you need to vote in the New York Primaries. If you are a registered Republican I have a few suggestions that might make your tip to the polls a little easier.
Governor:If you are looking for our next Governor you have two choices.
1.Carl Paladino
2.Rick Lazio
My suggestion is go for the guy with the balls to get the job done. Hint, it's Carl Paladino. Ohh sorry, I made that too easy.
US Senate New York
vs. Gillibrand
1.  Joseph DioGuardi
2.David Malpass
3.Bruce Blakeman
The Tea Party groups seem to favor David Malpass. He has a really good record and is a strong candidate. Give him your support.
US Senate New York
1.Gary Berntsen
2.Jay Townsend.
This one is a no-brainer, at least for me. Berntsen has the sack to get the job done, plus he's got CIA cred, how cool is that? Jay Townsend? He has a really, really, uncomfortably creepy smile.
Congress. Here are my choices for Congressional candidates. I am a Libertarian so I also listed Libertarian candidates in case you share my beliefs. Tough choice when your a Conservative Libertarian.
There may not be a primary in your district. Check with your local board of elections before you head to the polls. If there are no names in any district it means there is wither no primary, or no conservative running in that district.  
Remember. If you have someone you would like listed, perhaps a write in candidate, or any of the assembly seats up for grabs this year which I did not go in to detail about. Perhaps you have information about a local race you would like to spread the word about. Please leave a message from the information on the about page, or leave a comment on this article.

District 1:
Chris Cox (R) - Business Consultant, Attorney, GOP Activist & Grandson of President Nixon
Chris Cantwell (Libertarian) - Computer Consultant
District 2:
John Gomez (R/IP/C) - Telecommunications Consultant & Ex-Radio Talk Show Host
District 3:
Pete King (R/IP/C)* 
Fran Becker (R) - Nassau County Legislator & Financial Planner
Dan Maloney (R) - Credit Union Treasurer & Tea Party Activist
Frank Scaturro (R/C) - Attorney, Law Professor & Author
Sean Shea (R)
Peter Zinno (R) - Retired Educator
District 5:
Liz Berney (R/Libertarian) - Attorney, Violinist & '08 Nominee
James Milano (R/C) - Physician
District 6:
Asher Taub (R) - Attorney
District 7:
Ken Reynolds (R/C) - Community Activist
District 8:
Susan Kone (R) - Attorney
District 9:
Joseph Hayon (R) - Tutoring Company Owner & GOP Activist
Bob Turner (R) - Investor, Retired Broadcasting Executive & Army Veteran
District 10:
District 11:
Cartrell Gore (C) - Realtor & '00/'08 Nominee
District 12:
District 13:
Michael Allegretti (R) - Environmenal Policy Advocate & Ex-Aide to NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg
Mike Grimm (R/C) - Businessman, Ex-FBI Agent & Gulf War Veteran
Louis Wein (R) - '90 Gov. Candidate & '00 US Sen. Candidate
Tom Venditteli (Libertarian) - Advertising Broadcast Coordinator & Musician
District 14:
Ryan Brumberg (R/Libertarian) - Management Consultant & Attorney
Tim Healy (R)
Dino Laverghetta (R/IP/Libertarian) - Attorney
District 15:
Michel Faulkner (R) - Pastor, Non-Profit Group Executive, Ex-University Administrator & Ex-Pro Football Player
District 16:
District 17:
York Kleinhandler (R/C/IP) - Businessman, Ex-Law Enforcement Officer & Army Veteran
Tony Mele (R/C) - Businessman, Security Consultant & Army Veteran
District 18:
James Russell (R) - Computer Programmer & '06/'08 Candidate
District 19:
Neil DiCarlo (R) - Wall Street Executive & Tea Party Activist
Nan Hayworth (R/IP/C) - Ophthalmologist
District 20:
Chris Gibson (R/IP/C) - Retired Army Officer & Ex-Congressional Fellow
District 21:
Ted Danz (R/C) - HVAC Contractor & Navy Veteran
District 22:
George Phillips (R/IP/C) - Teacher, Ex-Congressional Aide & '08 Nominee(VOTE FOR THIS MAN!!!)
District 23:
Matt Doheny (R/IP) - Attorney & Investment Banker
Doug Hoffman (R/C) - Accountant, Community Activist, Army Veteran & '09 Candidate
District 24:
Richard Hanna (R/IP/C) - Construction Executive & '08 Nominee
District 25:
Ann Marie Buerkle (R/IP/C) - Assistant State Attorney General, Ex-Syracuse City Councilor & Nurse
Marc Romain (Libertarian)
District 26:
Chris Lee (R/IP/C)* 
District 27:
Lenny Roberto (R/C) - Sheet Metal Manufacturing Company Owner & Navy Veteran
District 28:
Jill Rowland (R/C) - Dentist & Tea Party Activist
District 29:
Tom Reed (R/IP/C) - Ex-Corning Mayor, Attorney & Mortgage Broker
Janice Volk (R) - Radio Talk Show Host, GOP Activist & '04 Candidate
State Assembly
 I don't have the energy to make out a list, so I'll give you my pick for my district.
126th District Art Garrison. I know both Art and his Republican opponent Jason Stokes. In the interest of fairness I am set to interview Stokes in the next few days. I believe both men are trying to do the right thing, but at this time I feel that Art Garrison has shown he has the drive and the determination to get this job done.
 I may post a complete listing of Assembly and local election candidates after the primaries, but at this point, there are too many for me to deal with at the moment.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Jason Stokes Candidate For The 126th Assembly In New York Violated Election Law.

Jason Stokes, a candidate for the 126th Assembly District seat has caused a bit of a stir after he asked that his request for the third party "Our Founding Fathers" line be withdrawn, as he paid supporters 1$ per petition signature collected, an act which violates state election law.

Jason Stokes, 34, asked the Broome County Board of Elections on Thursday to withdraw his petitions for the Our Founding Fathers line, saying he paid people $1 per signature they collected for him.
Under state election law, you are allowed to pay people an hourly wage to collect signatures for you. It appears the same does not hold true when you offer payment on a per signature basis.
Stokes, it appears was unable to get his line removed as the deadline to withdraw was August 20th.


"His name will appear on that line on the ballot unless a court tells us otherwise," Broome County Board of Elections Commissioner Eugene Faughnan said. "That's the extent of our jurisdiction."
A state Board of Elections spokesperson could not be reached Thursday night for comment.
Stokes, who spent $600 securing the Our Founding Fathers line, said he hadn't realized what he had done was illegal. But once he learned, after being questioned by this newspaper, he took steps to correct it.
"It's all a learning experience," he said.
Stokes who is the only candidate on his line is trying to garner the Republican nomination in the primaries , where he is running against Arthur Garrison who has been endorsed by the Independence and Conservative parties. Garrison also appears to have support from some of the local Tea Parties groups.
The two are running against Donna Lupardo, the incumbent Democrat, who has held the seat for some time.

During a recent debate at Brothers 2 Restaurant Garrison and Stokes had a few disagreements. Stokes says he will run even if he loses the primary, Garrison said he would bow out and support Stokes should he lose the nomination. Garrison said he will try and work with his opponents in Albany, Stokes disagreed stating that he was against working with his opponents.

I interviewed Art Garrison earlier, and will be attempting to interview Jason Stokes this week. We were unable to setup an interview earlier due to scheduling conflicts.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10 Reasons Bush Is Better Than Obama

Victor Davis Hanson is an American military historian, columnist, political essayist and former classics professor, notable as a scholar of ancient warfare. He has been a commentator on modern warfare and contemporary politics for National Review and other media outlets, and was a strong supporter of the policies of US President George W. Bush. He was for many years a professor of classics at California State University, Fresno, and is currently the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution.
He's one busy guy, and he gives us a lesson in how sometimes, the bad guy really isn't, and the knight in shining armor is the villain after all. Hanson's 10 likely reason people might miss George Bush in the age of Obama.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Anti-Obama Billboard Owner Gets Death Threats.

 It's official, criticizing the President of the United States in any fashion makes you a hate speech slinging racist, who will be the target of death threats. Welcome to the ObamaSphere, where the thought police are connected directly to the minds of the zombies they control...they will find you, they will take you away, they will make you talk, they will reprogram you to work for the cause, they will.....ok, I'm kidding, but seriously?

It appears no one on the left is capable of intelligent debate any more. This billboard is not racially charged, it is not a giant sign of hate speech hanging over your head. Get over yourselves, and if you would like, you could try opening a dialog and see if maybe, just maybe you would understand that disagreement is not always akin to racism or hatred.

OZARK, Mo. -- When it comes to politics, there may be as many opinions as cars cruising down U.S. 65. So, naturally, there are different reactions to a billboard south of Ozark that says "Voted Obama? Embarrassed yet?"
"I know the president didn't win down here, but there were a lot of people down here that voted for him, and I think I can speak for them and say we are not embarrassed yet," Matthew Patterson, executive director of the Greene County Democratic Central Committee, said in a telephone interview on Sunday.
"My partner and I felt lots of frustration here lately, and we liked that sign and we thought that was a reasonable question to ask," Steve Critchfield said in a telephone interview on Monday.
Critchfield and his business partner from Commercial One Brokers, a real estate firm in Branson, saw a similar sign online, bought it, and brought it to the Ozarks.
"I've certainly voted for people I'm embarrassed to say I've voted for," he said. "We're not naïve enough to think that we wouldn't get someone to be upset. I'm just surprised how upset people are."
Critchfield says he's received death threats due to the sign; people accuse him of hate speech and racism. He insists the billboard was for something more American in the name of discourse, conversation, and old-fashioned debate.
"If everybody thinks [President Obama's] done a great job and they're very happy," he said, "then I guess they'd be buying billboards saying 'I'm proud to have voted for him.' That's what makes America great, isn't it?"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Obamacare Death Panels A Reality?

 Looks like Sarah Palin and other critics of Obamacare may be right. It appears that the death panels will be using fronts like the FDA to carry out their death sentences. Their first target women with breast cancer.

Take the anti-cancer drug Avastin, which was fast-tracked by the FDA years ago.  It is primarily used to treat colon cancer, but is also prescribed now to treat nearly 18,000 women a year who are fighting the late stages of breast cancer.  While Avastin doesn't cure the disease, it can and does significantly lengthen and improve the quality of a victim's last months.  Perhaps to be expected, Avastin is also very expensive, costing up to $100,000 a year.

But now suddenly, despite the stringent objections being made by both the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance on behalf of patients, the FDA is considering removing Avastin from its approved drug list for breast cancer.  Such a move would mean ending its coverage by both Medicare and the government program for low-income women.

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