Maurice Hinchey On Social Security. Blames Republicans For State of Ailing Democrat Program.

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Congressman Maurice Hinchey(D) spoke at a senior center in Conklin, NY. He promoted some of the new health care legislation and it's effects on Social Security and Medicare. Hinchey Spoke for around 40 minutes and than went outside to talk to the press. There was no formal Q&A after his speech. However, he was stopped outside the event and asked some questions by concerned citizens. A few of the folks there were not Democrats, and were not too pleased with Mr. Hinchey.

During a conversation Hinchey dismisses a woman off camera by saying they're(republicans)opposed to Social Security. This prompted another gentleman to chastise Hinchey for his 'slanderous' remark. This sparked a debate between the disgruntled senior and Congressman Hinchey. The exchange was rather lengthy, So I've limited the video to just the discussion directly related to his first remark about Republicans being opposed to Medicare. I will post the raw video footage of the event on my Youtube page for all who are interested in seeing the complete exchange.

A local news crew was on the scene and interviewed a young girl(Rita Franzonello) at the event about her views on Social Security. She came prepared with a sign and a fair amount of knowledge about the history of the Social Security program. I was curios to know a little bit about her views so I asked her to explain. Thanks again Rita, I loved what you had to say. Please don't ever close your mind and go dumb like some people do.

An interesting exchange between the young lady, and a few elderly women turned sour when the girl disagreed with their spiel, calling out an idea they mentioned as 'socialism'. The women left in a huff with one of the women shouting "I actually like Socialism. What's wrong with Socialism? That's how we pay for our police and fireman, that's Socialism." I don't think I need to explain to you how mentally deficient that women is, or how incredibly incorrect her statement was.

This is the kind of addle-brained nonsense that those of us on the right have to deal with on a regular basis. I don't mind if someone believes in Socialism, that's fine. But I'd like to point out to them that should a Socialist regime be imposed upon the people of the United States, much blood will be shed. Most of it Socialists. Sorry honey, won't happen here. We're going to make sure in November that we at least put a lock down on the Socialist elements in our government right now.

I didn't disagree with everything Hinchey said, nor do I think he's a bad person. I do, however feel that he is telling noble lies to assuage the fears of the people he and the Democrats are throwing under  the bus with Obamacare and the inevitable crippling of Medicare that this monstrous health care disaster brings with it.
Hinchey has some competition this year from a much younger candidate by the name of George Phillips.

Phillips has worked in congress before, but this is first venture into the front end of the political bus. Phillips is a favorite among the Tea Party crowd, so his chances of winning are pretty good. Hopefull we can get some fresh blood like his into Congress and start making some real changes. You know the kind of change that comes from thoughtful, well constructed ideas, and not the change that is made by blowing smoke out get my point. Sorry Mr. Hinchey, you seem like a decent fellow, but I'm afraid you're a little to old to be playing with heavy machinery...or my future.

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Anonymous said…
Maurice Hinchey has been a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus since 1991, when it was formed. Until 1999 this groups website was hosted by the Democratic Socialists of Aerica, but after much press at that time it mysteriously disappeared.

He has voted 100% Progressive in the 20 years he has been in Congress. It is time for him to go. he is arrogant and one of the elitests that feels he knows what is best for all of us.